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  1. Motorola Marco now working!

    This is awesome. I've read about a few of the non-Apple Newton OS devices, but never seen one.
  2. Howdy! So I have this old Lisa 2/5....

    Very cool. Thanks for the pics.
  3. iMac G3 (Rev A -> C) G4 CPU Upgrade

    I just want to say....this is awesome.
  4. PowerBook 2400c

    Just posting in here to get notified of more 2400 info.
  5. Colour Classic II

    It looks great. Where are you located? Somewhere with strong sun? I've had some trouble with the sun in the great northwoods of the US.
  6. Colour Classic II

    That is a beautiful job brightening up the case! What method did you use ?
  7. If you could only have one: SE/30 or Mystic CC?

    Well, I'd say keep the Mystic CC....but what should should do is keep the SE/30 and then sell me the mystic board.
  8. Got a Mac +

    Welcome! As a fellow new-er member we’re glad you’re here.
  9. OP, I enjoyed your write up of your work so far. Well done!
  10. PowerBook 2400c Backup battery

    Thanks for the info. Seems like mine is dead. My main battery does hold a charge (for nearly a half hour in basic testing!) but removing battery and power adapter results in the machine dying, and losing time and everything. I've found one place still selling the pram/clock batteries (for nearly $40!), so I have to see if I can find anything else.
  11. PowerBook 2400c Backup battery

    I'm going to add to this thread rather than start a new one. Also on my 2400, I have a PCMCIA -> Compact Flash adapter. The CF card is formatted Mac OS Extended, so I can transfer files with my OS X Mac. I have tried in 8.5, 8.5.1, and 8.6, and trying to copy anything larger than a text file to the CF card results in a system freeze. Downgrading back to 8.1 solved the issue. I've reformatted the card both on the 2400 and in Mac OS 9 on an iBook, and on my OS X desktop. I was able to read and write in both Mac OS 9 and on OS X, and could read data from the card in any of the 3 other OS's on the 2400. I don't know why, and I don't know that I really need anything above 8.1, but does any one know why that would be happening?
  12. PowerBook 2400c Backup battery

    I've recently acquired a PowerBook 2400. It's delightful. I have come across several posts about the Green Light of Death and it's relation to the the backup battery, but also posts talking about the difficulty of finding/replacing it. Can anyone else who has owned one speak to how important it is to replace the backup battery? Thanks.
  13. I know this post is old, but figured I'd try: did you get your 2400 battery from batteryrefill.com ? I recently acquired a 2400 and am toying with getting the battery recelled. Thanks!
  14. Trying to remember SCSI CD-ROM drive, Battery powered

    I’m also confident it was not a major brand (like Sony or Panasonic), because I remember it being “cheap” and I rationalized to myself how it would be discman AND a cdrom....but it never did either very well.
  15. Trying to remember SCSI CD-ROM drive, Battery powered

    It’s not far from the Panasonic, but that wasn’t it....the rear portion was almost as long as the discman front half. SCSI2 for sure though. Its funny how im so used to everything being a quick search away. If I had a mac mall catalog from the time....