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  1. Hello all, A few weeks ago I had the good fortune to pick up a few SE/30's with video cards, including one with a RasterOps Clear Vue GS30. So I put it into my main SE/30 to test it out. It worked well for about a week, having the ability to display 256 shades of grey at 1024 x 768. And then one day I heard what kind of sounded like a ticking sound, and then......nothing. The video card no longer displays anything, and doesn't even show up in the monitors control panel anymore. Also note that the same mac still works fine with my RasterOps Colorboard 264. Is it possible that one of the clock oscillators is bad? Or is their something else I should take a look at? Thanks for any ideas that anybody has!
  2. JT737

    A few SE/30's I found on eBay

    @joshcWoah!! The one that plugs into the CPU slot??!!
  3. JT737

    A few SE/30's I found on eBay

    @joshc Hey, a network card is still a good find! And certainly worth a few $$ if you want to sell it on eBay. Of course, it would be lovely to buy an SE/30 and find a Daystar accelerator plugged into the CPU slot!
  4. JT737

    A few SE/30's I found on eBay

    Last week while I was on eBay looking for old macs I came across an auction with 20 different old Macintosh computers, most of them compact macs- and a few of them SE/30's. The total for the auction was $640 and you had to go to Iowa to pick them all up! Long and short of it nobody bought the lot. However, I noticed that two of the SE/30's had video cards in them (or at least appeared to), specifically a Radius Pivot in one and a RasterOps ClearVue GS30. So I contacted the seller and asked if I could buy just the two of them and have them shipped to me; she agreed! Total price for both was $220 including shipping. Now I've bought SE/30's before that looked like they had video cards in them (i.e., the adapter was still sticking out of the back of it) and didn't. Not so this time. Both machines came with the cards they advertised! Both cards work, but of course the Radius won't display on a regular monitor without some modifications (which I think someone here successfully did?). I will more than likely sell off the Radius card and keep the RasterOps, and when I'm done sorting everything out I'll probably have a parts SE/30 to sell as well.
  5. JT737

    IIci with a surprise inside!

    Awesome! I bought a IIci last year with a Sonnet 040 in it as well, although I didn't do quite as good as you did-it cost me $200. However, the IIci was running!
  6. JT737

    ProtoCache for the SE/30 - What's the status?

    Hello, I too was wondering what was happening with this project. I posted in another thread that I'd would possible like to continue with it if no one else would object. @joethezombie-do you know where the schematics are for the current state of the project?
  7. JT737

    ROMBUS - 64 MB flash interface for Mac Plus

    @Crutch-Thanks! I probably will need some help at some point. I'm slowly going through the entirety of the "Programming Starter Kit" book- I'm currently on page 100. At least I now have a better understanding of what Heaps and Stacks are...kind of. I set up one of my laptops with Basilisk II specifically so I could work on this stuff anywhere. So far, so good!
  8. JT737

    ROMBUS - 64 MB flash interface for Mac Plus

    Hello all! I've been a long time lurker on this forum, but I haven't posted much. But I plan to change that! Hi Zane! I have a Mac Plus I'd love to try out with this, so count me in as well. Also, does anyone know whatever happened to Twinspark SE/30 adapter project? I'd love to offer to help get the project going again if no one else is working on it. I own several different cards and accelerators to test a possible adapter with, including a daystar powercache 030, daystar powercache 040, Carrera040, and a Sonnet 040. For the most part I'm just a bench tech, but I have a brother who is an electrical engineer and has some ideas as to how to put it into production. (I also have a small army of old Macs, including about half a dozen SE/30's!) Additionally, I bought myself a copy of the Macintosh programming starter kit-complete with a copy of code warrior- and have been (pathetically) trying to teach myself how to program in C for the Macintosh 68k architecture.
  9. JT737

    Macintosh SE Accelerator PDS Add-on Cards

    Hey westcoasttech,your second card looks like a video card for an SE/30, judging by the size of the bus in the pictures. Kinda reminds me of the Interware VD-R1 video card that I have that I can't quite get to work! I also have a Raster Ops 264/SE30; I've never seen something like what you've got here. If you're interested in selling it, let me know :-)