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  1. Cory5412, thanks for the quick reply. I would have posted a comment under the post I originally created, however my UI does not provide me with a reply control (I tried different web browsers just to make sure I did not have a compatibility problem). Concerning the attachment problem, I placed the URL in my FWB Jackhammer posting by attaching a file to the post when I created it (in the "Create New Topic" entry point there is a link for "choose files..." on the bottom left of the text entry point for the posting, just above the "Notify me of replies" control. When using this link to choose a local file, I have observed that the file is then placed in the attachments listing associated with my account. Interestingly enough if I navigate to the posting and click the link the file will download to my computer, but only if I am logged in. Because of this I was thinking this could be a permissions related problem, unfortunately I cannot seem to find any controls in my UI which would allow me to set permissions for the attachments in my library. Please let me know if I have used an incorrect procedure. I had figured that the sub-forum was just a WIKI discussion point, however I was unsure as to where I should post reference material and this seemed like a logical place as others had posted reference info as well. If you have a preferred area for the storage of reference material please let me know. Thanks.
  2. Hello All, I am hopeful that someone can assist with the problem that I have encountered. I have scanned several product manuals and made high-resolution low-megabyte PDF files that I want to upload to this site. Two of the files I have completed are the instruction manuals for the FWB NuBus SCSI Jackhammer and the NewerTech PDS G3 processor Upgrade card. I tried creating a posting in the 68kMLA Wiki late last week and tried attaching the FWB PDF at that time. A helpful user pointed out that the download link did not work. Since then I have tried to contact an admin of 68kMLA with no luck. I have emailed the forums admin distribution list and tried reaching out to an admin directly. I have not heard anything back. Can anyone help with troubleshooting this problem or provide some solution? The files I wish to upload are simple PDF files not exceeding 10 MB. In the set-up of my vintage PowerMac I found the technical information in these manuals invaluable, I don't want others to hit the same road blocks that I did and not have a reference to turn to. Thanks for any help on this issue.
  3. Hello, I sent you a private message the other day. Was not sure if you had received it. Let me know. Thanks.

  4. One of the projects I have been working on is getting my vintage hardware up and running. Early documentation (before PDFs) is getting much more difficult to find on-line. I am taking the time to archive some of the documentation I have with my hardware in a high-quality format so that a reference is available for future users. The FWB NuBus SCSI Jackhammer manual with high-quality text and graphics is attached it to this thread. FWB_Nubus_Jackhammer_Manual.pdf
  5. adh1197

    Startup Behavior Question

    Good to know the delay is normal. I will proceed with the long memory test. I did try running just single pairs of SIMMs to see if I received startup errors. However as the startup error is sporadic, I did not receive any errors when I did this. I do think that I have identified the pair of SIMMs causing the trouble after a trial yesterday evening. I am going to install these SIMMs in a few mins and run the "Long" memory test on them. I will post my findings when I am finished.
  6. Hello All, I had a rather quick question which will hopefully be simple to answer. I recently purchased some RAM for my PowerMac 8100/80 (6 32MB SIMMS to be precise.) After installing the RAM and occasionally after the System Tune-up INIT loads, I get a message telling me "The built-in memory test has detected a problem. Please contact a service technician for assistance." I have a copy of MacTestPro and have used it to do a quick RAM test. No errors were returned. I am planning on doing a "Long" RAM test, but this will take considerable time. Before I head down that road I had a question concerning performance during system startup. After installing the new RAM and receiving the error described above, I observed somewhat lengthy delays on subsequent startups. This is the question I wanted to put to the forum: Is it normal for a Mac with 192MB of RAM to have a 40 second delay before the screen changes from dark black to a gray background with the "happy mac" icon? I did not observe this behavior when my mac had less RAM. As it has been years since I used different mac models with large amounts of RAM I can't remember if this is normal. My fear is that the RAM I purchased is not fully compatible and as such is causing this delay at system startup time. I hate to jump the gun before I run the "Long" memory test, but I also hate to run a lengthy test on RAM that might be giving me sporadic issues due to a slight incompatibility. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks. P.S. I have attempted to isolate any defective SIMMS by trying different pairs in different slots, etc. I have also confirmed that all RAM is seated properly in the various slots. Also, just as an FYI but I am using an HPV video card.
  7. adh1197

    Help!! Radius Thunder IV GX 1360 issues

    That was pretty much my reaction when I hooked the thing up for the first time. Do you feel that a bad crystal would also be responsible for the monochrome display? Also, one time I did actually get to see my mouse pointer move, although the screen looked like the second picture I posted above, and the pointer was only contained to about 1/64th of the screen with lots of distortion. I don't know that much about hardware so I don't know which component is the rate crystal. My question to you on this is in your opinion how much would a new rate crystal cost? Edit: Just as an FYI but my 1360 does have the DSP card, I just removed it so that I could take the pictures. Also, when I removed the card this last time I noticed a faint rattle coming from somewhere on the card. I can't pinpoint where and I confirmed that the various screws and supports are not loose.
  8. adh1197

