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  1. MOS8_030

    LC/LCII/LCIII power connector

    That's gotta be a Molex connector of some flavor. Close up photos of both plugs would help narrow it down.
  2. MOS8_030

    how to remove cpu from Quadra 840 AV

    Here's a thread that shows the empty socket. The CPU has to carefully come straight up to avoid bending/breaking any pins. Why to you want to remove the CPU?
  3. MOS8_030

    512k with very unique fan

    That's fan they used because that's the fan they had.
  4. Find a 16mhz 68881/82 for that empty socket!
  5. MOS8_030

    What’s this C1?

    That's probably the correct date. Check the dates on some of the other caps. If your system isn't original then there's no telling when that board was installed. Certainly Apple provided replacement parts for Plus's for several years after they officially stopped production. They may have still been selling Plus upgrade kits in '92, I don't know. (Apple also supplied re-worked boards as warranty/repair replacements.) If you pull the board completely out and check the soldering on the back you can usually tell if the board has been re-worked. There may also be a date penciled on the motherboard there next to the Apple Computer name. It would be the same format. (that white square to the left in your photo.)
  6. MOS8_030

    iMac G4 screen swaps

    Maybe. I would check the part numbers to start. iFixit might have some info as well.
  7. MOS8_030

    What’s this C1?

    It's stock, just a later axial version. Look for a date code on it. Usually it's year/work week or vice versa. Here's another like yours.
  8. MOS8_030

    Bootable SC20 with IBM disk

    Which version of HD SC Setup did you use? Sounds like the SCSI driver that the Plus needs to boot isn't being copied to the disk during setup. You might try the early version that comes with System 6. (patched of course) I forget the version number. Also, some early Plus's have buggy ROMS regarding SCSI. (Although this is probably not the problem.) Also the System folder on the HD needs to be "blessed".
  9. MOS8_030

    Would these Floppy Disks work on a Macintosh SE/30?

    Howdy! I believe those Atari disks are only 800K. They should work, but new HD disks would be better. New floppy disks are available much cheaper from places like Amazon or other retailers.
  10. MOS8_030

    G4 MDD main PSU connector pinout

    None that I have found, and I looked pretty hard a few years back, otherwise I would have repaired mine then. Reading around no one seems to have pin pointed a common failure mode, of if they have they haven't shared that info, unless something new has been posted in the last couple of years. You can do the ATX mod to the QS too. But it's a bit more complicated. http://atxg4.com/quicksilver.html
  11. MOS8_030

    G4 MDD main PSU connector pinout

    ATX extension cable so I could route the wires behind the optical drives like the original PS. I have a full-length GF Ti4600. With a shorter card the extension may not have been necessary. https://www.amazon.com/Cable-Matters-Motherboard-Power-Extension/dp/B01DV1Z66C/
  12. MOS8_030

    G4 MDD main PSU connector pinout

    Yeah, it was actually pretty simple after I surrendered and bought the Molex tool. I hate having to buy a tool for a single job but really it was necessary. On one of the pages about the ATX conversion I saw a warning about some systems having problems with deep sleep. I haven't seen that or any issues with my system. I suppose heat could be a problem if I ran the machine really hard but I only use the system every few days mostly for iTunes or browsing the web.
  13. MOS8_030

    G4 MDD main PSU connector pinout

    Here's how I mounted mine. I used a couple of sheet metal screws through the top. (under the plastic of course.) I first tried some double-sided foam tape but it wouldn't hold long term. These pictures were taken before I was completely finished. I also had to get an ATX extension cable to be able route the wires behind the optical drives. The power cord routes out through the original plug hole in the back. I also did have to invest in a Molex extraction tool. I tried other methods to remove the pins but finally gave in. I think I paid about $16 for mine, I got it online somewhere.
  14. MOS8_030

    Sales figures for compact Macs

    There's a database for 128K, 512K, and Plus's here: http://www.mac128.com/Mac128/m0001
  15. MOS8_030

    G4 MDD main PSU connector pinout

    Here ya' go. http://atxg4.com/mdd.html After the second power supply in my MDD died I finally just installed an ATX PS. It's been working fine for a couple of years now.
  16. MOS8_030

    Sales figures for compact Macs

    When I was volunteering a Goodwill back in the late '90's they were awash in compact Macs. Pallet loads (heck, truckloads!) came in from many of the high-tech companies in the area as well as from individuals. Initially they tried to sell 128's & 512's for ~$10 each then $5 but no one was buying. At some point anything less than a Plus was just sent for recycling. (or the dumpster.) By the time the iMacs were introduced pretty much anything less than a IIci became worthless. There were so many 128's & 512's some of guys back in the warehouse set them up as pins and used an old bowling ball to knock them down!
  17. MOS8_030

    PRAM won't zap?

    If you removed the battery then you kinda already did clear the PRAM.
  18. Fascinating. I've never seen one of those. Perfect for installing Office 4.2.
  19. Great video! Your cap list could have saved me some time if I'd had it last year when I recapped the PS in my 20SC. One thing I would recommend is getting a solder sucker, most of the time they are quicker & neater than solder wick.
  20. MOS8_030

    ID Mac Plus 030 upgrade card

    From the more-stuff-I've-had-so-long-I-forgot-I-had-it category... So while digging in the garage I found several spare compact mac boards. Among them was a Plus board with this unknown (to me) '030 upgrade card. It looks like it requires extra power. It appears to be a 25Mhz '030. (I didn't want to remove the sticker and void the warranty!) It piggy-backs on the original processor and has no manufacturer name anywhere on it. I did find this:http://appletothecore.me/files/mac_plus_with_68030_upgrade.php Which appears to be the same card. And appears I'm missing some associated hardware. Can anyone here ID this card? Thx,
  21. MOS8_030

    ID Mac Plus 030 upgrade card

    As an update to this project I finally found a reasonably priced 68882 FPU on ebay last week. I installed it in my card today and ran a few bench marks. It looks like I now have the equivalent of a B&W IIci. I may go ahead and try 7.1 on this and see how it works. Crutch, I'm sorry I missed your posts! I'm still using Gemstart with CV & 7.0.1. Regarding the memory issue, the Plus, even with the 030, can't run in 32-bit mode. That's why the system can't address more than 8mb of ram. The other cool thing about the FPU is it had a date code of Jan '93. Like the '92 dated 030 there's a very good chance I processed the wafers that these chips came off of!
  22. MOS8_030

    PowerLogix UltraCache 1MB UC1MB

    Does the machine work with the stock cache card?
  23. MOS8_030

    SE/30 Sony CR-44 PSU unstable voltage output

    It looks like there are equivalents.(NTE 1936 maybe.) I'd pull the data sheets and google around & compare.
  24. MOS8_030

    Centris 610 and other things

    Good score. Always nice to get all the accompanying ephemera.
  25. Google: install os 9 classic environment Check out the thread on http://macos9lives.com/ For starters when the hard drive is formatted the OS9 drivers must be installed.