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  1. SuperSVGA

    Anyone able to identify this SE/30 Network Card?

    I think there's an 8th on the right side, just slightly cut off due to the angle. It seems to connect to my switch just fine, the switch identifies it as 10HDX, which I assume is correct. It just doesn't seem to show up on the network though even with a static IP set.
  2. SuperSVGA

    Anyone able to identify this SE/30 Network Card?

    Hmm, the SE/30 it came out of was running 7.1, and apparently it somehow worked on there. I guess I could try installing 7.5 if I have to. I did try setting a static IP in MacTCP, but it didn't seem to do anything on the network (unless I still needed to launch a web browser or something).
  3. SuperSVGA

    Anyone able to identify this SE/30 Network Card?

    Does anyone know of any compatible drivers for this card? I got access to an SE/30 that it was in to boot up but didn't see anything that looked like any sort of driver. There were things in the Extensions folder like Apple IP Gateway, EtherTalk Phase 2, Link Tool Manager, SNMP Manager, Timbuktu, as well as MacTCP. Could any of those be providing the driver?
  4. SuperSVGA

    Anyone able to identify this SE/30 Network Card?

    Yep, that was it. I finally got the SE/30 out and it was identified as a CNet Technology CN470E card. Now to find some drivers that work...
  5. I recently found this card, and it's not one I've seen before. There are no clear identifiable markings on it other than "470E". Has anyone seen this card before?
  6. SuperSVGA

    Macintosh "Case Cracker"

    I remembered seeing one of these in another building but not knowing what it was at the time. Now that I know what they are, I had to go back and get it! Seems to be in pretty good condition.
  7. SuperSVGA

    SE/30 logic board large capacitors

    C2 is Audio Power Filter, C11 is +5V Supply Filter
  8. SuperSVGA

    Howdy! So I have this old Lisa 2/5....

    That is an interesting power supply. Looks like a DataPower 1.8A PSU just based on the model but it doesn't have Apple's P/N stamped on it. Maybe an early one?
  9. SuperSVGA

    Howdy! So I have this old Lisa 2/5....

    Looks like a Macintosh XL/Lisa 2 converted to Macintosh XL. It might not be a proper conversion just based on how the display looks, but I could be wrong.
  10. SuperSVGA

    Macintosh SE - Dashed Line, No Boot Chime

    Could you perhaps get a picture of it? It might be helpful. I'd take a guess that the problem is with the Analog board but usually you'd still get a startup chime.
  11. SuperSVGA

    MacCon IIsi SE/30 Not Working. Any Ideas?

    So that didn't work, either I've got two power supplies that have the same issue or something else is going on. The picture is a bit crooked on this one as well, I think I bumped the video board or something. I'll have to figure out how to fix that later.
  12. SuperSVGA

    MacCon IIsi SE/30 Not Working. Any Ideas?

    Hmm, I have another SE/30 missing a logic board. Maybe I'll try putting everything in there to test it before I recap the PSU.
  13. SuperSVGA

    MacCon IIsi SE/30 Not Working. Any Ideas?

    I can't remember the IDs off the top of my head now, but first I had it set to both jumpers on (how it came), then I changed it to both jumpers off because I saw someone else using it that way, but neither way seemed to work. Gauge Series SlotInfo did not see the card.
  14. I recently acquired an Asante MacCon IIsi SE/30 network card, but I can't seem to get it to work. When attempting to install the Asante drivers, it fails to detect the card. When I try to run the Asante Troubleshooter, the system crashes with a "bus error". The troubleshooter runs with extensions disabled, but does not detect the card. TattleTech does not detect the card. The card is fully seated, the back panel is connected properly, the card appears undamaged and has no residue on it. I can't say for sure the card was functional when I got it, but I have no reason to believe it shouldn't have been. I'm not entirely sure if the SE/30 is the problem either, since I don't have another functional one to test it with. It also gives me a bus error if I try to use the MultiModule screensaver in After Dark or start a game in SimCity 1.0, if those are an indicator of anything. Any ideas?
  15. SuperSVGA

    Here's a new one...

    Yep, I've been searching eBay for them for the past month but never found any. Discovered this one was included in the SE/30 but wasn't in the description. Sadly it doesn't have 10Base-T, only 10Base2 and AUI. Hopefully that AUI adapter I ordered works for it.