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  1. jeremywork

    Building the fastest Power Mac 9600

    Not sure if you're still working on this project... I thought I fried a G4 card today- my ventilation was a bit constrained, it froze and wouldn't restart past the Sonnet extension. I popped my spare in and it booted to the desktop, so I decided to re-paste both cards, and discovered evidence against the rumors of Sonnet building 1000/2Ms only after running out of 800MHz parts- both of mine have 800MHz chips overclocked to 1GHz. Thankfully the first G4 worked again after repasting. These pictures aren't great, but could be useful as both cards do run 2MB of cache at 250MHz, though it is only listed in Sonnet Metronome and System Profiler, not Gauge Pro (which is very confused and also sees a disabled motherboard cache, despite this being a 9600 Enhanced board.) It looks like your 2MB cache chips are the same part number, so nothing jumps out at me, but I'd be happy to help provide more information if it would help. I've seen native G4s like the MDD fail a startup test in 9.2.2, which indicates just before the desktop that the L3 cache has been disabled due to a hardware failure. Does yours produce a message like this?
  2. jeremywork

    Sfiera’s Conquests

    A less common 10/100 Ethernet card, at that! Those three upgrades took some persistent searching for me to find. I also echo having no heat issues using only the stock fans with my 500/1M. I believe either Sonnet's Metronome utility or Newertech's Gauge Pro will display the temperature sensor readout from the G3 if you're curious.
  3. jeremywork

    Got a Power Macintosh G3 Desktop, what is it???

    Gladly! Do note that if you have plans to add a later ATI video card on PCI, most of them also contain DVD decoding hardware (the earliest ones required a daughercard for this.) I believe the Bordeaux card is the only way to get DVD video output from the onboard video port (saving all three PCI slots.)
  4. jeremywork

    Sonnet Tempo ATA/133 7.6?

    There's really no USB support before 8.1 (8.5 for more complete support with mass storage) but I believe firewire can be used for DV in 7.6.1 with the correct quicktime extensions. 8.6 is required for full firewire support, including mass storage. These extensions come with Mac OS 9, but can be manually installed on earlier systems.
  5. The video and sound floppies in this archive worked for me, even though it's titled the LC630 version: https://www.macintoshrepository.org/16987-mac-os-7-5-lc-630-dos-compatibility
  6. jeremywork

    Got a Power Macintosh G3 Desktop, what is it???

    There are a handful of different variants of the G3 personality cards, which are sorted into three main versions: 1. "Whisper" cards had external 3.5mm jacks for standard audio in and out. There were two main layouts for the whisper cards: one has a 40-pin header for the G3 All-in-one's front panel controls as well as internal 10-pin analogue video out connector for the monitor of the G3 All-in-one models. The other design supplies the 26-pin connector which is actually compatible with front panel/IR boards from earlier 5xxx/6xxx models but which was never utilized in any shipping G3 model. Not all boards populated all components of the layout. There appear to be unpopulated headers for TV or TV/FM tuners on both variants of the whisper card (as well as a 34-pin header I don't recognize on the non-AIO version,) but I have not heard of anyone trying to use a tuner with a whisper card, only with wings cards. 2. "Wings" cards had external connectors for composite and S-Video in and out, stereo RCA in and out, as well as 3.5mm jacks for standard audio in and out. These had an internal 60-pin DAV port for use with accessories such as the AVID cinema PCI, same port as on the video-in upgrade boards for the 5400/5500/6360/6400/6500/TAM, or on the logic boards of the 7200/7500/8500/8600. Similarly to whisper cards, there are two different design variants of the Wings card. One variant supplies the same unused 26-pin IR/front panel connector for the 5xxx/6xxx, along with a 10-pin connector for the TV tuner or TV/FM combo tuners used in the 5xxx/6xxx, again never used in any shipping G3 model. The other variant of the wings card supplies an internal 10-pin analogue video out connector for the monitor of the G3 All-in-one models, along with the 40-pin header for the All-in-one's front panel controls. This design also permits use of the TV tuner or TV/FM tuner, but to my knowledge this function was not populated on the variants with populated AIO ports. They can be populated by hand and tuners are known to function (https://web.archive.org/web/20071104111656/http://www.geocities.com/pm9600g4/g3tv-1.html). In general, not all boards populated all components of either layout. 3. "Bordeaux" cards were externally identical to wings cards, but included onboard MPEG DVD decoding and supplied none of the "bonus" internal headers found on the wings cards. • All variants of the G3 personality card also provided a modified Comm Slot II interface which only worked with Apple's 56k CSII modem (I think one by GV too, but no ethernet cards,) which would disable the onboard serial port when populated (same behavior as previous CSII machines.) There were two versions of the sticker surrounding the ports on each variant, so that the port icons would be upright on both tower models and desktops/AIOs (all shared the same logic boards, but there were two logic board revisions- off the top of my head I seem to recall the video subsystem was improved among other things.) Here are pictures of the three cards I find most appealing upgrade-wise. To be clear, there is no factory mount for either tuner or IR board, but if you're creative it's a fun upgrade. No components have been added to either of the wings cards (yet)- they can be found this way in the wild.
  7. jeremywork

