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  1. equant


    urbancamo, I've always been partial to the winter-warmup myself, sad to see it go. My biggest issue is that with everyone moving from blogs to twitter, the experience suffered for me. So what kinds of things do you need from people? You've asked for help running the October challenge but it's not clear to me what that entails. I'm willing to donate some time.
  2. Whew, thanks shred for the details. Looking forward to getting it set right.
  3. equant

    Macintosh LC III - Restored!

    Good work. Must feel nice to use it.
  4. equant

    Possible? Mount FD through Parlallel Port?

    I was afraid the speed might be an issue.
  5. The idea was that I could write a program to run on my box that takes a mac disk image, and serves it to a real mac via the parallel port through the mac's floppy port. This would be useful for booting macs with bad drives, or macs with owners with no way to write a system disk. Perhaps one could even create a bootable iso that boots a mac... Anyway... I started looking for infomation on the floppy port, and have found little. The IWM seems fairly undocumented. Looking at mini vMac which emulates hardware, I found the quote "Mini vMac emulates the hardware (with the exception of the floppy drive)." which of course begs the question "why?" I figured someone here might have enough sense to know how likey such a project is to be succesful (ignoring the human element of motivation please). Any thoughts or resources out there to help? Opinions?
  6. equant

    Two days to go

    Competition starts in two days. Sign up... Focus... Flounder.
  7. equant

    Why am I using so much memory?

    Holy smokes that was it. Thanks porter.
  8. I received an LC475 running 7.1P and the system software was using 32Mb out of 36Mb. I did a clean install of 7.5.3 and it's just as bad. Surely it should be using less? I checked virtual memory, and it's off. Can anyone help me figure out what's going on? Thanks.
  9. I have an Apple 12" RGB monitor that doesn't use the full width of the screen. The top and bottom go to the edge of the screen, but the image needs to be stretched horizontally. On the back of the monitor I see tiny holes that let you adjust the screen position and the vertical height, but no horizontal adjustment. The unused area is approximately 3/4" on either side. Am I missing something obvious, or is this the correct behavior for this monitor, or is there a way to adjust it if I crack the monitor open? Thanks.
  10. equant

    RetroChallenge BBS- down?

    Working for me.
  11. equant

    Peripheral (SCSI, ADB) Hardware Docs?

    The one thing the world is crying out for is USB drivers. If you want something with mileage, go for that. Even more so than a SCSI operated led? :b&w: Sorry to keep asking you to explain further, but I'm again confused. Are you talking about drivers for existing USB devices to work on Mac's with usb ports, or a way to get usb devices to work on pre-usb macs? Perhaps an example?
  12. equant

    Peripheral (SCSI, ADB) Hardware Docs?

    My computer communications career started with RS232 hardware and software. It's still not a bad place to start, you have two serial ports, and you can plug plenty of different things onto it, including just another computer running a terminal emulator to help you debugging. Mine too, and It's good advice, but I've had my fill of RS232. I'm looking for something more involved; not for any good reason. I'd just like to take on a hardware and/or driver project. It's pretty intimidating to take the first step though.
  13. equant

    Peripheral (SCSI, ADB) Hardware Docs?

    And to follow on from Charlieman [...] Ack! Thanks C & P for the expounding. I appreciate it. Looking at the links Wally posted makes me think it's a big task to do something simple with SCSI, but I still want to take a whack at it.
  14. equant

    Peripheral (SCSI, ADB) Hardware Docs?

    Great links!
  15. equant

    Peripheral (SCSI, ADB) Hardware Docs?

    Ok, thanks for the input regarding vs Apple vs SCSI Standard. I'll keep it in mind, but I don't think this thread needs to go in that direction. I'm still curious about this... I'm not sure I fully understand. What do you mean by "use the provided drivers"? Does this mean, "use the SCSI Manager" or something else? Also, I assumed that I would be making a custom SCC chip, is this ridiculous? ... My brief look at SCSI makes me think that I should be able to implement it with a microcontroller. Am I way off base? Here are the two 'learning' projects I had in mind... * Control a bank of LEDs. * Make a read-only memory device. Using C and an AVR, is this unrealistic?