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  1. mwdmeyer

    LC 575 pulled pad

    Awesome thanks guys, sounds like a good approach. I will need to get a better soldering iron for sure.
  2. mwdmeyer

    LC 575 pulled pad

    Hi Guys, I picked up an LC 575 motherboard to upgrade my colour classic. Unfortunately while removing the caps I pulled the pad on C5. Please see the photo. Some questions. 1- How bad is it? 2- What does C5 do/control? I'm really hoping to get a LC575 board up and running as the 475/575 are one of my favourite old Mac's.
  3. mwdmeyer

    Does the SE/30 live up to the hype?

    Well for me unfortunately it does not live up to the hype. There is one simple reason for this. No colour screen. 99% of the games I want to play on it require a colour screen. So I'll be back to using the Colour Classic & LC475. The LC475 is currently still my favourite machine. I suspect if you didn't need colour (preferred older games or didn't do much gaming) then the SE/30 would be awesome. For me not so much...which is a bit disappointing but nothing that can be done
  4. mwdmeyer

    Does the SE/30 live up to the hype?

    I just purchased a SE/30 in Australia. $AU316 + $50 postage. Honestly I would have paid double for it. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Apple-Macintosh-SE-30-Working-Refurbished-Recapped/263299678156 It has: SCSI2SD ($100 + SD card), recap (I've done on LC/CC but takes a few hours, so $100+), new ROM ($50). Plus it is in good condition and 64MB ram. It just arrived at home today so I haven't play with it yet, but I'll let you know if it lives up to the hype. I also own SE, CC and LCI/II/III/475. 475 is probably the best working machine I own at the moment, and it is great.
  5. After step 4 I would rinse with distilled water. When I just used isopropyl alcohol it left some white staining, not that it has caused an issue.
  6. mwdmeyer

    FPU and SCSI2SD for LC550

    I'm not sure specifically about the LC550, but the SCSI2SD works great in my LC475. I love it. Here is a video: How much ram in that machine did you have before adding the extra 32mb? I __think__ an FPU will help Sim City 2000, I had the standard 68LC040 25MHz in my LC475 and after upgrading to a full 68040 I *feel* sim city runs better, but not a massive amount. I thought it used the FPU, but I'm now not 100% sure, maybe only the DOS version does? I would be very interested to know if you do a an FPU.
  7. I had the same problem with my CC after recapping. I washed/scrubbed it fully in IPA and then flushed with distilled water, after that it powered on correctly and now works fine. You really need to flush out all the crap under the chips, I didn't need to remove any chips or do anything crazy. I'm not sure why but the CC is worse than the LCs it seems.
  8. mwdmeyer

    LC, chime but no video

    Got it working! Just flushed the motherboard with this stuff: http://www.isocol.com.au/products/isopropyl-alcohol It now powers on straight away and actually works. I just finished recapping it now and still boots, although HDD is dead. So that is 2/2 success so far
  9. mwdmeyer

    LC, chime but no video

    I got it working! Tried a CRT and 4 LCDs, finally found one that works. So it looks like the adapter does work and was an issue with the LCD supporting the resolution. So I'm pretty happy, the recap worked! So very very cool. Now to find an HDD. I want to purchase one of those SCSI2SD things, but pretty expensive.
  10. mwdmeyer

    LC, chime but no video

    Yes no switches or anything. It is a really basic model. I'll get a picture later. I suspect this is the issue and/or the LCD. The adapter works in my G3 with the same LCD but the resolution is different. So I've ordered a new adapter, so hopefully that will get it going. The system chimes really nicely now and the network light comes on and it seems to power up correctly. I wonder if there is anything I can press on the keyboard to test No HDD or floppy drive though.... For such a slow machine I suppose Mac OS 7 or 7.1, probably not much point using 6?
  11. mwdmeyer

    LC, chime but no video

    Interesting. My vga adapter doesn't have any dip switches. Maybe this is the issue! From what I've just read the dip less ones are okay for newer machines but not the LCs! Thanks ill see if I can get a real one
  12. mwdmeyer

    LC, chime but no video

    Thanks for the reply. The dead LC is just a plain LC (68020). I've got a vram stick in, so it should work. It is odd that the audio chime has improved since recapping but still no video. Maybe it is my LCD or adapter (works on My PowerMac G3 though). Yes I plan on recapping the LC3 soon as I think that will be my favourite machine (I really hope I can get it working). I just recapped half of my color classic but that doesn't even turn on! Not having much luck with these machines
  13. mwdmeyer

    LC, chime but no video

    Hi All, I've got a dead LC that I am trying to fix, but I'm not having much luck. When I purchased it, it never worked, but I've started trying to repair it. Previously it wouldn't even turn on. I replaced the 4 filter caps in the PSUs and the system would now chime but no video. The sound would squeal. So I assumed that the motherboard caps needed replacing. I've just finished that and while the system still chimes (and no longer squeals!) there is no video on the screen. My soldering skills aren't the best so it is possible something is still wrong with the caps. I've got a new PRAM battery installed, no FDD/HDD installed. If I quickly flick off the power and then back on again sometimes I get a quick white flash on the display, it did that even before I replaced the caps. So I'm not really sure where to look. Are there specific video caps that I should recheck? Any other ideas?! Thanks! I've also got a LCIII that doesn't chime or display video at all, so I'll start recapping that soon, but would love to get the LC working first.
  14. Hey All, I recently got my Beige G3 powermac up and running. It is the slowest Beige G3 with the only upgrade being 128MB of ram. I have just successfully installed Mac OS 10.2 and made a video of the process: It is surprisingly quick! Keen to upgrade the video card and memory. Any suggestions for what video card would work well with both 9.2 and 10.2?
  15. mwdmeyer

    Everyone's Favorite Math Game for Mac

    When I was young I loved this Maths game: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treasure_Mathstorm!