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  1. Farallon EtherMac MicroSCSI

    I only used my Asante MicroEN/SC maybe twice with my PB 180 probably ~20 years ago. It worked fine then! Back then I had several external SCSI enclosures and Appletalk-capable Macs and the internet was still mostly dial-up so there wasn't much need for it.
  2. Scutboy's Stuff

    That's what I was thinking. It certainly probably cost almost as much back-in-the-day.
  3. Can you identify this PB Card?

    Ah ha! I knew I'd seen that card somewhere before, but it's been a long time ago.
  4. Can you identify this PB Card?

    My guess - VRAM upgrade for a video card. Maybe a Diamond Stealth or something of similar vintage.
  5. Picked up a QS'02, and other updates.

    I vaguely recall that the control strip eject module was in a folder called "Apple extras" or something like that on the install disk. I guess it depends on what OS 9.2.2 disk you're using. There's also utility called Ejectmenu 2.5 or something like that.
  6. Farallon EtherMac MicroSCSI

    Ah, well that would explain why mine uses the ADB.
  7. Farallon EtherMac MicroSCSI

    Can that unit get power from the ADB? I have an Astante Micro EN/SC that gets its power from the ADB.
  8. ID Mac Plus 030 upgrade card

    So to continue to beat this horse... I got the system working with Gemstart 3.0 and Compact Virtual. I guess Gemstart likes System 7.0.1 better than System 6. With Gemstart there's no ramdisk option like the Railgun init has. Compact Virtual appears to be using the HD for VM, not the on-board ram. It creates a swapfile in the system folder. I could not figure out a way to enable a ramdisk with the on-board ram and direct CV to use that which would be the ideal. As I mentioned above using the Railgun init with CV resulted in mouse not working, probably because CV moves the I/O addresses. (I did try disabling that function in CV but still no mouse.) ANYway, I think I'll stay with the Gemstart/CV config for this system. The CPU benchmarks with Gemstart were almost the same as with the Railgun but the FPU results were a lot better with Gemstart. (And for some reason my camera is crap today!)
  9. ID Mac Plus 030 upgrade card

    Internal fan all squared away. It seems that Compact Virtual doesn't play nice with the Railgun extensions. After I install CV 3.02 and reboot the system comes back up but the mouse won't move. Clicker works, but no movement. Played with the settings & load order of the control panels with no luck. Bolle appears to be using Gemstart. I couldn't get Gemstart to recognize this card. Perhaps I'll try CV with the Dove init and see what happens.
  10. Repair question: 1.4mb superdrive

    Perhaps you didn't reassemble it correctly. It is possible to so during reassembly if you're not careful. Check out this video, if you haven't seen it already. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3Vc3SdZJ2Y
  11. Repair question: 1.4mb superdrive

    Did you have it apart to lube it? So when you insert a disk the upper head doesn't drop to make contact with the disk?
  12. Repair question: 1.4mb superdrive

    Can you post a top-down image of the drive?
  13. eMac saved from an e-recycling bin

    Free, working Macs are the best Macs.
  14. ID Mac Plus 030 upgrade card

    Working on fan now...
  15. You should be able to use any USB keyboard with that G4 iBook, even a PC keyboard, you just lose some Apple-specific function keys.