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  1. superjer2000

    Damaged ROM SIMM Socket on SE/30

    I just used hot glue to hold mine in. It’s been good for a few years now.
  2. superjer2000

    BGE's take on the Quadra 900/950 ATX PSU Mod

    Don't forget the fans. It will be easy to check. Just add all the specs up. The SE/30s video is 12v driven.
  3. superjer2000

    BGE's take on the Quadra 900/950 ATX PSU Mod

    Why would you need load resistors on the 12v and 5v rails? The Mac will take care of that. I added a resistor on the last SE/30 seasonic I did but that was on the 3.3v rail and I'm not sure that was necessary as it likely doesn't use that rail for regulation (but the spec sheet is unclear).
  4. superjer2000

    Price Check: Classic II

    No PDS and way slower than SE/30 due to crippled data bus.
  5. Make it go away! It's hurting my brain!!
  6. superjer2000

    SE/30 Analog Board Blunder

    I've noticed the same thing but just assumed Apple upsized the voltage to provide a bigger margin. Is it possible the cap was backwards?
  7. I just replace them with the paper KEMETs again. I figure if they last for another 30 years, that's just fine.
  8. superjer2000

    Asanté MacCon SE/30 clone

    I've got an extra breakout board that has just been waiting for this project to come along! I'm in for 2 if this moves ahead. Awesome work!!!!!
  9. I thought the biggest issue was the video board on the back of the CRT for squirrel cage units? Specifically they are horizontally oriented and don't leave enough space for a 60mm fan? I have an SE with the squirrel cage fan but have no intentions of changing it. It moves a fair bit of air and I don't find it an louder than the Elina in my SE/30.
  10. superjer2000

    SE/30 Logic Board Resurrection

    This! I use ChipQuik all the time to remove SMD ICs and it works great. I’ve never lifted a pad.
  11. superjer2000

    Apple Imagewriter II Restoration

    Check out this video of the Apple daisy wheel printer printing a graphic image from a Lisa. I didn’t know it could do this.
  12. superjer2000

    Apple Imagewriter II Restoration

    I pulled the unit apart... pretty slick actually. 6 screws and the entire assembly lifts out of the way. Going to order caps and get to work.
  13. superjer2000

    Apple Imagewriter II Restoration

    Resurrecting an old thread... @eraser or anyone else that has taken apart a newer ImageWriter II - I would like to recap one of mine which is what I believe to be a newer version with a one piece case. The service manuals I have found indicate that to pull the PSU/Driver board you unscrew and remove the two bottom legs and can then remove the bottom case. The version I have doesn't seem to have removable legs. I would like to take this unit apart without breaking anything or pulling apart more than I need to - Has anybody come across a newer service manual or has some advice on how to take the newer models apart?
  14. superjer2000

    SE/30 Video Section Replacement Parts

    I can confirm the following: UE8 LS166: Mouser Part # 595-SN74LS166AD UA8, UB8 and UC8 74F253: Mouser Part # 595-SN74F253DR I haven't yet needed to replace a UF8 or UG8 but I ordered and am pretty confident that 595-SN74LS393D will work.