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  1. KnobsNSwitches

    PowerBook 2400 floppy drive

    Do these tend to go bad? I have two that came with my 2400, and neither of them work. It's crossed my mind that it's the cable (I only have one cable); however, if I have Norton Drivelight installed I see a floppy icon show up in the upper left when inserting a disk sometimes. I've taken the plastic shell off but it's hard to see anything. Does anyone know if there's a common failure on these? Like most 2400c info, there's not a whole lot out there...
  2. KnobsNSwitches

    An Expensive TV...Macintosh TV Logic Board in a Color Classic

    It really is a case of "why not?" In usage it does feel snappier than the stock CC, but I also have a 550 board feels faster than the TV board, but it also has 36 megs of RAM (and a faster bus speed, so it should be faster!) But I hooked up the original NES for some retro gaming fun, as well a Nintendo Wii and played some TG16. The screen is still squished (same as last pic), but it's useable. Not great, but useble. I'm looking at some of the VGA mod stuff out there for the CC (a capacitor at location CL26 is possibly a fix for this type of screen if the board has been VGA modded, but mine hasn't) so I'm kind of in uncharted territory here. But that's part of the fun.
  3. KnobsNSwitches

    An Expensive TV...Macintosh TV Logic Board in a Color Classic

    i've continued tweaking knobs, and I've got things more useable for now. I think if I shrank the vertical height even more things would be a normal ratio but that's more black bars than I want for now. It seems if I expand the horizontal width farther the horizontal bow doesn't affect the picture.
  4. KnobsNSwitches

    An Expensive TV...Macintosh TV Logic Board in a Color Classic

    Well I improvised a crt adjustment tool with a wooden chopstick. I've gotten things much better, but the horizontal bow (PB) adjustment doesn't seem to make any difference, so things are stuck with this pinched middle picture.
  5. I've read a couple forum posts from years ago claiming that a Mac TV logic board works in a Color Classic. And that the screen res will be 640x480 with no VGA mod necessary. I was skeptical, but came across a Mac TV board for sale and wanted to find out. So I did, and the rumors are true: I don't have a plastic hex adjusting tool, so I'm hoping I'll be able to get the screen to display right once I can adjust the pots. It's not as dark as it appears in that first pic but the screen it is definitely darker than when running with the regular CC board..
  6. KnobsNSwitches

    PDS Card Database?

    I love this idea. I don't know how it would be implemented, but I still like the idea. Gathering scattered information from different eras of the web is part of this hobby, trying to figure out what is what and where it's drivers are.
  7. I've recently acquired a Newton 2000 and it didn't come with a serial dongle. I thought I could install some software over infrared, but my PowerBook 1400 does not do IrDA according to Low-end Mac. Can anyone confirm this? Launching the 'Infrared' control panel in 8.6 says 'Not available'. I have to assume this is a hardware issue, but thought I should ask. Is there some kind of software to enable the infrared port to do IrDA? Thanks
  8. KnobsNSwitches

    Ethertalk crossover cable

    This is probably a dumb question. But I just want to make sure. I've got a color classic running 7.5, and a PowerBook 1400 running 8.6. My file transfer method is usually modern computer-> compact flash into 1400 -> and then serial cable localtalk to color classic, (or for some bigger files, SCSI EZ135). But I did copy a CD ISO over localtalk and that...took forever. If I got an ethernet card for the color classic, is it as simple as a cat5 crossover cable between the 1400 and the Color Classic to transfer files? No hubs or switches, no IP config, just go to the chooser?
  9. KnobsNSwitches

    Color Classic retrobrighting

    I think so, but that requires massive amounts of hydrogen peroxide, and I still had some developer cream. Not only that, I think your geographic location affects how well it works, I certainly wouldn't have been able to do this here in the great northwoods in, say, november.
  10. KnobsNSwitches

    PB1400 - Recell Batteries

    i've been...meaning to do this, so here's a couple links I have saved: http://www.mac-forums.com/apple-notebooks/109101-powerbook-1400-battery.html https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/comp.sys.mac.portables/kcT1Uf2j3Ac Hope this helps!
  11. KnobsNSwitches

    Color Classic retrobrighting

    Just wanted to share a success story. I've retrobright 2 other cases using the salon developer creme, covered in cling wrap in the sun. (admittedly inspired by the 8 Bit Guy on youtube). While thing have gotten brighter, I've had some trouble with uneven coloring and some marble-like texture. This time did things a bit differently. I applied the same cream with a disposable foam brush, and re-applied/evened out the coats every 5 minutes or so. This was on a very clear, hot (well, for the northwoods anyway) day, and it took about 45 minutes probably. I was able to add more cream where needed and got some nice even results. No cling wrap or anything used. Before: Compare to the not-too faded keyboard Before: The lighting actually makes it look a bit more gray than it was, but you can see the difference where the Quicktime sticker was After: matches the keyboard pretty well After: you can only notice the sticker spot if you look really close, even sitting at desk it's hardly noticeble
  12. KnobsNSwitches

    PowerBook 550c

    Ha, I sent him a PM with the exact same idea last night. I also have a 550 upgraded CC.
  13. KnobsNSwitches

    PowerBook 550c

    Very cool! I've never seen one CC II, much less..3!
  14. KnobsNSwitches

    Sonnet 68030 PDS accelerator driver ?

    Ah, the DCaDftMF3e, a volume we all have on the shelf This reminds me, what would be a good way to benchmark compare the 550 logic board vs this card in a Color Classic? I mean, my standard benchmark would basically be launch Marathon, but I'm not sure that even runs at 512x384. I can't recall any ancient history version of geekbench but I'm sure there was...
  15. KnobsNSwitches

    Sonnet 68030 PDS accelerator driver ?

    Alex, thank you for your detective work. The ads from MacAddict are fantastic. I have some results to share! The short version: the card seems to work, NO extensions needed. I've tried the 2 different allegro extensions I've found (with handy '030!' icons and all), and both system 7.1. and 7.5.3 hang on startup when reaching that extension. I had trouble tracking down a copy of Metronome to verify speeds but thanks to the posters here I got a copy. I had installed the sonnet card originally in my Color Classic, and without metronome to verify, it didn't seem to be working. I also have a performa 550 board for the CC, and installing that is a night and day difference; you can feel the speed. Installing the alegro in the color classic didn't seem any different. Also, in the CC the card got very hot. But I did some further experimenting with an LC II. Here's the stock LC II Here's with the card installed and all extensions off: And finally another test with extensions on (not the Allegro one, just my 7.1.1 set), I just thought this was a funny result. I think my copy of metronome might be a bit too optimistic here: