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  1. Electronics are cleaned with ultra-pure DI (de-ionized) water. At the very least any board cleaning should done with distilled water.
  2. MOS8_030

    512K Education with SCSI card

    You may find an accelerator card inside.
  3. MOS8_030

    3D Print Replica HD 20 SC Enclosure?

    Great project. A good candidate for printing with decent results!
  4. MOS8_030

    ID Mac Plus 030 upgrade card

    Not to my knowledge, but I don't know everything. Post some photos when you get them open!
  5. MOS8_030

    The biggest haul I’ve ever made.

    Very nice save!
  6. MOS8_030

    Best Way to Combine a Powerbook 165 and 180

    Nice! I have a 180-165 I built about 20 years ago. It still works!
  7. I got a couple of these Exell Battery A21PX 4.5-Volt Alkaline Battery from Amazon a couple of years ago. I notice the price has increased since then.
  8. MOS8_030

    Motorola Marco now working!

    Dropped by whom? Jobs killed the Newton at Apple in 1997. Moto introduced the Marco in early '95 and I would be surprised if they were actually sold for more than a year. The Marco runs Ver. 1.3 of the Newton OS and Moto made no effort to move beyond that.
  9. MOS8_030

    Motorola Marco now working!

    Long before 2003 the Marco was dead, buried, and forgotten by Motorola. I mean, good luck but..
  10. MOS8_030

    Motorola Marco now working!

    Here's the only thing I Marco-related I could find. https://web.archive.org/web/19970605055303/http://www.mot.com/MIMS/WDG/SWarchive.html I suspect that most of the Marco info that may have been on Motorola's web site back then pre-dates when the internet archive started.
  11. I had a RIFA cap explode in the PS in my Profile HD. Also had one go in a 512K also. Yep, replace them while you're in there.
  12. MOS8_030

    Motorola Marco now working!

    Indeed, thank you for taking the time to provide a visual record of the manual.
  13. MOS8_030

    Motorola Marco now working!

    Howdy! Nice rig! I've never seen the battery dock before. Yes, please scan that manual if you can! As far as the battery, I'm afraid they would have to be rebuilt using new cells. (NiCD) That would require carefully cracking open the battery case and soldering in new cells. I have not tried this with my batteries.
  14. MOS8_030

    Sfiera’s Conquests

    Isn't that like required by law or something over there?
  15. MOS8_030

    cheesestraws' conquests (cheesequests?)

    Neat-O! Nice Lisa 2!