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  1. reallyrandy

    Mac Plus and Floppy Emu HD20.DSK

    This is really helpful, maybe we should pin it or put it somewhere better for reference.
  2. reallyrandy

    AllMacs IIsi recap

    Is all Macs the one in Florida? Are you happy with the work overall? I have an SE/30, a IIsi, an LCII that need recapping. I don't have the equipment or the skill to do this so I'm looking for a source.
  3. reallyrandy

    Radius Rocket!

    I just got the 25i for my Mac II. Now just need a 24bit card for it.
  4. reallyrandy

    Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCards... HO!

    I just got a Thunder II GX v 3.0.0 from Operator Headgap for $25. Not sure if it's 1152 or the 1360 but for $25 who cares?
  5. reallyrandy

    Fitting a SCSI2SD in a 68k Mac

    Thanks Mos, I'm going to put my SCSI2SD on my Plus as well. I'll be booting 6.0.7 though. I wonder how big a partition I can get?
  6. reallyrandy

    Can someone post a pic of a Mac II drive sled?

    Thanks Old Apple Guy, That's not the one I need but I do appreciate the offer!
  7. reallyrandy

    Can someone post a pic of a Mac II drive sled?

    That's the one! The one on the right.Thanks trash
  8. reallyrandy

    Can someone post a pic of a Mac II drive sled?

    I did, I just wanted a picture so if I ran across one on ebay. It's the same sled for all the double wide Mac II series.
  9. I just picked up a sweet Mac II from pathw that needs a hard drive sled. I could fashion one from sheet metal or just print one but I'm trying to restore everything to original. I just wanna know what the original looked like. Probably the same sled as the IIx and the IIfx. Thanks
  10. reallyrandy

    512k Floppy Drive won't eject

    Usually I spray WD40 in a sandwich bag and dip a small paint brush and brush it on. Then I get no overspray. I'll mess with it this weekend.
  11. reallyrandy

    0F0004 error on 128k

    I have a 400k floppy from a 512k that needs restoration. I'll clean and re-lube that one first, then if it works I'll swap the floppy drives and see if I can boot with either one of them. I need to mess with my Floppy EMU and figure out how to boot with that. If I can figure that out, I can bypass the floppy and determine if it's a floppy problem or a logic board/RAM problem.
  12. reallyrandy

    512k Floppy Drive won't eject

    Awesome, thanks! I'll work on it this weekend. I have the 128k I got from Dog_Cow that is next for restoration.
  13. reallyrandy

    0F0004 error on 128k

    I'm reviving and restoring a 128k. When I boot from a floppy, I got a 0F0064 error after reading the floppy and giving a smily face. I assumed the floppy was bad so I tried a few more and got the same thing. Then I read that the 128 would only boot from System 3.2. So pulled out a system 1.1 disk from my 512k and it gave me a 0F0004 error and ejected after the smily face. I tried booting from my Floppy EMU but it wouldn't even recognize it in floppy or hard drive mode. I tried it plugged into the back and directly into the internal floppy port. Now I get a consistent 0F0004 error no matter what floppy I try. Not sure what to try next to get it booted, any ideas?
  14. reallyrandy

    512k Floppy Drive won't eject

    I have a 512k that I'm restoring and the floppy reads fine but will not eject. When I manually eject with a paper clip, the disk gets stuck and won't come out. So I cracked the case and removed the drive and carefully removed the disk without damaging it. When I manually push the eject tab, the drive pops upward but does not propel the disk forward. Not sure if I can (or want to) fix it if I can find a good working one. If one of you guys fixes stuff like this, we could make a deal. I'm assuming it's a 400k drive since it came out of a 512k. Here's pics: