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  1. djblastyfone

    MacIPgw VM 3.0 | TCP/IP over LocalTalk gateway

    Make that 80%! I've actually been thinking about picking up an RPi or C.H.I.P. or something similar as a combined Wi-Fi bridge/network storage/ssh server for my Quadra 700 for a while now, so I'm very happy to see someone having made significant progress on this front. In terms of features, is there anything the MacIPgw VM can do that the OrangePi version can't? If so, are there plans to bring the Pi port back to feature parity? Most of my really old Macs are on a separate network from my main machine and in a different room, and the power/space cost of a dedicated machine to run the VM would be a bit much compared to the Pi. The GIF-based web proxy is definitely one of the coolest hacks I've ever seen. Very excited to try it out.
  2. djblastyfone

    Mass PowerPC liberation!

    The G3 has a much larger heatsink than the 601 on the motherboard, so hopefully heat won't be an issue. And yeah, the 6100 is one of my favourite PowerMacs, partly for the case, partly for the guitar chime, partly for the dual-monitor support with the AV card. I actually used to have another one back in elementary school (my school frequently threw out old macs, I eventually started taking them home and playing around with them which is why I'm a vintage Apple geek today), I remember hooking up a second monitor to it and thinking that it was the coolest thing ever to be able to drag a window from one screen to the other. It died shortly after I got it due to a failed PSU and was subsequently tossed, so I'm happy to have the chance to own another . I thought that 1920x1200 at 17" might be a little hard on the eyes, thanks for confirming. I'm keeping my eyes out for a 1650x1050 or 1440x900 panel either locally or through eBay (I'm in Canada so shipping is often prohibitive for bigger stuff like that). Glad to hear the Unimac worked well for you. EDIT: Some pictures from the rooms after I'd sorted some of the stuff:
  3. djblastyfone

    Mass PowerPC liberation!

    Hey everyone! Usually I'm just a lurker here but I thought you'd enjoy hearing of my recent stroke of luck and my ensuing vintage Mac liberation efforts: So I've been working the summer in a lab in my university's psych department, writing up old forgotten experiments for grad students and doing assorted programming tasks, and since I do a lost of my non-taxing work on my PowerBook G4 a lot of the staff know I have an affinity for old Apple gear. Anyway, two weeks back one of the professors comes in and asks me if I'm interested in some old Apple gear the department's getting ready to toss as e-waste. I obviously say yes, and he takes me upstairs to a room full beautiful yellowing beige. Here's what I found: - Beige G3 Desktop - Late model eMac (1.42, I think?) - Blue & White G3 Tower - Power Mac 6100/66AV - 2x Power Mac 7200/120 - 2x Power Mac 7300/200 - ImageWriter II - LaserWriter II - Several old Apple CRTs, including a Multiple Scan 15 and a Multisync 720 - Several ADB keyboards & mice (including some Extended IIs), all in need of a thorough cleaning - 3 or 4 PhoneNET adapters - Several other odds and ends Holy cow, I thought. This is a goldmine! The prof told me that I could have anything except the Apple II peripherals stashed in a corner and the gigantic G3 AIO they had already set aside for auction. As if that wasn't enough, the next day he asks if I want to see more stuff and shows me another room with even more goodies: - 17" Core Duo iMac - 2x 1.42GHz eMac - 2x 400MHz Blueberry iMac - Another Beige PowerMac G3 Desktop - Another 6100/66AV - iMac G3 keyboards and mice in several colours - A few more Apple CRTs - 1600x1200 Dell LCD - An Apple IIe & monitor with "DEAD" etched under the keyboard - An Apple Color OneScanner (!) - An Apple Monitor /// (!!!) The department wanted to keep the Monitor /// for obvious reasons ($$$), but the rest was similarly mine to take. Being a student in a city, I don't have room for anywhere near that much gear as much as I'd love to take it. Not wanting to see what I didn't take get tossed, I got in touch with a couple other local enthusiasts who I knew would be interested, and I'm happy to say that as of now all of the above gear apart from some of the CRTs has been given a good home! What I took: - B&W G3 (works, comes with SCSI & FireWire cards installed. HDD is super noisy, however) - 7200/200 (also works, will become a playground for BeOS PPC and old Rhapsody betas) - 6100/66AV (needs a new PRAM battery but starts with the on/off/on trick, now zipping along with a Sonnet G3 233GHz upgrade card in it that I got at my old e-waste job ages ago but never had a machine to use it in) - Blueberry iMac (wanted one ever since elementary school) - 17" iMac Core Duo (boots, but with screen lines issue. Considering repairing w/ a Unimac adapter and regular laptop LCD, since I have a spare C2D chip that should let it run up to 10.8 ) - Color OneScanner (works! Software was super hard to find but was able to scan to my Q700 once I found the right extension) - PhoneNET adapters (need 4-pin RJ11 cables to test them, fiddled for hours trying to get them to work before I realized this) - LaserWriter II (untested, don't really want to carry it all the way home but would be fun for writing papers on old macs. Comes with unopened box of toner!) - Multiscan 720 (works, but will sporatically snap loudly and the image will shrink for a second before going back to normal. Any ideas?) - Dell 1600x1200 LCD (now being used as a second monitor for my programming workstation in the Lab) - Keyboards, mice, a USB floppy drive, some other odds and ends. All in all, I'd say it was a pretty good haul . I'll post pictures when I get a chance. Very glad to have been able to save this stuff from the scrap heap!
  4. djblastyfone

    MinnowBook 3400c

    I've actually thought about how someone might go about this after seeing some seriously impressive iMac G4 hackintoshes (logic board swapped with Intel NUC, custom LVDS to DVI adapter for the display) on various forums. Seems to me the best way of going about this would be using an NUC or similar, since the hardware is almost fully supported by OS X out of the box. You can even get one with a Thunderbolt port! The main challenges I see with the project are: 1. Figure out a way to run the thing off battery. The PowerBook battery could be opened and hollowed out, allowing for a battery setup that would work for powering the NUC. Battery life life may not be stellar, since the NUC was never designed for portable use. 2. Figure out the pinouts of the keyboard/trackpad (I'm guessing they'd both be ADB?) and wire them up to usb using something like this: http://ifixit.org/blog/4468/hack-it-better-apple-extended-keyboard-ii/ 3. Either figure out a way to get the built-in display to work with a DVI signal or swap it out for a screen of the same dimensions that does. The latter option might be best if you could find something that would work, since modern versions of OS X (or any OS, really) will be an absolute pain to use with a cramped 800x600 LCD. After that's all taken care of, the rest should be pretty trivial: mounting all the custom stuff, getting cables for wiring up the headphone/mic ports to those of the NUC, and installing OS X should be pretty straightforward.
  5. djblastyfone

    Use PowerPC for a week?

    For those talking about YouTube performance on PowerPC, have any of you tried ClickToFlash with the latest Leopard-Webkit release? It allows direct playback of h.264 video natively when available, bypassing flash and poorly-optimized HTML5 players completely. I've had very good luck with it on my trusty 12" PowerBook G4 (1.33), I'd recommend it to anyone trying to play back internet video on a PowerPC machine.