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  1. That's pure gold, I've never seen their site before. Who says you need a "fancy" website to be successful.
  2. kingchops

    Writing disk images to floppy

    It may be the head spring problem, both my SE/30 and Colour Classic had this problem. The issue is that the top head doesn't push down on the disk enough. Read my post here about this problem and how I fixed it: http://tkc8800.com/post/macintosh-sony-superdrive-head-spring-repair
  3. kingchops

    Problem with DaynaPORT E/si30 network card

    You're in luck. I've been meaning to remove the hard drive from my SE/30 as I want to swap it with one from another machine. So while I have it apart I can take some high res pics of the E/Si30. I should be able to get this done either tonight or tomorrow. I'll post them up when ready.
  4. kingchops

    Floppy emu questions (for use with my Plus)

    I highly recommend the Floppy Emu, I've been using one for quite a while. I have a page dedicated to 400k disk images, you'll find most of these will work: http://tkc8800.com/post/macintosh-128k-512k-400k-disk-images
  5. kingchops

    Problem with DaynaPORT E/si30 network card

    Yes the Linksys worked but my version required DD-WRT to be installed. DD-WRT allows for the configuration on one or more ports to 10mbps and half-duplex. Just used it on the SE/30 today to install some stuff, It's been working perfectly. Just for the record if you want to flash the WRT54G with DD-WRT use the minimal version.
  6. kingchops

    Problem with DaynaPORT E/si30 network card

    Full details and lots of pics about this latest SE/30 restoration on my blog here: http://tkc8800.com/post/mac-se-30-restoration-and-networking Thanks again for the assistance.
  7. kingchops

    Problem with DaynaPORT E/si30 network card

    What version of the WRT54G do you have? The one I got to work with the SE/30 and DD-WRT was a WRT54G v1.1. The other one that I got off the same guy was a WRT54GL, not sure about the version on that one.
  8. kingchops

    Problem with DaynaPORT E/si30 network card

    Thanks, this worked! I went into VLAN and set port 4 with those options, port light now lights up on router. I can now connect to my local FTP server using Fetch on the SE/30. I managed to buy two Linksys WRT54G's for $10 each. So a great solution. Just for the record I did switch to the factory Linksys firmware and I couldn't get it to work with the SE/30 although I didn't muck around with any VLAN setting on the factory firmware. I have configured both WRT54G's as switches using DD-WRT. DD-WRT allows you to use the Internet port on the router as an additional switch port so you have five in total. Factory firmware only allows for use of four ports as a switch.
  9. kingchops

    Problem with DaynaPORT E/si30 network card

    Are you referring to a Linksys WRT54G? I got my hands on one, it has DD-WRT firmware installed, but still no go, SE/30 doesn't show up on the port. Is there anything special you need to do to get it to recognize a 10mbit nic?
  10. kingchops

    Problem with DaynaPORT E/si30 network card

    Thanks for the responses regarding the switch/hub. After doing some reading I found that these old network cards don't broadcast their speed and duplex to the router. Apparently back in those days 10mbsp was enough for everyone, so they assumed a 10mbps connection. Therefore modern switches/hubs won't recognize them as they require the connecting device to broadcast speed and duplex. The symptoms of what I'm experiencing support this, i.e. the activity light comes on at the Mac end but not the switch/hub end.
  11. kingchops

    Problem with DaynaPORT E/si30 network card

    Good point, I never considered that it might be the hub. I've got a few different hubs I can test with, I'll try them out. Most of the hubs that I have are fairly new, I have an older Netgear that's about 8 years old, it might work with that. Would using an ethernet transceiver on the 15 pin output help with using this card on newer hubs?
  12. I recently acquired an SE/30 with a DaynaPORT E/si30 network card. I've found the drivers and installed them ok but I can't get the machine onto a network. The diagnostics utility reports the card is installed ok and the green light on the card starts to flash when I plug the network cable in. However at the hub end, there's no activity on the connected port. Does this sound like a hardware problem with the Daynaport card or do you need the correct driver to get the activity light on the hub? I have two other Macs with pds networks cards, an LC475 and a Colour Classic, both these machines connect to the network fine when I plug them into the same cable. Any ideas?
  13. kingchops

    Mystic Upgraded Colour Classic RAM

    Not sure about ram, but I recently did a Mystic upgrade, write up here for those interested: http://tkc8800.com/post/macintosh-mystic-colour-classic
  14. kingchops

    First Vintage Mac

    Nice score, especially considering all the extra stuff that came with it. +1 on the hard drive, open the lid and manually rotate the platter and wiggle the head you may find that it comes to life. I recently revived and SE/30 drive simply by doing that. I recently got a Colour Classic myself and did a Mystic upgrade, I also installed an ethernet card, great machine.
  15. Yeah, I guess that's the easiest option. I'll do it tonight, I'm sick of the empty space at the back.