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  1. you should clock it to 500Mhz
  2. Hello, In any PM 9600 config, SCSI card (or SCSi-like) should be in A1 (faster card in top slot, and then) ; according to me your config should look like this : A1 : ACARD 6880 B1 : Empty [suitable for Firewire] [or USB if nothing in C1] C1 : Empty [suitable for USB if Firewire in B1] D2 : Ethernet (in certain circumstances [OS X, intensive networking], Ethernet cards work best when they have priority over Video card here in E2 [when they are in top slot of bottom controller]) [Asante cards should always be there in D2 (OS9, OSX) E2 : IX Micro Video card or any ATI video card F2 : Empty [suitable for nothing : leaves room for optionnal HDD] and yes, the 9600 Graphics accelerator is the card's driver Edit : And unless you need DVI, a Rage 128 is fine
  3. 604ev

    How to tell if SE/30 has been recapped?

    This SE/30 , for sure, has been recapped Pictures of the Motherboard in SE/30HD:Documents
  4. The Digigear SDHC PCMCIA card is 16bit https://www.ebay.com/itm/SD-SDHC-SDXC-to-ATA-Flash-Memory-PCMCIA-PC-Card-Adapter-Reader-for-256GB-128GB/371129508743 ..and very slow in the PowerBook G4's 32bit cardbus slot..
  5. 604ev

    PowerMac 9600 startup problem

    Welcome to the Machine
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    Yet another free PPC for me.

    Welcome to the canteen
  7. 604ev

    RAM Dilemma

    256Mb (4x64Mb interleaved) are enough and fine for a bare 10.2.8 Unless the 16Mbs are good 60ns EDO with gold connector, I'd give up with them
  8. 604ev

    RAM Dilemma

    Unless it has a big L2, a 7200rpm HD and an ATI Video card (any), I don't see what you could do with it... Are the 16Mbs 60ns or 70ns?
  9. Well.. Is it possible to upgrade this 466Mhz FireWire ibook G3 with CL3 SO-DIMM (PC133), or does it only work with CL2 (PC66/100), as specified by Apple ?
  10. If I were in USA I'd get an OWC memory. Currently, in France, those PC100s are difficult to find while one can still get CL3 PC133s. If only I had one, of any capacity, I would try myself...
  11. Not sure that the onboard CL2 PC66 will work with any CL3.. It would be interesting to know if someone has one working in an 366/466 iBook. OWC doesn't show it as compatible : http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/memory/iBooks-PowerBooks/G3-iBook/
  12. i'm sure there is another folder which hosts local shared folders aliases (it isn't the "servers" folder)
  13. restarting extensions Off then re-delete all appletalk prefs & users&groups prefs and then pram is the best one can do otherwise, as a LocalTalk server, nothing's better than Jaguar 10.2.8 ...
  14. If I recall... the file "AppleSharePrep" stands for the Servers to be mounted at Startup, so it is no related to slow AppleShare's startup but can be deleted. And an AppleShare related folder (can't remember the name) inside SystemFolder contains the Aliases to Shared folders on your Mac. If this folder is full it does slow down a lot AppleShare Startup.
  15. remove "AppleShare prep" in prefs and also some AppleShare folder in system folder
  16. 604ev

    7600 strange issue

    Last but not least: is there an L2 dimm on the motherboard ?
  17. 604ev

    7600 strange issue

    i've seen some motherboards not working with G3s while others would do with the same components (i mean swaped ones). And these boards have been perfectly working for years with the original cpu.. they just wouldn't with a G3 card. it's possible that yours is one of them. You might try working with only the original CPU for some time, with full config, after full nvram reset, and then reswap cpu w/cuda reset to G3. Then you will know. In any case you shouldn t use the 2x16Mb dimms that could be 70ns and are anyway useless if not too old and risky. In fact 4x64Mb is enough and perfect for OS9 and thus you'll have 2 spare modules.
  18. 604ev

    7600 strange issue

    sorry marmotte, please just minimal-compact the config and 24 hour out of power your mac then startup
  19. 604ev

    7600 strange issue

    big chips are older no matter edo/fpm, both are compatible and work as fpm just minimal-compact the config and 24 hour out of power your mac then startup then if it doesn't work just go to a friend that has pci powermac and test your hardware otherwise recap mother and daughter boards, as well as the psu or get a mach5 9600 sincerly yours, 604ev
  20. 604ev

    7600 strange issue

    PS the AV card should be unplugged too for testing.. and use original hd & internal scsi please
  21. 604ev

    7600 strange issue

    well nvram reset could be needed remove power cord, remove pram battery, and try again in 24 hours with minimal config (minimum ram no pci) (stock cpu or g3) just remember nvram has to be reset via cuda ( or removing battery powercord etc) each time you swap cpus
  22. 604ev

    7600 strange issue

    yes it is although it could be something else please let us know your RAM config (interleaving & size & connector color for each module) & once again You should start diagnostic with minimal RAM config. OS 9.1 will work with 1x 32mb module and no VM with extensions disabled and no pci of course; you could even unplug any device such as zip or cd rom and remove your pram battery as it's too old
  23. 604ev

    7600 strange issue

    Removing battery is not a solution here, i was answering some of this topic's previous posts. But you can safely remove it, and you should do so if it's too old (before it leaks). I saw that once : there were both 60ns (gold connectors) and 70ns (silver connectors) DIMMs in a PowerMAC... maybe even that Interlaving was OK, I can't remember. If you currently don't simultaneously use 60ns and 70ns in your 7600, there's a chance that one DIMM is not so good, or interleaving is too strange.. You should start diagnostic with minimal RAM config..
  24. 604ev

    7600 strange issue

    I had a maybe similar problem with 1 or 2 bad (but working) 128Mb memory dimm on a 9600 with PL G3/500: cold boot : OK, computer never crashes reboot : chime + black screen + nothing upgrading CPU to 1Ghz PL G3 would definitly not work with these DIMM : same problem upon reboots + cold boot ok but computer crashed after some time. marmotta said : " if I wait 45 seconds the screen appear " This is normal to me, as it happens every time after a hardware configuration change (PCI slot or RAM). Could even be more than 1 minute depending on the 9600 config.. So I'd first try known working Dimms in the 7600. + Info : ONCE AGAIN the PowerMacs RUN FINE WITHOUT PRAM BATTERY. Without it, the only issue, ONLY after it has been unplugged from DC Power is, except a date/time loss, an NVRAM reset, which is not a problem as long as Mac runs OS 9 and has networking time. Not even a problem if you run OSX and the Mac never gets unplugged from power source.
  25. 604ev

    how to set up a laserwriter

    Yes it's totally insane.