    Sonnet Tempo ATA/133 7.6?

    I don't have this exact configuration, but I have a Sonnet Tempo Trio in my 9600, and can boot to the 7.6.1 partition on an ATA drive attached to it (it's a 2GB Mac OS Standard partition, not sure if larger would work.) I would expect the Tempo ATA 133 uses the same implementation and will probably have similar boot support.
  8. jeremywork

    KnobsNSwitches Conquests

    If you confirm it's an ATI card, you might have luck with the drivers here: https://gona.mactar.hu/ATI_Mac/ There's a ton of info on that page, but since you have an ADC port you should be safe to use the links under the Apple logos, rather than the ATI logos. That display should do any standard resolution below its native. Does it exhibit the same symptoms in Mac OS X?
  9. jeremywork

    LC 475 installation woes

    One of my tricks (also works like System Picker) is to remove the "System" file from the System folder and add it back in. The System Folder should then change its icon to indicate it's a System Folder. Only one System Folder can be active, so this won't work if another one is already blessed. So: Remove System from active System Folder Remove System from desired target System Folder Replace System in desired System Folder (will be blessed) Replace System in active System Folder (can't re-bless because the other one is already blessed)
  10. jeremywork

    Thunder II GX 1360 - Needs minor repair

    Thanks! Do you know what that particular form factor is called? It doesn't seem to come up searching for 'smd inductor.'
  11. jeremywork

    LC 475 installation woes

    Gladly! This trick is great for quickly building a multiboot volume too. It'll make sure the installer doesn't 'upgrade' stuff from older systems you may have installed on the same volume.
  12. jeremywork

    LC 475 installation woes

    Even better, you can use Disk Copy to make an image (500MB should be plenty) and install to the image from within your booted OS with wishiwere running. Then you could transfer the contents to the real volume (I've done this plenty of times.)
  13. jeremywork

    LC 475 installation woes

    Do you have a <2GB drive you could attach to external SCSI? All you'd need to to is dump the CD contents to it and add the wishiwere extension.
  14. I got extremely lucky this week and found a SuperMac Thunder II card, listed Buy-it-now on eBay for $30, sold tested to top it off. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SuperMac-Thunder-II-GX-1360-NuBus-Graphics-Card/283800247264 Unfortunately the packaging was minimal, and it lost a couple components from the back side (well, it appears one wasn't there in the listing photos either, so may not be necessary to run.) The one labeled L2 wasn't there to begin with, and the one labeled L8 is still physically soldered, but the housing completely shattered and isn't covering it anymore. What does the 'L' in the silkscreen designate? The housing appears to be ferrite or similar and the other components designated 'L' don't carry any alphanumeric markings. Hoping someone can help me source a pair of the correct replacements, unless consensus is that it's not a problem to run it as-is. Also, I hadn't encountered it in my reading, but there appear to be different versions of SuperMac's DSP daughtercard. This one is probably an earlier upgrade board, branded 'Image Processing Accelerator' in italic script, and it looks to run at 64MHz. I think the ones that shipped with GX cards were just branded 'GX' in bold, and ran newer revisions of the DSP16A at 80MHz each. Even with a couple things to fix, I can't complain for that price. Images below:
  15. jeremywork

    Fizzbinn’s Finds

    That's the one needed for the 5500/6500/TAM! The 6360 will actually be happy with any Mac compatible PCI combo card. It's the older architecture, like the 5400 and 6400, which doesn't have the same bug in its PCI implementation. Nothing wrong with using this one in a 6360, but it's better saved for a 5500, 6500, or TAM, which can't use the common ones.