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  1. 512k Floppy Drive won't eject

    Usually I spray WD40 in a sandwich bag and dip a small paint brush and brush it on. Then I get no overspray. I'll mess with it this weekend.
  2. 0F0004 error on 128k

    I have a 400k floppy from a 512k that needs restoration. I'll clean and re-lube that one first, then if it works I'll swap the floppy drives and see if I can boot with either one of them. I need to mess with my Floppy EMU and figure out how to boot with that. If I can figure that out, I can bypass the floppy and determine if it's a floppy problem or a logic board/RAM problem.
  3. 512k Floppy Drive won't eject

    Awesome, thanks! I'll work on it this weekend. I have the 128k I got from Dog_Cow that is next for restoration.
  4. 0F0004 error on 128k

    I'm reviving and restoring a 128k. When I boot from a floppy, I got a 0F0064 error after reading the floppy and giving a smily face. I assumed the floppy was bad so I tried a few more and got the same thing. Then I read that the 128 would only boot from System 3.2. So pulled out a system 1.1 disk from my 512k and it gave me a 0F0004 error and ejected after the smily face. I tried booting from my Floppy EMU but it wouldn't even recognize it in floppy or hard drive mode. I tried it plugged into the back and directly into the internal floppy port. Now I get a consistent 0F0004 error no matter what floppy I try. Not sure what to try next to get it booted, any ideas?
  5. 512k Floppy Drive won't eject

    I have a 512k that I'm restoring and the floppy reads fine but will not eject. When I manually eject with a paper clip, the disk gets stuck and won't come out. So I cracked the case and removed the drive and carefully removed the disk without damaging it. When I manually push the eject tab, the drive pops upward but does not propel the disk forward. Not sure if I can (or want to) fix it if I can find a good working one. If one of you guys fixes stuff like this, we could make a deal. I'm assuming it's a 400k drive since it came out of a 512k. Here's pics:
  6. Retr0Bright Questions

    For Americans, Amazon has "Cif Cleaner". I think it's the same thing. The bottle looks the same.
  7. Bridge Mac

    I use a 7200. It can run OS7 thru 9. It also has SCSI, ethernet, ADB, PCI slots for a USB card. I also use an iLamp with a FAT formatted USB drive. I can download to my modern Mac and transfer to my iLamp with the FAT drive, from there i can fill up a USB Zip disk. Or I can fill up an SD card on my modern Mac and stick it in my Floppy EMU for older Macs.
  8. 128k > 512k bezels interchangeable?

    Awesome, thanks. I'm looking for 512ks on ebay so I can pull the bezel and they're around $120 but the 128s are way more.
  9. Glide Strips for ADB mouse?

    It's teflon. Maybe sliding glass door sliders? I'd look at Home Depot or a big box hardware store.
  10. 128k > 512k bezels interchangeable?

    I have a 128k that USPS smashed up pretty badly. Can I use a 512k front bezel on it? Are they interchangeable?
  11. I just got a Tangerine ibook that works great and I'd like to try and cleanup the plastics to make "make my ibook great again". The white translucent plastic just needs a good cleaning. Anyone ever restored the lustre on the colored rubbery plastics? I don't want to scrub it because it would scratch it. Maybe Armor-all would work. Any advice welcomed!
  12. Where can I get software for my emulated Compact Mac?

    macintoshgarden.org http://www.gryphel.com/c/sw/ http://myoldmac.net/software/ https://www.macintoshrepository.org/
  13. SCSI2SD Universal Mount

    Printing one now, Thanks Joe!
  14. The Massive Mac Hoard in Illinois! I can get it

    Thanks DogCow!
  15. SCSI2SD vs Floppy Emu

    Just bought a SCSI2SD v5!