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  1. flalvare

    Problem with Mac Classic II

    Hello: After the tips from the ppl at these forums, I washed the motherboard and the computers works! I been able to boot and enter the Os without problems, everything is working even the programs (I believe the computer was last used around 1999). Anyway, I have two further problems: 1.- High pitch noise: as I understand is a symptom for bad caps. I have worked around this problem installing a plug in the audio out of the mac. It eventually stops after 5 minutes of continuos use of the Mac. Any advice for a long term solution (other than recapping)? 2.- The system is not recognizing the installed memory (2x1mb simms). These simms have been tested in a SE/30. Any tips as to installing the memory or other hidden issue that could be causing problems with the RAM? Many thanks to every1
  2. flalvare

    Problem with Mac Classic II

    Thanks for your reply. I have seen information that washing the mobo is a possible solution for this kind of problems, what do you think about it? In your opinion, as I don't have the skill in electronics, is the recapping unavoidable? Thanks and regards.
  3. Hi: Recently i bought a SE/30 that came with this expansion card: I replaced the card with Asante Ethernet, but anyway I would like to know more references for this card (it seems a video card) and if somebody could point me to the drivers (as the SE/30 came without drivers or programs). Thanks in advance
  4. flalvare

    Problem with Mac Classic II

    Very well, i went over the cliff and bought the system (tough at a lower price ) I opened the system, and looked pretty close to the motherboard caps, and to my sight, there is no apparent leakage. I have some photos right here: Other thing that i checked was the memory, and IMO it looks pretty cheap, with no text in the chips: I was thinking in washing the mobo, to see what happens; for me, there is no apparent problem with the caps, but anyway I'm no expert, so I would like a little advice. Probably I'll wash the mono and see what happens. Any ideas? Thanks and regards The strange thing is that sometimes, the mac starts with a very low bright screen (same pattern, but just noticeable):
  5. flalvare

    Problem with Mac Classic II

    Hi: I would like to purchase a Macintosh Classic II. The computer has a known problem, displaying the following pattern in the screen: The computer was working good a few years ago, but was stored for several years and moved during the owners home change. Following the information on this and other sites, it seems like the check board problem, but as i have never seen one of these patterns other that the jpgs posted in the help pages, I posted the image to have feedback from people with more experience in this regard. Thanks in advance and best regards