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  1. G3 AIO Score

    Right now these are on eBay running anywhere from ~$400-$1600 USD in various states of condition. But besides that they're probably the heaviest Apple machine to have been produced and therefore shipping is terribly expensive too.
  2. G3 AIO Score

    First time real post in the conquest section, as well as first time real post in some years on this site. By some sort of sheer blind luck I came across a Power Macintosh G3 AIO for free on Craigslist, albeit without the hard drive. I'm assuming it works from inspecting the board and internals and everything although I haven't yet connected it to power, but will do so tomorrow morning. What it is missing besides the hard drive though is the sled that the drive mounts on inside of the caddy that slides out of the back in order to service the board and drives. Besides cannibalizing another machine, does anybody have any suggestions about where to source another drive sled?