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  1. joethezombie

    SE/30 PDS Adapter Epic Blunder

    Hey James, Yes the chips are on their merry way to Germany. Apologies I didn't get them out as soon as what you would have wanted-- I had an unexpected turn of events which caused a significant delay.
  2. joethezombie

    SE/30 PDS Adapter Epic Blunder

    Yeah, they were returned due to the packaging being not large enough for a specific label on one dimension. I found it rather peculiar. But then again, I just received a package from Italy, and the sender had to scans of their photo ID, customs forms, and all manner of other paperwork. The paperwork was thicker than the parts! Anyway, I know it's not what you want to hear, but I haven't yet got them back out. I'll double my efforts to get them out tomorrow!
  3. Yes, among some other non-video related signaling-- it's a multi-purpose part. I'm not an expert on Smartport, and I stopped troubleshooting after the replacement logic board worked. It is my understanding that the HDSEL line is instrumental in identifying Smartport devices prior to assigning a Smartport address. Corrections welcomed.
  4. VGC is a PLCC located under the power supply at position UF2. Should be marked as such on the silkscreen. Depending on your revision, it can either be socketed, or soldered directly to the logic board. Best of luck!
  5. Since 5.25 drives work fine, the IWM is most likely working as it should. More than likely, especially if your were hot plugging drives, or speculate shorting pins, the VGC has been damaged. It provides the HDSEL and 3.5DISK lines. I was never able to find a replacement chip alone, but a sharp eye on eBay I found a complete replacement logic board for $15. I decided to leave well enough alone, and not transplant the chip. As such, I can't qualify that the VGC was the culprit.
  6. joethezombie

    Hotdog's Stand

    Dual power supplies on the 700 probably the most notable between the two. There are some spare parts available (including bezels, drive interconnect boards, carriers, displays, etc...): https://www.xs4trade.net/index.php?cPath=1_5_23 I have had good experience with these guys. They are such interesting machines-- congrats! I just wish I could find a door for my second unit.
  7. The beaded-loopy thing is an inductor, usually used to filter high frequency noise. I haven't overclocked my IIsi, but it sounds fun. As far as clock synchronization, if the differing clocks leading and trailing edges are aligned properly to avoid hold time violations, it may be just a matter of utilizing D flip-flops and simple REQ / ACK handshaking. Still learning these techniques. It would be interesting to try and shoehorn the IIcx implementation onto a SE/30 main board. EDIT: Looking at the IIcx schematics, indeed the clocks are fed into a 74F240 line driver and 74ALS374 D flip flop. Hmm....
  8. joethezombie

    I need the ROM for 8•24GC display card.

    I think that’ll do it, thanks so much sir! I need to go through the card and see if something else is wrong that caused the ROM to burn.
  9. Does anyone have a ROM dump for the 8•24GC display card, or perhaps willing to read it out? The ROM on my card has gone bad for whatever reason.
  10. joethezombie

    SE/30 PDS Adapter Epic Blunder

    A good portion of the chips will be sent to @Bolle, and I'll maintain a healthy supply for the Americas for users in need of repairs, or perhaps future products. I should be able to get the package shipped out tomorrow. Here's to hoping they're the real deal!
  11. joethezombie

    Asanté MacCon SE/30 clone

    I haven't checked availability, but you could check the transceivers used in AUI adapters for compatibility. I know Asante FriendlyNet adapters work MacCon, but I couldn't get Apple branded adapters to work at all. Here's a photo of the Asante innards.
  12. joethezombie

    SE/30 PDS Adapter Epic Blunder

    It took some haggling, but I got a decent deal. Legs look to be solder-free, even under magnification. But nearly every one has some kind of bent portion. If I were at the races, I'd bet on the trays being dropped.
  13. joethezombie

    SE/30 PDS Adapter Epic Blunder

    Good news! I have nearly 3 full trays of DayStar goodness on my dining room table! I'm not sure if I should prepare them with nacho cheese or salsa! Maybe a delicious queso? Or perhaps a fill of the tub and a quick swim is more in order? Many thanks to the kind friends from CHIPNet.com!
  14. joethezombie

    SE/30 PDS Adapter Epic Blunder

    I agree. I told him that I am a small operation that hand assembles, so fixing the pins would not be an issue. He probably thinks in terms of an automated setting.
  15. joethezombie

    SE/30 PDS Adapter Epic Blunder

    So I received a somewhat strange reply this afternoon: I have asked if he could dispose of them to me, I'd pay any shipping and handling charges. No response as of yet.