    Help!! Radius Thunder IV GX 1360 issues

    It is a color image. Resolution is something other than 640x480. Not sure which resolution however. No documentation and I have tried all NuBus slots in both of my Macs with the same results. The chips that I think are the RAM look like they would be impossible to replace, at least by me. They don't appear to be thru-hole setups. Please refer to pictures: My PRAM batteries are good. I have loaded the Radius software but it appears that the card is configured through the Monitors control panel. Even taking this into consideration I am reluctant to view this as a configuration problem due to the images I am seeing on the display directly at startup, see below. (The images are from 2 separate start-ups.)
  9. adh1197

    Help!! Radius Thunder IV GX 1360 issues

    On point 1, Yes it does. On point 2, Yes it does. On point 3, The screen captures in both instances came back displaying the GUI perfectly. On point 4, The VRAM is soldered directly to the card. I can provide a picture of the card, but I am unsure which chips represent the VRAM. 1 other thing I noticed, during a subsequent boot one of the icons from the init parade displayed itself in the upper center of the screen (along with all sorts of other strange patterns.) In addition to the placement, the image was drawn as black and white. It appears that the card is not displaying color as well.
  10. adh1197

    Help!! Radius Thunder IV GX 1360 issues

    I installed the card in a PowerMac 8100/80 and a Quadra 650.
  11. adh1197

    Help!! Radius Thunder IV GX 1360 issues

    I cannot. I don't have the installation media for OS 7.6.1 or 8. However I doubt it is OS related as the problem occurs before the OS loads into memory. Also I know these cards were compatible with System 7.1.
  12. adh1197

    Help!! Radius Thunder IV GX 1360 issues

    The version of ROM is 1.2.3. I have also tried taking the card back to factory settings, but this does not solve the problem.
  13. Hi, I just today received a Radius Thunder IV GX 1360 card. I have installed the card and am seeing strange behavior. As I have never used one of these cards before I am not sure if this is normal, if the card requires configuration or if the card is defective. Upon system start-up, my display shows the radius logo twice along with a large checkerboard pattern down the center of the screen, almost like a column. The checkerboards are not consistent and towards the top random bits of pixels show--again in a non consistent pattern. Several blotches are also shown within the checkerboard. During the boot, init parade and eventual desktop display the image never changes from the described image. On one boot, my screen showed a very large checkerboard pattern which would change in size when I moved the mouse around. Again the init parade and desktop were never displayed. I have tried re-seating the card, tried different nubus slots, tried removing all cards except the 1360, tried holding down the T key at start-up, etc. I have also tried the card in my second NuBus mac and observed the same results. I have also tried this card with different displays including one of my Apple multiple scans and observed the same results. When I tried the T key, the display did cycle through different resolutions but still had the same symptoms. The card is identified on the NuBus interface properly as Radius's control panel shows the card as being installed. Finally I am running System 7.1.2 on both of my NuBus macs and have confirmed that there are no bent pins or other visual problems on the card. I don't know where to go from here and would appreciate any help anyone could provide. Thanks. -Andy
  14. Hi, I have an unusual question for the forum. I hope that I have posted this in the proper area. I have recently re-setup my old PowerMac 8100 and have loaded System 7.1.2. I considered running System 7.5 but prefer the older System 7.1.2 OS as it uses fewer system resources, memory and performance is better. Concerning compatibility with programs, I do have the various extensions loaded that provide System 7.1.2 with the required feature sets of System 7.5 (Drag and Drop Extension, Clipping Extension, Thread Manager, Open Transport Networking, etc.) Even at this I find less RAM is used and system performance is better. Even with the additional components loaded I still have some software that should run on System 7.1.2 but won't because of the value returned by the gestalt selector sysv. Any software that requires a minimum of System 7.5 should run in my environment. The logical solution to my problem—other than loading System 7.5, which I don't want to do—is to modify the gestalt selector sysv to return the value for System 7.5. I cannot however find a way to do this and was wondering if anyone on the forum knows how this can be done. I do know that the information stored within the VERS resource of the System suitcase does not affect the gestalt selector sysv. I was unsure if the sysv selector value was stored under a different resource within the System suitcase. If the sysv selector value is stored in a resource within the System suitcase what is the resource and how is it modified (will it require a special ResEdit template?) Also, I do remember that a CDEV (control panel) named Xameleon was written by Artem Melnikov for the purpose of changing the gestalt selector sysv of System 7.6.1 to the value of System 8.0. I have downloaded this CDEV, however it will not load under System 7.1.2. The fact that Xameleon would successfully work for System 7.6.1 presents a different approach to my problem. If the gestalt sysv selector is hard coded into System 7.1.2 then it may be possible to write a CDEV similar to Xameleon for System 7.1.2 (if anyone out there still will develop for the older OS.) Please let me know any thoughts concerning a solution to my sysv selector problem. If anyone has an idea for how I can modify the sysv selector value for System 7.1.2 please let me know. If this is not possible, if anyone has any ideas on who would be willing to write a simple CDEV for System 7.1.2 please let me know. Thanks. -Andy