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  1. Ethernet on my CC

    I have always had DNS issues with MacTCP... make sure the DNS settings are correct for your network.
  2. The NoCSS development thread

    Website complete. The updates can be found here: https://www.techedison.net/blog/2018/04/29/retrochallenge-complete-04-29-2018-final-update/ the feature list: Registration/login Chat Rooms capabilities. Only MAIN room for now, but you can request to have some added if you want. Includes timestamps Forum Create posts Per-forum new post permissions Reply to posts Open source Reg/login separate from the main site (but if you use the same login, it automatically logs in when you visit) Messaging Send message read sent messages reply to messages (including the old message being appended to the reply) Web proxy Supports https Removes all modern technologies to make it load correctly on new sites All links are proxied Google search All links are proxied to the site’s web proxy
  3. Self-Contained POTS System?

    If one of your goals is to just connect to the internet (which it may not be), you can do it much easier using serial. I created an updated guide on doing that. I'm sure it could be somewhat useful at least:
  4. Wifi Extension Development Thread

    Amazing progress! I may never be able to use it, but I am enjoying keeping up with the progress.
  5. Info needed

    Not sure what's up with RC 2018/4 but I guess there haven't been halftime comments yet.... At this rate, it'll be over before we get those LOL.
  6. Wifi Extension Development Thread

    This should be pinned honestly.
  7. Wifi Extension Development Thread

    I've been lurking on the development of this... This is a really neat project! What are the bottom 4 icons for? What state do those serve that the top don't? Or is that just for low res or 1 bit displays?
  8. Upcoming items in my collection

    Haha the lampshade mac will be a project... Not in the best shape, but I'll get it there.
  9. Upcoming items in my collection

    A good friend of mine is giving away some old apple merch that he was ready to get rid of. I'll be getting: a lampshade iMac G4 A book from 1990: "Inside AppleTalk second edition" Two books from 1994: "Inside Macintosh: Networking" and "Inside Macintosh: Devices" And a book from 1991: "Inside the Macintosh Communications Toolbox"
  10. The NoCSS development thread

    Website proxy finished. Supports HTTPS. https://www.techedison.net/blog/2018/04/10/retrochallenge-update-04-10-2018-proxy-finished/ + other updates
  11. The NoCSS development thread

    Completed the google search function https://www.techedison.net/blog/2018/04/09/retrochallenge-update-04-09-2018-search-finished/ + Some other updates listed on that blog post
  12. The NoCSS development thread

    i noticed that too, and will be removing it during RetroChallenge
  13. The NoCSS development thread

    Just entered into RetroChallenge with the intention of completing NoCSS! I'll be documenting it on my blog (https://www.techedison.net/blog/) when it starts.
  14. a nice clamshell

    Yea the issue I have is that I don't have a yoyo adapter. I'll probably pick one up on ebay at some point.
  15. a nice clamshell

    I was disappointed when I tried my G3 snow adapter.. Then I remembered "ah ye... Apple made these not fit". Highly odd, but that's just what ya get with apple haha.