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    PowerBook 500 series Battery Rebuild

    ...Any chance those of you with refilled batteries would want to crack them open and see what batteries they used? Also (if they did use different batteries than the original ones), dump the battery settings to see if they changed anything?
  2. lameboyadvance

    PowerBook 500 series Battery Rebuild

    As I just discovered one of my batteries has leaked (thankfully not in the machine at the time), I have a renewed interest in rebuilding the batteries. Ages ago I came across this website where they replaced the cells with (at the time available) Sony batteries, then ran Lind Electronics' BU500 Deluxe 2.01 to reset the charging circuit settings and switch them to the Sony type. ...Since it only has charging profiles for either the Sony or the Panasonic batteries, would you be able to use other brands/types? Perhaps that's why the rebuild above didn't work.
  3. lameboyadvance

    ADB Busboy: Adapter for USB peripherals over ADB

    I've never had a 2 button Mac mouse. I do know that at least some of the Apple ADB mouse ICs actually had a second pin that would register the second button click, but they were never connected/used in the mouse and I never played around with it to see if it actually responded in software. And it would be advisable to set up your software to do 2 things/devices at once. The Adjustable keyboard broadcasts as both a keyboard and a 'input device' to handle its media keys, and keyboard-cmd/mouse-click may not be the only time you have to combine 2 devices.
  4. lameboyadvance

    ADB Busboy: Adapter for USB peripherals over ADB

    ...Another thing, are you planning on handling >1 mouse button? Some ADB mice actually had a second button, but they are a rarity and the most common method of a 'right click' on a Mac was ctrl+click. Simulating that shouldn't be impossible. Also, what about implementing what at least one Mac emulator does and make the mousewheel scrollup/down translate to 2/3 keyboard arrow up/downs to allow you to 'scroll' Finder windows?
  5. lameboyadvance

    ADB Busboy: Adapter for USB peripherals over ADB

    Exactly. I knew the soft power Macs connect the PSW pin to another pin (but couldn't remember if it shorted to 5V or ground) so the Mac knows when to turn on. Keyboard power buttons do 2 things, send the ADB power keycode, but also make a physical connection to PSW for when the Mac is off.
  6. lameboyadvance

    ADB Busboy: Adapter for USB peripherals over ADB

    It was my understanding that the ADB port provides 5V 'standby' on models that allow soft power. Would this voltage be enough to power your device/the attached input devices?
  7. lameboyadvance

    ADB Busboy: Adapter for USB peripherals over ADB

    I only just came across your project and this is something I've been wanting for a while. There are a few projects for the opposite sort of adapter but few that turn a USB keyboard into an ADB one. Firstly, can your adapter handle 'combo' keyboard & mouse/trackpad style models? That's the type I would likely want to use (something small and combined to easily test my Macs with). Secondly, I might be a bit late in replying if you've already designed the PCB, but would it be possible to have a USB keyboard with a media 'Power' key trigger the ADB power button instead of having to physically press that button on the PCB? Quite a few keyboards have that key (as well as the USB Mac models). Finally, I would love to have a way to at least use some media key functionality under early MacOS. The Apple Adjustable Keyboard had 'Volume Up', 'Volume Down', 'Mute' and a 'Mic' button which doesn't really have a modern equivalent and could possibly be mapped to Play/Home/Browser/whatever. TMK has documented these multimedia keycodes now. You do have to broadcast a second device address (0x07). If you could have a mode that advertises the keyboard as an Adjustable then it would at least allow you to have keyboard volume control under OS7. (EDIT: Found a report that says the media keys work on 6.0.7 or later)
  8. lameboyadvance

    Compact Mac Power Meter Tool. :-)

    Looks good, but IMO you should have used a red voltmeter for the -12V line
  9. lameboyadvance

    Apple Lisa 2 or Mac XL...Kind Of.

    You and everyone else.
  10. lameboyadvance

    Office Suite for PowerBook 180c Recommendations?

    Somewhere between 5.0 and 5.0.3 ClarisWorks became AppleWorks. I think I remember *Works of that era being better than MS Office in Mac compatibility. Problem is if you're using it to edit documents meant to be usable on modern day office packages, is it even possible? AFAIK Office still supports loading of Office 4.2/Word 6 documents. Don't think I've seen anything loading ClarisWorks documents (not that I've looked/tried).
  11. lameboyadvance

    Rewritable ROM for the Mac Plus from Hackaday

    ...I remember seeing a webpage years ago explaining how to locate the ROM disk in a Classic ROM dump, extract it to a disk image, modify it, then put it back again, giving you a rom dump with a custom disk image (it wasn't too large though, only a few hundred KB IIRC, enough for System 6 and a couple of apps). I wish I could find this info again. It'd be a quick way to giving a Classic a custom ROM disk (should you be able to replace the ROM chips with rewritable ones).
  12. lameboyadvance

    Office Suite for PowerBook 180c Recommendations?

