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  1. I have a Hard Drive boot Issue with Colour Classc I Every time I tried to boot my CC , starting sound OK, screen OK but the hard drive spin up and then short happy mac on screen in a moment and then spin down and down again! It's Obviously Neither hard drive problem nor Logic board, Connecter, power I 'm sure It's analogue board problem Because I have three Colour classic I can test and replace each part Replace analogue with normal one is the definite solution! It boots normally! Which part of the analogue board causes this problem?
  2. Staysweet

    512K flopy Drive malfuction

    Seems like I found a solution. http://lowendmac.com/2001/vintage-mac-400k-floppy-drive-repeating-click-of-death/ I'm gonna try on weekend
  3. Staysweet

    512K flopy Drive malfuction

    I have a problem with my 400k flopy drive. It seems like It doesn't Make a right move. The black plastic Head move to the end and stuck then make a annoying sound ! Please refer to uploading video What's wrong with my 400k disk..