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  1. http://www.jagshouse.com/plusinternal.html I've been looking around and have not found much, Here is what i would like to accomplish: Install a Pie fan, Aiming upwards, for extra ventilation, Install a 40mb Quantom SCSI hd, I plan to create my own power for the Fan and Hard drive at microcetner they have a USB to 2.5IDE,3.5IDE,SATA adaptor they are 12 bucks and come with a Power supply that has both Molex and SATA Power connections, i've already done this hack to my Macintosh Classic, because i am to lazy to replace the analogue board, the analogue board was not making enough power to spin up the hd, so i added my own, Soldered the 120vac wires right to the Macintosh Power switch, so it comes on when the switch is ON and because its all internalized its clean and you would never know. The only additional thoughts with this project and the Macintosh Plus Hard drive mod is: 1) Fan Mounting Where? 2) 3.5" Hard Drive Mounting 3) Power Brick Placement 4) How to get a SCSI connection from the External Port to the Internal Hard Drive. Any information / ideas / pictures you share would be much appreciated!! Thank You! I am only pursuing this because i know the Macintosh Plus is Widely available. And i must admit i love the Clean look of the front of it, Both Beige and Platinum!
  2. Well i have been messing around with these things for a couple years now and i have came across all kinds of various situations with them. - First i would like to say that 99% of the time your Apple IIe card is not acutely defective. Even though there is only 2 caps on this thing, ( 22uf 25v) those caps and the orientation of the card when its installed causes an interesting and damaging flow of the cap goo. So first step is to remove those 2 caps, clean the pads then take it to the sink and wash all that cap goo off. use a tooth brush and make sure to get all around the PDS connector and Oscillator, because that crap creeps up all over the place and under I/C's and under the PDS Connector too. ok and after the Wash, The compressor Dry and the installation of 2 new caps... pop in in and try it. It will either work or not, so like a good most of the time this is all it really needs but some of time the card will still say that its defective and i have found out why. That cap goo, has leaked into the pds connector and gets wicked into the array of pins. and funny things happen. Like Rot and electrolysis takes place, witch pretty much means the pin looks like its there and all is well, but really its not. you may notice that you are already missing some or even one…. witch you might find interesting. --- you should not have any missing. But even if they are all there, (and the IIe SW tells you its defective, even after the clean and cap job) get some needle nose pliers and slightly wiggle those pins as marked, back and forth -- don't be an ape about it, you don't want to break off obvusly good pins, but you might notice one or maybe more of them, you might not even get a slight wiggle in and the pin just falls right out. - you might freak out, well its ok, because that pin was rotted and not even making a good connection in there any ways. so keep going even if you find one, or have some broke, check all the ones in the circle at atleast or check all of them just to be sure… ( if you have the time ) i'v had 7 of these bastards fall out on me for the worst case, but most of the time its just one or 2. I'v found the best way to fix this is to use a solder sucker and desolder the reminant of the pin, on the pcb then push it straight through, and then grab it and pull it out. if the rot is really bad you might have to use a dental pick and push it through more with that in order to get a hold of the bit and pull it out. squirt some acetone in the hold and try to tooth brush it out. Seems like a machined header tooth matches up ok enough, so you can yank one out of a 2.54mm single or double row if you have any on hand, slide it through and solder it in palce, and most likely it will work once again. here is a link if you need some http://www.ebay.com/itm/20PCS-2-54mm-40-Pin-Male-Single-Row-Pin-Header-Strip-GOOD-QUALITY-/251673506671?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a98e8f36f *** also i would like to say that having the wrong software can also tell you your card is defective as well. so, if you apple iie card has never worked, do the clean / re-cap first and if there is not any pins already missing none seem lose or wiggle easily, then make sure to check the software version there was a couple versions and try it again. https://support.apple.com/kb/TA28525?locale=en_US&viewlocale=en_US
  3. I have been slightly irritated with the capacitor price hikes over at Mouser.com There are other places to get caps… LIke Ebay and AliExpress.com Buy with caution. Good Caps, Cost good money.
  4. uniserver

