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  1. Just another thumbs up for Meguiar's PlastX. It is gentle but really polishes plastic nicely. great product. I've used it on the exterior of a Cube and it took the fine scratches and shined it right up.
  2. It might be possible to design an all-internal solution using a Pico-PSU and simple AC-DC open frame PSU. I did one these a year or so ago for the Sharp X68000 and it works great and looks stock. Someone could easily adapt it for a Mac.
  3. mattsoft

    FPGA Mac

    If anyone is seriously interested in developing an FPGA Mac, I would recommend the MiSTer project which uses a pretty cheap ($110) off-the-shelf Terasic DE-10 nano that has a Cyclone V FPGA and dual core ARM with shared SDRAM and plenty of GPIO. The MiSTer community provides additional SRAM modules, RTC clock, and other expansions (similar to the RPi) for the DE-10, and a general framework for implementing a computer core with some of the lifting done like including an HDMI scaler and device/controller binding. The project already has several well-baked cores including Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari 8-bit, NES, SNES, Apple II, Genesis, TG-16, Neo Geo, etc...
  4. mattsoft

    FPGA Mac

    While it's not a super capable Mac, the MiSTer (FPGA console) project does have a Mac Plus core available: https://github.com/MiSTer-devel/MacPlus_MiSTer I've played around with it and it works OK. It needs someone who (a) knows VHDL and (b) loves the Mac to continue work on it.
  5. Just picked up a 1400c with (you guessed it) dead PRAM batteries. I've ordered some replacement VL2330 cells and will attempt a replacement. Tearing the 1400c down wasn't that bad actually. Just be sure to get a decent spudger with a flat end for prying apart the monitor hinge brackets.
  6. mattsoft

    Macintosh SE with horizontal lines, no chime

    So I found a working SE and swapped main boards. The broken SE (now affectionately known as old stripey) works fine with the working main board. So the horizontal stripes is something on old stripey's main board. I swapped the ROMs and still no luck. So it must be some other component on the main board that has given up the ghost.
  7. mattsoft

    Macintosh SE FDHD, Hard Drive Migration?

    I would get a SCSI2SD, prep it with an SD card of appropriate size and connect it to the external SCSI port. Format the "drive" and copy everything over. Remove the spinning HDD and mount the SCSI2SD inside.
  8. mattsoft

    Macintosh SE with horizontal lines, no chime

    Well, I figured out why I was getting a black screen when only 2 SIMMs were installed. My SE logic board has the 150 ohm resistors at R35 and R36. On my board, R35 was cut and R36 was removed. I soldered 150 ohm resistor on R36 and put 2 SIMMs into slots 1 and 2 and instead of a black screen, I get the same damn horizontal lines. I swapped all 4 sticks of RAM around in those 2 slots and always got the horizontal lines. So either I have 4 bad SIMMs or it's something else. I removed all 3 ROM chips, cleaned the pins and sockets and re-inserted. No change. I also tested the voltages on the power molex into the motherboard. Everything looks good. Checked all the pins on the bottom of the logic board and nothing appears to be bent or shorting anything. At this point, I'm stumped. If someone has a working SE motherboard they'd like to sell cheap, I'm all ears! Thanks!
  9. mattsoft

    Macintosh SE with horizontal lines, no chime

    I cleaned the SIMMs and sockets. This SE has 4MB of RAM (4 X 1MB SIMMs). With the 4 SIMMs installed, I get the horizontal lines. I removed the 2 SIMMs from slots 3 and 4 so it only has 2MB of RAM and I get a black screen. Swapping the 4 SIMMs around so that only the 1st 2 slots are filled always gives a black screen. If I put 2 SIMMs into slots 1 and 3, I get vertical lines. This config shouldn't work, so I guess that makes sense. Maybe I have 3 or more bad SIMMs. What I need is a working SE to start swapping parts. Will keep a lookout for one in the area. Thanks!
  10. I had a similar problem on a Plus and it was a cold solder joint on the analog board where the power molex connects. I simply reflowed the solder on the analog board for the molex connector and all was good. YMMV.
  11. I have an SE that when powered on does not make a chime and displays these lovely horizontal lines. Initial inspection of the motherboard looks good. Anyone familiar with these symptoms? Gonna check voltages next. Thanks!