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  1. TechEdison

    Free Clamshell iBook!

    Dang! That's in quite nice condition! Sad though to see that someone was going to just trash it... Then again, the 1400, iMac G4, and PM7200 I got was gonna be trashed.
  2. TechEdison

    Saddest eBay Listing I've Ever Seen

    But $50 and it looks like it has some ram upgrades. Not bad
  3. TechEdison

    "Cheap Networking" for System 6 and 7 Macs

    Little over 200k I think.
  4. TechEdison

    "Cheap Networking" for System 6 and 7 Macs

    Fast enough to load the website I linked in less than 30 seconds... it’s 56k but can be up to the max that MacPPP supports.
  5. TechEdison

    "Cheap Networking" for System 6 and 7 Macs

    If you'd like a website to test, feel free to try http://www.nocss.ml. This is my website for old devices. As for connecting, this was my best choice when I went through the same process. Works fine on my PowerBook 160 and Macintosh Classic. I believe it's quite a bit faster than modem speeds.
  6. If you’d like a website to test on, feel free to visit my site for old computers: http://www.nocss.ml
  7. TechEdison

    Apple Watch fixer-upper

    If that doesn’t work, it’s a $50 screen so it’s still well worth the repair.
  8. TechEdison

    Apple Watch fixer-upper

    So what should I do? Just go to an apple store and see what happens? It’s linked to my Apple ID now as well.
  9. TechEdison

    Apple Watch fixer-upper

    Only $40! Had all the goodies (box, plastic container for the watch, documentation, charger). Just needs a new display but is fully functional including force touch. Works just fine with a protective case to uhh.... keep it together.
  10. TechEdison

    Rusty Macintosh SE/30

    Woah that machine has seen some sh$! Good luck! Those HDD platters would make nice coasters
  11. TechEdison

    Boxed iMac G4 + PowerBook 1400CS

    I’ll keep that in mind but I’m definitely keeping it for the time being. It raises the value of the machine itself by quite a bit.
  12. TechEdison

    Boxed iMac G4 + PowerBook 1400CS

    To be totally honest though, I'm more excited about the PowerBook. My PB160 needs a recap and until then is basically useless. This powerbook will become my new/old software development machine.
  13. TechEdison

    Boxed iMac G4 + PowerBook 1400CS

    The issue now is I have absolutely no idea where to store the box!! It has all the foam inserts and everything so I can't just fold it up like I did with my G4 PowerMac Box.
  14. TechEdison

    Boxed iMac G4 + PowerBook 1400CS

    This is part 2 of a haul from the same person. They have graciously donated these items to my collection free of charge. The first two items were a PowerMac 7200/75 and a PowerMac g4. The second two items: a powerbook 1400cs/166 with 48mb ram and last east but certainly not least, a boxed iMac G4 with all the goodies!