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  1. senrew

    (Failed) Conquest

    Snagged this off of ebay, mostly because I had no clue what the modifications to the board were beyond "probably just a overclock", but I figured it would be fun to explore it. Plus, it looked pretty clean and complete. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-Macintosh-Performa-450-With-Hard-Drive-and-Mouse-M2706-UNTESTED/202724389211?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 However...there was a gap of about an hour between the package being delivered and the delivery notification e-mail getting to me. By the time I called home and had someone check the front porch...the package was gone. There have been some porch thefts in the neighborhood and it looks like they hit mine within an hour of it being delivered. No security camera footage from any of the houses within sight, so it's just gone. Oh well, would have been fun.
  2. Simple question, but I can't find a simple yes or no out there. The floppy on my 631 is acting up, probably just needs a cleaning. If I need to ultimately replace it, do I have to find another manual inject, or can I use an auto-inject superdrive in this machine?
  3. Followed the trail of links and google results and found a way to stick a PC Live! card in and get it to work with the Mac drivers. I'll totally be trying this out when I get a chance as I have one of the specific models of SB card that are known to work. Awesome.
  4. The machine does have a seritek sata card in it, and i've got a 250gb drive connected to it now. As for the Soundblaster Live! thing...are there drivers for one of those for OS9?
  5. Started playing around with my 1.25ghz (single) 2003 MDD and after looking at it's specs, it occurred to me that I *might* have the fastest (stock) OS9 machine Apple sold. This machine has the Geforce4 installed too. Now, I'm calling this one the fastest as the dual CPU machines aren't really generally useful for OS9 duties unless it's for specific tasks, and this machine is pretty much just going to be running games for me. It also has (almost) max RAM, 1.75GB. I had a 512 stick die on me and only had a spare 256 that worked in the machine. Are there any other common upgrades I could do for this machine that would benefit game playing in any way? Were there 3rd party sound cards for instance that added anything? Since this is a MDD, and we all know one day it'll just up and murder it's own PSU at some point, would a 867mhz quicksilver be good enough as a gaming machine as a backup?
  6. senrew

    IIc vs IIc+

    Still haven't acquired a machine yet. Been casually trolling ebay but most of what I find are original ROM machines. Of the newer versions, they are priced way out of what I'd like to spend on an occasional hobby. Still looking though.
  7. senrew

    IIc vs IIc+

    That's fine. I don't really have any software on 800k disks anyway, except for the IIgs system disks so I'm good there.
  8. senrew

    IIc vs IIc+

    Yeah, I'm just looking for a basic 8-bit setup. I would LOVE a IIe Platinum, but it takes up too much room for the space I have in mind for it. I think a regular IIc (the later revisions) will do fine. I can connect an external 3.5" drive and still have the internal for 90%+ of the software available. I don't really care about the 4mhz mode on the newer machine since what I intend to program is meant for the normal II speed.
  9. senrew

    IIc vs IIc+

    My current goal is to replace my IIgs for a smaller IIc of some kind. I really have no need fo rthe 16-bit or GS/OS software that is available for the newer machine. My intentions are to use it as a hobby programming platform and to just dick around with old 8-bit games specifically. From a usability standpoint, is there any real benefit to a plus over a regular IIc? The larger capacity drive and the more modern serial ports are really the only things I can think of that might be useful to me, but those are easily gotten around.
  10. Does anyone know if the RGB monitor for the IIgs can be used with any other computer brands RGB output?
  11. The box has the original shipping label and other such things on it from the original owner (who I picked it up from, so only 2nd owner).
  12. The box does flex a bit when I pick it up, but I've always attributed that to the uneven weight distribution of the heavy ass CRT in there. I'll try and find a box big enough to slide it into.
  13. Going to be selling my snow imac 500mhz DV SE pretty soon here. The thing is complete in it's original shipping box, all original styrofoam and static bag, etc. Is it safe to ship it like this with just a shipping label slapped on the box?
  14. senrew

    MDD 2003 vs G5 1.8 single

    I manged to replace the shit PCI video card in the G5 with a 9600 Pro. Even with the upgraded video, the G5 still feels sluggish just moving around in 10.5. Honestly, I think I'd rather keep the MDD for it's somewhat historic place in the lineup. I have several older versions of Adobe products and other older OS9 era programs that I'd like to start using again, so I think I'll keep the MDD with dual boot partitions. OS9 for actual use, 10.4 or 10.5 for when I need to do more modern tasks.
  15. senrew

    17" Studio Display Hinge Issue

    Maybe, but meh. Juror22 is going to send me a spare so that should take care of it with almost zero effort.