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  1. The NoCSS development thread

    Just entered into RetroChallenge with the intention of completing NoCSS! I'll be documenting it on my blog (https://www.techedison.net/blog/) when it starts.
  2. a nice clamshell

    Yea the issue I have is that I don't have a yoyo adapter. I'll probably pick one up on ebay at some point.
  3. a nice clamshell

    I was disappointed when I tried my G3 snow adapter.. Then I remembered "ah ye... Apple made these not fit". Highly odd, but that's just what ya get with apple haha.
  4. a nice clamshell

    Got this from a good friend of mine for free. No power adapter, so i dont know the specs (or if it even works), but it looks to be in decent shape! Missing the leaf, but aren't they all? Haha. If i were to be real picky, I would get a new front bezel (part near the apple is cracked) and a leaf, but my iBook line isn't exactly the cleanest so I don't care all that much. Now i have all 3 g3, g3 snow, g4
  5. Macintosh Photoshoot

    yea it's a 3rd party mouse of some sort. The seller apparently did not have the original, and I have yet to get a different one. On the bright side, it was new in box! LOL!
  6. Info needed

    nice! Just sent in my email.
  7. The NoCSS development thread

    First test on an actual mac! I finally got the DNS settings working, and it is now running on a dedicated VPS.
  8. DNS issues while using serial for internet

    Cool, thanks! I also discovered the common failure was sites (of mine) using 000webhost. It should work fine now.
  9. Macintosh Classic 7.5.3 issues

    just disabled stuff I didn't need and it ran fine. I am having a load of unimplemented trap + illegal instruction issues with MacTCP and FreePPP... the MacTCP on 7.5.3 just wouldnt work, and I had to resort to MacPPP as well.
  10. Macintosh classic horizontal lines

    Thats pretty darn cool honestly. I believe the one I ended up with was my dads old work computer... It too had broken hinges.
  11. Macintosh classic horizontal lines

    Man even though I'm still technically "a kid" this totally brings memories to me. I took apart everything I could get my hands on, and most things didn't make it back alive. The most notable for me was an old (yet fully functional still) CTX EZBook... Those things seem increasingly rare, and I guess I'll never own a functional one again. Edit: Actually this I believe is the one I had: https://www.ebay.com/itm/CTX-EzBook-700E-Series-Laptop-AS-IS-FOR-PARTS/112020523583?epid=1672998210&hash=item1a14f18a3f:g:VuIAAOSwnFZXVv2b And it appears to be the only complete one on ebay.... I might just have to grab that.
  12. Macintosh Classic 7.5.3 issues

    Same results with all extensions turned off via the extension manager. Boots up fine while holding shift to load without extensions, though.
  13. Macintosh Classic 7.5.3 issues

    It seems to go farther, but still the same results. It's some sort of extensions issue.
  14. Macintosh classic horizontal lines

    Man every time I hear a "horror story" about these computers it makes me wonder how in the world mine had none of that... On the bright side, trace damage can be repaired. At least it wasn't a battery bomb that results in un-savable board + case. The 8-Bit Guy just did a video about repairing trace damage (where the board itself cracked) on a PCJr display.
  15. Macintosh Classic 7.5.3 issues

    Going to attempt an OS reinstall and carefully look over each item to make sure it's compatible.