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  1. Not up for download yet I wanna get the windows version functional before releasing it. No slacking off on functionality for me.
  2. TechEdison

    Almost Disappointed They're not G5's

    Makes me wonder if the ram is the wrong type? Seems weird that BOTH would have all the ram stop working. Maybe the sticks are different speeds? Thats the first stuff I would check.
  3. TechEdison

    Almost Disappointed They're not G5's

    It's a bit of a haul but maybe I'd be interested. Not sure how many people are near me.
  4. TechEdison

    Almost Disappointed They're not G5's

    err.... how much would you consider selling one of these for.
  5. TechEdison

    Almost Disappointed They're not G5's

    CRAP so you were the one who got them! Gosh darnit lol. Now I'm even more disappointed cus they were Mac Pros LOL
  6. I figured at some point I should make an official thread for this project I've been working on. For the past month or so I have worked on writing a chat app that is cross platform for basically everything. I wanted to make something that would "just work" on all devices and still include some basic features you might expect in a more finished product. Language: RealBasic 2.1 and 3 Protocol: my own Network requirements: TCP/IP Functionality: - Friends system - User profiles - Profile editor - login/register from the app - Username+nickname display system - simple and functional System support goal: - Mac OS 7.1+ on 68k - PowerPC macs on os 9 - PowerPC macs on os x - Windows 98 and up Development status (when writing this post): completely finished. Just waiting to get the windows executible to work. It worked once and then quit working ever since. Will be available to download on my HTML 2.0 compliant site, NoCSS: http://www.nocss.ml/shoutvintage
  7. TechEdison

    REALBasic 2.1.2 language reference

    I'm considering compiling the windows version in a later version of RB. The FAT, 68k, PPC, and OSX binaries work just fine. It's only the windows one.
  8. TechEdison

    REALBasic 2.1.2 language reference

    Official release for this app is coming as soon as I can get it to run on windows again.... it worked ONCE, then I changed a couple menu enable settings and it quit working. On the mac end of things, it is totally functional.
  9. TechEdison

    REALBasic 2.1.2 language reference

    Ended up using RB2.1.2 for a while, but went to 3 after 2 had a nasty habit of not saving my work. The built in TCP functionality made it the ideal candidate for the client. The server software is currently written in PHP, but I may change it later on (thank goodness I documented the API well)
  10. TechEdison

    REALBasic 2.1.2 language reference

    I guess that makes sense now. Thanks for the info. In other news, progress on this chat app is going well. In fact its almost done!
  11. TechEdison

    REALBasic 2.1.2 language reference

    The compiled applications should run on system 7.1 with CFM68k. They can be compiled to use as little as 512k of ram as well.
  12. TechEdison

    REALBasic 2.1.2 language reference

    Yea that one's a bit too new. I did find documentation for version 4 and have been managing to get it to work using that. Side note: when I try to run these apps (compiled for 68k) on my macintosh classic, it gives an address error bomb and has to restart. It does the same thing after having installed the CFM68k enabler. Any ideas?
  13. Does anyone have a copy of this or know where to find it? It's not on archive.org. here is the directory listing: https://web.archive.org/web/20000817012936/http://www.realbasic.com:80/files/ the file itself should be at realbasic.com/files/LanguageReference.pdf but it just redirects to another page on archive.org.
  14. TechEdison

    Emailing with SE/30

    Does IE 4.0 have enough juice to run Squirrel webmail? (this thing https://squirrelmail.org/screenshots.php ) I think it requires HTML 4.0 and nothing else. Edit: I ask because I've been thinking of hosting a webmail server for this very reason.
  15. TechEdison

    TCP/IP networking? HTTP Requests? Visual MSB??

    Yea I haven't done computer programming in ages. Web development is my thing. I'm working on learning the JSSS syntax and then I'm going to integrate a vintage compatible site with my already complete chat software, https://www.shout.tk My goal is to make it fully Netscape 4.0 compatible, which is the last release for 68k macs as far as I'm aware.