    MS Office 4.2.1 and Claris/AppleWorks 5.0.3 were the last to work on 68k. Both work on a 68030 or higher, and need 8MB (for Office) and 12MB (for Works) RAM. They were both good for their time. Not really sure which one I'd go for. I suppose it depends on what office package you currently use. MS Office might have better compatibility with modern office packages than ClarisWorks. There may be other packages, but there were the two I used.
  13. lameboyadvance

    Looking for FATCarbon plugin for CodeWarrior

    After I bit of searching I found an archive of what appears to be FATCarbon 1.3. I think the latest version was 1.5.1 though.
  14. lameboyadvance

    Boxed Mac 128k

    That has to be the most complete 128K set I have seen. Great job. ...I would love to see (decent) scans/photos of all that Picasso art.
  15. lameboyadvance

    Mac SE FDHD only partial boot

    SIT is a Stuffit archive file. These were common on Macs. While the PC world mostly used WinZip and ZIP files, Macs mostly used Stuffit and SIT files. To expand SIT files you need either Stuffit, or the free version of it (Stuffit Expander). As you have a 68000 Mac AFAIK the last version you can run on it is 4.5 (4.0 under System 6). Please note that SIT files made by later versions (like Stuffit 5 IIRC) can not be opened by earlier versions, so you need to make sure it can be opened by the version of Stuffit you are using (or find a Mac/emulator running a later version of Stuffit to expand it). SEA is a Self/Stuffit(?) Expanding Archive. It is like a SIT file, but you should be able to open it like a normal program, and it will decompress itself. For making Mac compatible disks (1.44mb, not 800k or earlier) I have had luck in the past using HFSExplorer. It is getting on in years, but I think it still runs on Windows 7/8.
  16. ...Is it possible to put the Tsunami ROM in a 9500? Any benefit of doing so?
  17. lameboyadvance

    Mac Plus ROM issue

    This page describes the different versions of the Mac Plus ROM. Most revisions were to fix SCSI issues. AFAIK all ROM version will work in all Pluses. It is probably best to have the latest version, though I don't know if any of the fixed issues affect newer devices like the SCSI2SD or the Floppy Emu.
  18. lameboyadvance

    Booting Mac Plus right from ROM + some games!

    There are 28 pin DIP IC 'test clips' like the one listed here, but not only are they $8 each plus postage, but they are likely too high to be usable inside a Mac.
  19. lameboyadvance

    Mac Plus - Installing whole new ROM - for linux ?

    ...In regards to an MMU on a 68000, it seems the slighly upgraded version (68010) was capable of using an MMU (68451).
  20. lameboyadvance

    Customized Bootup Sound for Mac Plus

    What about making one with the boot beep from a later model Mac?
  21. Does anyone know the part number for the plug that connects the early logic boards to the analog board cable? Also, does anyone know the part number of the socket that is mounted to the board (the one in the picture)? Thanks in advance.
  22. lameboyadvance

    Anyone cleaned a Mac 128k Travel Bag before?

    ...If a dishwasher does wonders for mac internals I wonder what it'd do for mac coverings?
  23. lameboyadvance

    63x series ram slots

    AFAIK the 2 RAM slot board is the board used in the LC 580 and Performa 640. It has 2 slots, as well as the GIMO (I/O) ports for the DOS card connectors. I've heard people saying they've seen the board in LC 630s as well. It typically only had 1 RAM slot and missing the DOS card connectors. I don't know if Apple ever sold the 630 with the 580/640 board, or it just got swapped out by people upgrading over time.
  24. lameboyadvance

    Apple Lisa 2 or Mac XL...Kind Of.

    Great find Compgeke! ...I wonder how much lighter that Lisa 2 is compared to one not missing all the internals.
  25. lameboyadvance

    Retrobrite in Australia

    Just adding to my info above, I'm sure I remember the creme developer used to be in percentage, but now they list it in vol. You can get 20, 30 or 40 vol in either 200ml or 1L bottles. From what I've read its best to get the highest concentration as you can water it down later if necessary. Did a bit more reading by the time I got to the end of http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=37808&page=45 some were saying all you need is NapiSan/Vanish Oxi Action combined with the Creme Developer, some were saying you needed the developer only, and some were saying the Oxi alone is enough since there are hydrogen peroxide elements in it (but you need the rest to make it into more of a paste for case applications). At this rate it looks like you can pick a retrobrite ingredient at random and it does the whitening on its own... Did notice someone used 'powdered bleach'. The result looked a bit, well, bleached... ...Also note that Retr0brite is only a temporary solution. The process will start again immediately after you do it, and even seems to get yellow again a LOT quicker. People say to clear laquer your cases to stop it reoxidising.