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  1. Vince's Conquests

    Yeah, Steve was a freakin' genius. Take that beige G3 box that no one wanted and wrap it in a cute, colored plastic package and suddenly those G3's were flying off the shelves!
  2. Vince's Conquests

    This is the only CRT TV I have any more. Six inch B&W AM/FM/TV. I picked this up back during the Great Candy-Colored Plastic Craze of 1999-2000 for about $40 at Target. I thought it was kinda cute. They had other colors too. (I found a picture of the green one on the web.) You can run it on batteries too if you fill the bottom with something like eight D-cells! I have it out in the shop with a converter box and occasionally I'll turn it on and watch the Retro channel while I'm working. (Hmm, didn't notice 'till now that the bezel is cracked. I guess the plastic is getting brittle.)
  3. Repairing a dead Mac Classic II

    Check this out for starters: www.ccadams.org/se/classicmac2.pdf I'm sure some other much more informed folks than me will be along in a bit to give you more specific info about the Classic II.
  4. Mac SE speaker broken? Also some screen issues.

    Howdy! Indeed it appears someone has replaced some caps and couldn't be bothered to find axial replacements! Troubleshooting could consist of trying a known-good speaker of a similar type and/or testing the original speaker with another audio source. And of course checking the associated wiring/connections.
  5. Vince's Conquests

    Indeed. I bought my first one around 1991. I don't remember the model, it was 20" with all the A/V inputs/outputs with the speakers mounted on the sides. I had it for 10 or 12 years until it got taken out by a power surge. Still have my SLV-696HF VCR that I bought around the same time. I also still have a lot of Hi8 Sony stuff from back then. As far as Apple Trinitrons, I still have my 14" Color Display I paid something like $400 for in 1994. I had three of the infamous AppleVision 1710's. Beautiful Trinitron display, when it worked... So yeah I'm a Trinitron fan.
  6. Vince's Conquests

    Oh I know, it's just that December 1989 doesn't seem like that long ago... But it is.
  7. Vince's Conquests

    If collecting CRT TV's is becoming a thing now that's gonna make me feel really old... I mean, first is was vinyl, which having lived in the vinyl age, I do not understand. I'm holding out for a floppy disk renaissance.
  8. ID PB3400 memory card

    Yeah, ok to end this conversation with myself, it's a 32mb module. Coffee, I need more.
  9. ID PB3400 memory card

    Still having trouble positively ID'ing this card. Is this a 64mb module? Chips are M5M4V16400BTP-7 which ID as 4mx4 apparently. Doing the maths results in 256mb and the card is labeled "DT256" but of course according to available info neither the 3400/5300 or the PB G3/Kanga can use a 256 module. So that can't be right. So I'm doing the math wrong. whatever. Hmm.
  10. 2008 macbook pro any good?

    Something to consider is Apple has discontinued OS updates for almost everything prior to mid-2010.
  11. Your troubleshooting technique is... novel to say the least..
  12. It's odd that a joystick works. Does it not use the ADB port?
  13. Lisa Keyboard Pads

    Nice to hear of a positive outcome. I wish someone in the US would make those pads. I'd pay money just to save the time of having to make them.
  14. Software Suffocation

    Cool stash! I probably had half that many back in the '90's. Now I'm down to only three three-ring binders. I remember those hanging disk holders. Really handy. Probably not a lot of those left around any more.
  15. Mac Portable troubles

    Congrats! Nice to see a Portable brought back to life. I'm working my way toward dragging mine out and seeing if it still works.