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  1. haplain's never-ending quest

    First I've found this thread! What a great collection!
  2. *sigh* I broke my 2400c

    Yes, I did! It's a very good question. The powerbook is sitting on the shelf for awhile, until I get the gumption to go take it apart again.
  3. *sigh* I broke my 2400c

    I have a PowerBook 2400c that worked. And then, I took it apart to replace the hard drive (which was starting to fail), and while it was apart I thought I'd clip the jumper wires (per here and elsewhere) to allow me to have Cardbus support. And somehow, something happened in that process that it doesn't boot any more. No chime, no green light, no nothing. I've tried attaching an ADB keyboard and using that soft power button, I've tried the original 2400 power adapter and a later power adapter, nothing. I've disassembled it again and verified everything is connected, double checked the connections between the motherboard and the IO/Power board, etc, and it's a no go. The only thing it does is if you listen very carefullly when plugging in the power adapter there's a faint sound from the speaker. I really don't know what I did, but I do know that I'm sad now.
  4. LC 575 board (in Color Classic) - funky vertical lines

    Sure, I'm not quite sure what you meant by 'up', so here's the 2 VRAM simms, and then installed.
  5. Scutboy's Stuff

    Incredible! Nice find!
  6. LC 575 board (in Color Classic) - funky vertical lines

    I missed this response somehow. Yes, it is "usable" in that it does boot, but it's really hard to see any thing.
  7. LC 575 board (in Color Classic) - funky vertical lines

    Just an update to this thread. I purchased some new VRAM from memoryx.com, but the symptoms persist. (I should note, the lines are visible on screen before booting goes anywhere, on the happy mac, 'welcome to macintosh' etc. ) I recapped the board, just in case, if nothing else to practice my soldering, but still have the same issue. I must keep digging.
  8. Performa 580 - TV Video system compatible ?

    This is exactly what i'm trying to find out, thank you. Places like everymac mention it's compatible, but I haven't discovered from any one who knows for sure.
  9. PowerBook 550c

    I've never heard of Mercari before, do you use google translate, or speak japanese? I've known people that some US-based shippers with yahoo auctions japan, but this is new to me.
  10. Does any one know if the 580 is compatible with the 600-series TV/video system? It seems it's based on the 600 series board, but I can't find out definitively either way if it works with the TV.
  11. PCMCIA TV Tuner ?

    No particular reason, other than it'd be interesting and fun. No different from, say, a sega tower of power, or installing any upgrade in a old Mac.
  12. PCMCIA TV Tuner ?

    The only name I've come across so far is the "iRez Capsure" card, which does not have a tuner included but sounds like it would work for what I have in mind. The name rings something of a bell, I think iRez also had some webcams at the time.
  13. PCMCIA TV Tuner ?

    That seems to be the trouble!
  14. PCMCIA TV Tuner ?

    Was there ever such a thing as a Mac OS 8 / 9 compatible PC card tv tuner? I was kicking around getting something to hook an old game system to on, and as I don't yet have a desktop with Apple's TV tuner card, I wondered if I could find something for the PowerBook 2400.
  15. Apple PowerCD - not spinning

    I've got a PowerCD with a similar problem. My center spindle spins freely. Pushing in the on the latch spring button (the hole inside the 'ring' nearest the pause button) has my laser assembly do a little shimmy in and out, which I believe means it's attempting to focus, but with a CD installed, nothing ever happens. Just a display of --:--, or an 'err' if i start pushing buttons fast enough. But that tells me the latch switch seems to be working, and the laser assembly is partly functional It shows up on the SCSI bus but nothing ever loads.