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  1. BGoins12

    Mac Pro... not sure if want.

    If you don't have an Intel Mac, by all means go for it. I know I would! I would go for it, even if I didn't need it.
  2. BGoins12

    eMac G4 (smokey)

    Eww... oh my gosh that is disgusting. Just imagine that 50x thicker in the walls of your lungs. I'm glad I don't smoke!
  3. BGoins12

    Thirteen Sonnet L2 Cache-slot Upgrades

    X2... I'd love to have one. I haven't found any lately.
  4. BGoins12

    Source for PRAM batteries?

    4 on OWC is $17.71 with $1.75 shipping to my zip, 44001.
  5. BGoins12

    Possible NeXT conquest....

    *Sob sob* I didn't get it. The seller had a MUCH larger offer than the $20 he was asking, and he sold it to them.
  6. BGoins12

    Possible NeXT conquest....

    It's a first generation model, if I'm not mistaken. Here's a picture of the actual setup -
  7. BGoins12

    Possible NeXT conquest....

    I am so pumped! I found a complete NeXT setup sans the monitor cable for $20. I am second in line to buy it. I am hoping the first buyer falls through... Wish me luck!
  8. BGoins12

    An MDD of my very own!

    My MDD still runs great to this day. It has the 400w ACBel power supply, along with 2 80GB HDs, an nVidia FX5200 video card, Adaptec SCSI card, upgraded fan and a USB 2.0 card. No hiccups whatsoever. I love it!
  9. BGoins12

    Thirteen Sonnet L2 Cache-slot Upgrades

    Gonna bump this... have you considered selling some of these yet? A friend of mine may want to buy one. I might as well.
  10. BGoins12

    4 GB Of RAM In A PowerMac G4 MDD?

    That was probably me. I currently have 2 x 1GB modules in my MDD, and they do show up as 1GB a piece. I tried multiple combinations of modules and it refused to show more than 2GB.
  11. BGoins12

    Thirteen Sonnet L2 Cache-slot Upgrades

    Do they all work? I need one for my 5500/250! EDIT - Just saw that you haven't tested them yet.
  12. BGoins12

    iMac G4 - ethernet port dead

    It shows up, but I don't plan on pulling it back apart. I just took it apart and cleaned it. I also used the last of my Arctic silver 5, so I don't have any more of that. I don't mind using the AirPort card.
  13. BGoins12

    iMac G4 - ethernet port dead

    I can't get it to work in OS 9, either. Oh well, looks like I'm snagging an AirPort card off eBay (Unless someone here has one for $6.89 shipped or cheaper?) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-Airport-Card-for-iBook-Powerbook-iMac-G3-G4-and-many-more?item=230791161725&cmd=ViewItem&_trksid=p5197.m7&_trkparms=algo%3DLVI%26itu%3DUCI%26otn%3D4%26po%3DLVI%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D9024692152829778728#ht_2551wt_952
  14. Ok, so I bought the iMac knowing that the ethernet port wasn't working. I looked at the pins and all of them are fine. I've already reset the PMU and the NVRAM with no luck. I did a Google search, and some people got lucky when they reset their PMU and NVRAM. Me? Not so lucky. Any help would be nice. I am currently using a USB adapter on it that works fine, BTW.
  15. BGoins12

    ID'ing iMac G4?

    Ok... well this sucks! Apparently the iMac G4 is just like the MDD... it needs a special CD to install OS 9. I found out that it will NOT install anything below 9.2.2, since that is what came with the computer. Now I know why it hangs up with the 9.2.1 CD.