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  1. joethezombie

    Modern PSU for the SE/30

    Perhaps each individual logic board has differing power draws dependent on the condition of the all the components? One of my SE/30s had such a drop, that any PDS card installed would not allow the machine to boot. In that case, the issue turned out to be UE8. Everything appeared to work OK, but that part was hot to the touch, and after replacement the issue was fixed. I haven't preformed any kind of statistical analysis, but I can only guess that things such as socketed FPUs will draw more power than more recent (relatively) SMD versions. PAL revisions can also have an impact on power requirements, as could solder joints or a plethora of other components. I'd guess even a keyboard or mouse can reflect an impact on the draw.
  2. joethezombie

    IIci with a Radius bonus!

    I don't think so, at least the photos on this page indicates a special adapter is needed for the vx.
  3. joethezombie

    Apple IIc label

    I just happen to have my //c out on the bench to fix the crunchy keyboard! The label on the bottom doesn't match anything on the logic board. Mine is an early model, with ROM 255. I took some pictures for you. Hope it helps!
  4. joethezombie

    Wifi Extension Development Thread

    Great news! The Vonets has been working good for me, but having actual working HTTPS would be an INCREDIBLE feat!
  5. joethezombie

    LC 575 board (in Color Classic) - funky vertical lines

    As always, @Bolle, most excellent work. Very well done! @techknight, no. not allowed. But seriously, I for one can definitely understand the time sink. Get wrapped up so far in work and repairs, then there's no time to to actually play. Although, there is a certain degree of satisfaction when something clicks and it finally works. Thanks so much for the years of contributions on here, and your youtube videos. And I hope your retirement is sporadic at best.
  6. joethezombie

    SE/30 Unstable behaviour after 128MB RAM install

    If you download the ROMinator II manual, it details the issue on the last couple of pages.
  7. joethezombie

    MacToTheFuture SE/30 10/100 Ethernet card

    Ah ha! Serious awesome sauce watching your progress!
  8. joethezombie

    MacToTheFuture SE/30 10/100 Ethernet card

    The complete schematics and equations are in the ProtoCache thread. It's fully open sourced. Of course, questions for that topic should stay in its respective thread.
  9. joethezombie

    MacToTheFuture SE/30 10/100 Ethernet card

    I second the call for PDS pass-through. SE/30 freaks tend to have multiple PDS cards shoe-horned inside using right angle hacks or permanent wrong angle Asante modification. Would hate for the fun to stop at the first upgrade
  10. joethezombie

    Self-Contained POTS System?

    Even in Idaho, most LECs don't repair copper anymore. Worst case, your POTS line is now a cellular adapter out on the pole, which doesn't even support FAX, let alone dialup Internet.
  11. joethezombie

    Modern PSU for the SE/30

    Well, I did say "may be" and "doesn't appear to" for a reason... I don't have one, so I'm not going to be definitive. If we look at the product http://www.mini-box.com/picoPSU-160-XT And read the manual http://resources.mini-box.com/online/PWR-PICOPSU-160-XT/PWR-PICOPSU-160-XT-manual.pdf There is nothing in there to indicate more than one 12V rail. Looking at the DC-DC board, I only see two regulators, probably one for 5V and one for 3.3V. I would guess that the 12V originates from the brick. Will this cause any issues with the display? I don't know. Like I said, I don't know of anyone that has ran both the SWEEP and DISK circuits from a singular 12V source, unless the power supplies you used are advertised as single rail? Perhaps so, but is there any filter capacitors,inductors, or diodes for noise control on those PSUs? I don't know, but if they advertise as having multiple rails, one would think there is some kind of additional circuitry in there to support the claim. That also makes me curious if continuity is present on the Apple power supplies. I'll have to check next time I have a compact apart. If everything does run fine on a single 12V rail, it kind of makes me wonder what Apple was thinking in having two.
  12. joethezombie

    Modern PSU for the SE/30

    No doubt it would work, @ants, but because it doesn't appear to have the isolated 12V lines discussed previously, there may be noise introduced to the video during disk access. I say "may be", because I don't of anyone that has tried running the DISK and SWEEP circuits from a singular 12V source. Perhaps it's a good solution for machines which don't include a built-in display.
  13. joethezombie

    Capacitor list for SE/30 analog board

    Thanks for your detailed explanation. When researching this, I read that these ratings are not lifespans, rather abuse tests. The manufacturer runs the part (for example) at 85C for 2000h continuous hours, then allows a cool down, and a final test on the capacitor to see if it still performs to the specifications. I'm also curious if the computed longevity compares continuous use vs. idle time. But it is good to know there is a source (Mouser) for 105C parts. Lead spacing for C15 is 8mm.
  14. joethezombie

    Capacitor list for SE/30 analog board

    Yes, the axials, DigiKey did not have exact replacements. I chose the best they had at the time. Interesting to see they’ve added the Vishay you found. But regardless, if your analog board is reaching 85C where the axials are located, you’ve got bigger problems than capacitors. I’m unfamiliar with Mouser’s product catalog. I wonder if they have a better C15 replacement. The film capacitor I used has the wrong lead spacing, so the legs need creative bending.
  15. joethezombie

    SE/30 Power Supply: Recap or ATX?

    Not an Excel file, but a DigiKey list for the Analog Board, I created: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/29440-capacitor-list-for-se30-analog-board/&do=findComment&comment=318183 Also a DigiKey list for the Sony version of the power supply: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/gallery/image/1215-se30-sony-power-supply-recapped/