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  1. MOS8_030

    Help with Macintosh plus!

    Well what exactly have you done to the system? Have you replaced any components?
  2. MOS8_030

    Found my old Mac in my parents' storage!

    Howdy! That's a nice little package. A time capsule.
  3. MOS8_030

    Help with Macintosh plus!

    Howdy! Welcome! Sounds like the analog board needs some new capacitors. Grab a copy of the Dead mac Scrolls and check it out. https://archive.org/details/mac_The_Dead_Mac_Scrolls_1992
  4. MOS8_030

    Mac 512K with Hyperdrive 20 having issues

    I think the HD doesn't have sufficient time to spin up when the Mac is first powered up, that's why the reset is required. At least that's how mine behaves. Well you're on the right track by isolating the components. If you haven't already I'd start by replacing the caps on the analog board.
  5. MOS8_030

    1988 RCA Dimensia TV

    I have too many VCR's and I've been buying more lately. Just last week I picked up a perfectly good Magnetbox VCR/DVD combo unit and a really nice LG DVD recording combo unit with DV-in and HDMI and optical. Both for less than $20 from Goodwill. I got a Sony combo unit for $8 a month or so ago and gave it to a friend who still has a vast VHS collection. I have a high-end JVC I bought new about 10 years ago I use for digitizing VHS. Also still have my Sony SLV-595HF I bought in 1992. Also, most any Beta deck is worth something to someone. I figure if vinyl made a comeback can tapes be far behind?
  6. MOS8_030

    Mac 512K with Hyperdrive 20 having issues

    My 512K Hyperdrive requires hitting the reset switch after power up to boot from the HD. I did some work on my system a while back as documented in this thread: I replaced the PS for the Hyperdrive and recapped the analog board.
  7. MOS8_030

    m68882 made in 2012?

    Hard to say, the markings look legit. As you point out parts of this vintage should be Freescale branded. Hard to believe anyone was still making C12R's in 2012 but apparently they were since I see other examples out there. The part certainly was not actually made by Motorola, they have no fabs of their own. Perhaps Motorola was contracting with Freescale.
  8. Yepper, several of the Power systems ran at faster bus speeds. This was a big selling point, they were faster and cheaper than comparable Apple products. They were totally eating into Apple's high-end sales and thus had to be terminated...
  9. MOS8_030

    Major Score! 8600 with Sonnet CPU, 3DFX card, Etc

    Interesting. This did not exist back when I was running my G4-upgraded 8500. A long time ago.
  10. MOS8_030

    Major Score! 8600 with Sonnet CPU, 3DFX card, Etc

    Nope. 9.1 is as far as it goes. It's the ROM that controls that, not the processor.
  11. MOS8_030

    A tale of 3 Tibooks...

    The first new Apple laptop I bought was a grey 466 iBook SE. I could have gotten a Pismo but after seeing how they held up at work I opted for the iBook. It was much more solid and was still going strong when I passed it on five years later. The Dell laptops of the era were total junk. I had to work on those too. Again, performance wise they were fine, just poorly built. One big problem they had was the screws fell out. I just carried a screwdriver and every time I had to work on one I'd tighten all the screws that were left. And you're right, corporate hardware takes a lot of abuse.
  12. MOS8_030

    A tale of 3 Tibooks...

    My experience with them was pretty negative too. I was doing Mac support at Motorola when the the TiBooks came out. They were over-engineered and too fragile for a business environment. All the execs and managers got them and inside of six months (or less!) I'd say at least half had broken hinges or the plastic around the edge cracked. Performance-wise they were fine. The problem was they just fell apart.
  13. No, I ran it with 8.6-9.1
  14. Interesting. I used in a PCI Rage128. probably from a B&W G3, in my 8500 with no issues.
  15. MOS8_030

    "Some Macintosh Floppies"

    Well that's kinda neat!
  16. fyi- here's a working link for the head height adjustment. https://web.archive.org/web/20060614072605/http://lowendmac.com/tech/after.html
  17. MOS8_030

    M0100 replacement parts

    Nice! Thanks, that's good information for the forum to have.
  18. MOS8_030

    ID Mac Plus 030 upgrade card

    From the more-stuff-I've-had-so-long-I-forgot-I-had-it category... So while digging in the garage I found several spare compact mac boards. Among them was a Plus board with this unknown (to me) '030 upgrade card. It looks like it requires extra power. It appears to be a 25Mhz '030. (I didn't want to remove the sticker and void the warranty!) It piggy-backs on the original processor and has no manufacturer name anywhere on it. I did find this:http://appletothecore.me/files/mac_plus_with_68030_upgrade.php Which appears to be the same card. And appears I'm missing some associated hardware. Can anyone here ID this card? Thx,
  19. MOS8_030

    Mac SE and a Novy 68030

    Yes, exactly.
  20. MOS8_030

    ID Mac Plus 030 upgrade card

    Playing around with my card and thinking about this more, I think this particular card only supports 4mb, regardless of 32 bit support. The instruction manual provided by Bolle is for a later model Quick30 board. Wish I could a find the specific manual for this card.
  21. MOS8_030

    Replacing Apple logos on clamshell iBooks

    Wet sand the resin copy with some 1000 grit sand paper then move up to 1200 and eventually 2000.
  22. MOS8_030

    PPC Blackbird memory issue

    Maybe here? https://www.newertech.com/tech_support/support_legacy.php
  23. MOS8_030

    PPC Blackbird memory issue

    If it's 117mhz upgrade then it's probably a Newertech card and would certainly require Newertech software to properly enable.
  24. MOS8_030

    PPC Blackbird memory issue

    You're using a 68K '030 install on an '040 PB with a PPC upgrade card. I'm not surprised there are issues. I'm sure there are at least PB/040/PPC enablers/extensions that are missing. I would just do a clean install on the PB.
  25. Can you send a copy of that to Apple and have them forward it the iTunes team?