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  1. ChrisA

    G5 Standing desk

    That was an old iPad stand I made years ago with some dead computer parts. I'm sure it was for a first gen iPad before the thought of collectible was a thing. Fun to recycle some parts. I have an xServe glass table, Airport lamp and a great (in my mind) lit-up g4 Mac mini wall mounted shelf for the Woz signed mouse.
  2. ChrisA

    G5 Standing desk

    A G5 standing desk. I can take the shelf/side off and close it up to hide the inevitable storage mess, but never do. It just fits the magic keyboard and the old bluetooth trackpad. The new one is too wide. They do also make good shelf brackets as well, along with Mac Pros. Old picture, but the G5 remains.
  3. ChrisA

    Lamp built from an AirPort

    I don't think the bottom of the Airport lamp will have any labels now, but don't think that we had any POE models jimjimx, I'll look through some of the others I have for that model. I found an old desk pic from when I built it originally. Nothing too special, just needed something to hold the weight. It really just sits on the other side of the office. There are some other wood supports there, but pretty clean and cheap glass for the top.
  4. Hardware hacking of sorts. An old Apple Airport as a lamp. I used an LED light to avoid any melting. It's on an old G5 Xserve re-purposed as a table.