    Caps! IIcx -- IIci

    you can go around the board and replace all the 16v 47uf caps, and the 16v 10uf ones too, but if you don't remember to get the 3 big round 16v 470uf caps and the smaller 16v 220uf ones, you are going to have flaky soft power issues. Even though these caps look like they are not leaking, it doesn't matter they are bad change them! Those caps caused me all kinds of odd issues, changed them all the issues went away. In both the IIcx and the IIci. image of the IIcx and caps: After replacing the (3)-470uf and the (1)-220uf in the IIcx the soft power started working, the Proper amount of ram started showing up, Dougg's ROM Simm started working. -No joke!! ________________________________________________________________________________________ IIcx 8 - 47uf 2 - 10uf 1 - 220uf 3 - 470uf See below for details. Last edit: 12/02/12 jt
  5. ok so over the last couple years i did a few deals were people sent me parts in trade for a service etc... so i have been taking in these se analog boards / psu's thinking well i can use their parts of other things etc... never really NEEDED a SE psu really before. pretty much all the re-cap's i have been doing have been on already working SE/psu's i guess i didn't realize once these things die they are gone. and looks like they die for all kinds of other reasons even unrelated to caps. the PSU died in my se/30 test machine today. i didn't really think anything of it because i knew i had a stash of se/stuffs i know i had like 5 psu's i got from one deal and then another 2 from another deal. after the first 3-4, re-caps then try then nothing….. i just started pulling and testing.. i went though every damm se/psu i had and none of them work… Gees i didn't really know thee guys were sending me dead crap… i mean i goes it to be expected as i fix this crap but i am only one dude and would like to have something working of my own sometimes…. ?! i guess the tis too much to ask for.. anyways.. like 7 SE psu's they are all dead… and i am kind of surprised because i have always been a big champion of SE's and how they are like most of the time always good… even with out a re-cap… looks like i never came across the right junk… LOL so anyways … looks like when you run these bad boys till they acutely die… they are dead. even if you change the caps… i don't have time to sit here and diagnose these i as i need to get my ass busy doing other things lined up to do… but don't be like me… and run your SE/SE/30 psu till it dies thinking it will be fine looks like not so much. change those caps now. if you want the most luck as possible.
  6. I found that firefox is like the last browser i can reliably use with this machine. its my work computer, its just fine with lion on it. Just Chrome and Safari are no longer any good. Thank goodness for fire fox… Man i haven't used firefox in Years... but it working good for me… so i guess that is all i care about.
  7. awesome send er out man... ill hook ya up!
  8. i have a PCIE GeForce210 1024m card here... Hey can you send me your set up thumb drive i don't have the time to set one up.
  9. uniserver

    SE/30 no fun with new purchase

    hope you get it resolved...
  10. yeah i could just do what the us govt does… just push the shit off the ship into the water and buy new.
  11. the funny thing is chrome worked fine. then its like the last release they made the screen go all jittery on me... its like a freakin seizure. so as far as i am concerned google broke it on purpose. safari just has issues in paypal and other online forms etc...
  12. uniserver

    White MacBook. Free.

    if it works i might be happy with it.
  13. or it looks like i can run virtual box.... and just use lion as a shell os and run linux or windows 10 in a virtual machine.
  14. Well its got (2) dual core xeon processors running at 2.66ghz each and 14 gigs of ECC ram... a 7200rpm 8m cache hard drive... i just dont think this needs to be upgraded... or what i mean is that i am time for an upgrade. As it works lightning fast... this retard mentality of upgrading your crap every month... really gets me going... i guess worse case dump this os and install linux.... that sounds like a half good idea...
  15. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Button-Cell-Battery-Holder-with-3x-LR44-Batteries-4-5V-/222137452425?hash=item33b86c8789:g:6B4AAOSwmtJXTsJC solder this down… clearance issues solved.
  16. uniserver

    Macintosh Portable M5120 Repairs

  17. uniserver

    Mac 12" RGB Monitor 640x480 hack

    Kinda cool
  18. that is a good idea how much is a reasonably priced unit? lol i might go get one... i just seen they were like 200+ and i can't really drop that right now at the moment...
  19. yeah these pus's were packed full of filth, and the caps has all leaked out the nasty goo all over the place. seems like the 16v 470uf's are the first ones to spill their goo. i think thinking these were from systems in a computer lab or something where they were on like 24/7. I had a 840av psu catch fire and shoot out flames like 2 feet from the rear... the big pie fan turned it into a flame thrower... that was fun, burned all the hair off my arm... that system came from a machine shop. lol
  20. uniserver

    logic board take-apart tool ?

    Ya the brain dead hippies that use to service this stuff lol, you guys forget apple doesnt pay much.
  21. uniserver

    logic board take-apart tool ?

    Oh they must br talking about the cpu card, ya i have poped those off many many times. Never issue, I guess if you were slightly brain dead and one of those people that didn't really understand how things work that I guess I could see how someone wood peel that off I guess but then again that same person probably couldn't even remove a hard drive cable properly without bending pins and breaking connectors same thing pretty much the CPU card come straight off pretty simple
  22. Yes artmix on ebay sells a retrofit psu, it has all new guts inside. yeah i am sure they were all dead pull outs. but they were ran till dead lol. its ok … i just tore open my FDHD witch i knew worked… hurry up and re-capped the AB and PSU. and now i am back up and running… howerve previously , one i turned on and it worked for about 35 seconds and i could see smoke coming from the psu i happily tore that one apart looking for something burnt up. i like smoke that usually means easy fix. but i couldn't find anything that visibly looked cooked. whats really got me steamed is the cheap asses here at my office have the thermostat adjusted …. its way to hot in here i will end up with a heat stroke in these conditions…. i am gonna really give it to them in the morning… because for the last week i keep telling them TOO HOT TOO HOT TOO HOT>> she says ok… but when ever i am here in the night (when i work) its like a PIT OF HELL the last week.
  23. uniserver

    logic board take-apart tool ?

    never used a tool…. never had an issue taking a pb100 apart. they come apart very easy.