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  1. Snuci's Finds...

    A $50 color classic? Nice find! I had a Presto 040 in my Color Classic back when it was current hardware, I remember it being a nice boost.
  2. 1400 owners input - Keyboard - How is it?

    Now that is a thorough reply. Thanks! You've sold me.
  3. This is a silly question, but I've never used a 1400. I have a PowerBook Duo 280 for my vintage PowerBook-ing, but I really don't like the keyboard. (I owned a 280c about 20 years ago, and I guess I forgot how far mobile keyboards have come.) Is the 1400 keyboard that much better than a duo? Also for ease of file moving having PCMCIA slots sounds appealing. Sounds like 1400 batteries are reasonably easy to re-cell as well.
  4. New guy with a "Mac Plus" music player

    One more note: the LCD I used was an eBay special, called "Totevision LED-1003HD 9.7" LCD Monitor", it's 1024x768 and can do VGA / HDMI / BNC in. I bought it because it was cheap, but it has a horizontal and vertical zoom control, which I've never seen on a cheap LCD before. By shrinking with the zoom settings it allowed me to get the picture nearly entirely inside the screen bezel. The seller I got the LCD from still has a few left, it's one of the cheapest 9.7 LCDs available right now.
  5. New guy with a "Mac Plus" music player

    Thanks! I also colored the silver front of the mini black so it looks a little bit more like the dark depths of a drive when there's nothing in the slot. Kind of. I should probably get a clearer pic.
  6. iBook G3 tangerine

    I really like that it has the original tangerine background as the desktop. Very nice.
  7. New guy with a "Mac Plus" music player

    Nice amp! Thanks for the tip, I'll keep any eye on the caps. I love the dual VU meters. So satisfying.
  8. New guy with a "Mac Plus" music player

    I learned some things on this project, I had never retrobrighted anything before. It does have a bit of a 'marbley' texture, but I guess that happens some times. The powermate some times is a little funky and needs to be dialed right and left a couple times before the button push responds properly. Otherwise it works pretty great, and is a definite conversation piece.
  9. Hello everyone. I've been lurking around here for a few months, mostly because I miss the old Macs I had when I was younger. (I also registered last week but apparently my user got eaten when the forum went offline again a few days later) I thought I'd share a project I recently finished here. I like vintage audio gear, mostly because of the physical controls. All my digital music used to be on a iPad but I wanted physical controls. I took a Mac Plus case that was an aquarium previously (no functioning computers were harmed in this project), retrobrited it, cut a bigger hole for a cd player, and mounted a mac mini running snow leopard inside and a 9.7" LCD, and used a griffin powermate as a knob. All mp3s and CD controls and done with the big shiny physical knob, just the way I wanted it. Front row is the software, and it actually plays CDs natively, which was news to me. (i realize now my pic is a bit blurry. pity)