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  1. Back-in-the-day my 8500 started out as a 120. I upgraded it later with a 233 processor, a 1 meg cache, and 4 meg of vram. (The 1 meg cache was a big performance boost!) I forget exactly how much memory I had, 384mb? Something like that. (I was able to get memory from Techworks at a discount because I worked for Motorola.) Later still I installed a 24X CDROM drive, an XLR8 carrier card with a 350mgz G4, and an ATI Rage 128 video card. That was about as far I could go with the 8500. With the 8500 I had three of the infamous AppleVision 1710's. The first new one died after less than a month. (Apple wanted to replace it with a refurb and I said no 'effin way. I finally got a new replacement.) The new replacement lasted a year. (Apple replaced that one with a refurb.) The third one lasted maybe three years... After that I got a ViewSonic 19" that still works to this day.
  2. Huh, yeah, that black internal frame is interesting. I've never seen that before.
  3. Try re-seating the ram chips.
  4. MOS8_030

    Jessenator's conquests

    CYAC was always my favorite. Wish I hadn't given away my ADB joystick years ago.
  5. MOS8_030

    New member buys a macintosh se/30

    Until those old RIFA X2 caps explode... Weak/failing caps may start to bulge before they leak and they could cause voltages to go out of tolerance which could ultimately cause damage to other components.
  6. MOS8_030

    IIci PSU shrink-tube optional?

    Interesting, I guess the shrink tubing might be useful containing the mess those old RIFA safety caps make when they explode. I've never replaced any shrink tubing on any PS I've recapped.
  7. MOS8_030

    KnobsNSwitches Conquests

    I would think there could be some risk of data loss or corruption using that switch box not being designed specifically for SCSI. However, if it works and you're not doing anything "mission critical" then it's a simple, useful solution.
  8. I had a couple fail that I got through Shapeways last year. They were good enough to replace them at no charge. I notice now they're no longer selling them.
  9. MOS8_030

    Booting Mac Plus with scsi2sd...

    Have you ever used another external SCSI device with the Plus? Do you have any other SCSI Macs you can test the SCSI2SD with?
  10. MOS8_030

    Booting Mac Plus with scsi2sd...

    Are you providing power to the SCSI2SD? The Plus will not power the SCSI2SD. There are some photos of the settings I used in the utility program in my posts in the thread referenced above.
  11. MOS8_030

    About lubricating that floppy drive...

    There probably is one, somewhere, written in Japanese.
  12. MOS8_030

    About lubricating that floppy drive...

    I have used white lithium grease or light machine oil like 3-in-1 depending on what I had handy. Very light applications of either, it doesn't take much.
  13. MOS8_030

    How to open up a 7100?

    Here's a link to the service manual. http://tim.id.au/laptops/apple/legacy/powermac_7100_series.pdf
  14. Yes, my 166 has that video-out card.