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  1. superjer2000

    Mac IIci PSU recap advice

    There must be an issue with the IIsi logic board. I'm running the same ATX power supply and same soft power mod in both my IIci and IIsi with no difference in behaviour (ie they both power up and down perfectly reliably). Good luck!!
  2. superjer2000

    Mac IIci PSU recap advice

    Glad you got the IIci working. What I was getting at above is that the electrolytic goo continues to eat away at the board unless you've been able to fully clean it off / neutralize it. I had probably about 4 or 5 patch wires on my IIci to get my soft power working again. I'm not sure if all of the chips I replaced were bad, but it gave me a chance to do a better job of cleaning underneath them once removed. I would have guessed that your IIsi's PSU is bad as the caps in those do give out, but if you're confident that your ATX PSU and soft power mod works fine (does it work with the IIci now that you have fixed those traces?) and you're seeing the same symptoms on your IIsi when using the ATX supply then it might be another eaten trace. I was lucky with my IIsi as I just needed a regular recap and a replacement PSU. I'm sure some of the boards I recapped initially will continue to develop problems down the road. I now clean my boards with distilled water and baking soda after removing the old caps. I don't know if that's the right way to do it, but that's what some of the forums said to use to neutralize the capacitor goo.
  3. superjer2000

    Mac IIci PSU recap advice

    Whoops - Silly iPad. The first sentence above should be that the IIci WOULD NOT power up after coming out of storage.
  4. superjer2000

    Mac IIci PSU recap advice

    My IIci worked fine, went into storage for a couple of years and then would power up (unless I jumpered the right pins on the PSU) (I hadn't recapped the motherboard before storing it). After recapping, I had to replace almost all of the chips involved in the soft power circuit, the transistors and diodes and jumper a number of connections as the capacitor goo ate a lot (most of which wasn't visible). I had to buzz all of the connections using the schematic available online. After that, the IIci worked great with my old Astec, but I still replaced the insides of it with a small Seasonic PSU (with a small transistor circuit inverter to add soft power) and the machine had been rock solid ever since. The previous owner of my IIsi said it would run for a few minutes then turn off. I didn't test it myself, I just recapped the logic board and replaced the PSU with the same type of Seasonic and it's also been perfectly stable ever since.
  5. superjer2000

    SE/30 RP12 replacement part, bourns filter

    I can't say for sure as I haven't tested it, but I found some other older threads that showed this to be the right replacement for the Bourne filters on an se/30. https://www.mouser.ca/ProductDetail/652-4116R-1LF-47. (I think there is only one type of filter in the se/30?) ive ordered some but haven't needed to use them yet. I think the threads were with uniserver on thinkclassic but I can't find them readily now.
  6. superjer2000

    Farallon ETHERMAC LC NSC w/NuBus drivers in the SE/30 PDS?

    Just plug it in already! The suspense is killing me!!
  7. superjer2000

    Horizontal coil temperature

    I just finished recapping an SE FDHD analog board. I was getting some very minor video interference and so I was checking temperatures with my FLIR IR thermometer. After about 30 minutes I was surprised to see the horizontal coil at about 63c. I know these coils are usually one of the hottest parts of the analog board but I don't know if I recall it getting this warm. Has anybody else ever checked analog board temps? Any memory of what the hottest component was and if this reading seems out of line?
  8. superjer2000

    LCII crapped the bed

    Did you recap the PSU or just the logic board?
  9. superjer2000

    Oh. Great. Another IIsi...

    What is in the PSU connector? Mold? Dirt? Burnt connector?
  10. superjer2000

    Macintosh Plus won't boot from rare HDD

    I would open up the case, remove the drive and try it in your IIfx. If you open up the case, take a picture of the hard disk inside. It's possible the power supply in the external hard drive case isn't working - You could test for 5V and 12V with the drive turned on. Even with a SCSI cable issue, termination etc., I'm not sure why you would get those weird bars on the Mac.
  11. superjer2000

    SE/30 versus Classic II speed

    If you boot them side by side running same OS SE/30 is still much faster. Loading apps, etc, I can't think of anything where the Classic II feels near as fast as the SE30.
  12. superjer2000

    SE/30 versus Classic II speed

    The SE/30 is substantially faster. LEMs Speedometer benchmarks seem fishy to me between the Classic II and the SE/30 but their Mac Bench shows 1.8 for the Classic II and 3.2 for the SE/30 which seems about right. Side by side the Classic II is a dog. Some guy even did a YouTube video showing it.
  13. superjer2000

    ADB Mouse Prevent Boot?

    I did - Per original post I tried a different mouse. I put a label on the "No Boot" mouse so I know not to use it again, I've just never seen an ADP peripheral prevent a hard disk from booting. (The machine still turned on and was looking for a boot device).
  14. superjer2000

    ADB Mouse Prevent Boot?

    I haven't ever seen this before - I moved my SE/30 downstairs to do some testing on something else, plugged in a random mouse (that I had coincidentally just retrobrighted) no keyboard and flipped on the power switch. I was greeted with a flashing disk icon - my SCSI2SD wasn't booting. I took the machine apart, checked all cables inside and turned it back on - it booted up but with the mouse unplugged. I plugged back in the problematic mouse and no boot. I tried a different mouse and it booted right up. With the particular mouse, every time I turn the machine on with it plugged in (directly or through a keyboard) I get flashing question mark and the machine never boots. Not a big deal as I have lots of mice, I just thought I'd see if anybody else had ever seen this before.
  15. superjer2000

    Apple IIgs Fan

    I have been using my IIgs quite a bit recently and noticed that even with the PSU having been retrofitted with a ReactiveMicro supply, the inside of the IIGS was still getting quite warm. Most of the heat seemed to be coming from the PSU. I rigged up a fan mount with cardboard and noticed the heat problem was eliminated. I re-did it with my 3d printer and wanted to share the .STL file in case anyone else is looking for a similar solution. This mount fits a standard 60mm x 25mm fan and the IIgs PSU with "hooks" for a fan. This might not work as well as a System Saver GS if you're running a lot of cards - but for me I've only got a Microdrive Turbo and my system is now running really cool. The fan exhausts the air upwards and although there isn't any grill directly above the fan exhaust, the air finds its way to the grill right over the PSU. IIgs Fan.stl