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  1. bigD

    WGS 9150, are they rare?

    If you ever let go of the 120MHz models or mobos, let me know. My case says 120MHz, but the mobo is only 80. It'd be nice to make them match.
  2. bigD

    WGS 9150, are they rare?

    I have an 80MHz version. It was crashing at random intervals, but I applied some new thermal paste to its 601 and now runs like a champ. I also put a PDS AV card in it, which really increases the speed of the video, as well as lets me watch TV. This is my only PPC 601 box at the moment, and I love that IBM put some thought into what the processor looks like:
  3. bigD

    IIcx ADB problem...

    That's kind of what I was worried about. I don't want to throw stones at this company, knowing full well that some bad caps might be the issue. The Mac *was* working perfectly before attaching their adapter, but if bad caps are the culprit, I'd hate to accuse them of something that's not their fault.
  4. bigD

    IIcx ADB problem...

    I was afraid of that. The ADB-PS/2 adapter is for mice, specifically this: http://www.geethree.com/adb/index.html So ummm...anyone have another IIcx mobo with a socketed processor?
  5. Hey all. I have a IIcx that's been working fine up until last night, when I tried to install an ADB-PS2 adapter to use with a Logitech mouse. The adapter didn't seem to work, and worse, now my ADB ports don't seem to work at all, except for the power button on the keyboard. The Mac boots normally, but the keyboard and mouse aren't responsive. They both work fine with my IIci, so I know it's not the keyboard and mouse itself. I can't get them to respond regardless of which ADB port on the back I use (except as I mentioned, the power button). Could this be a leaky capacitor problem, or did I just hose my motherboard? I know my caps are starting to go, as I don't have sound to my speaker anymore. I'm hoping that's the issue, but there's no sense in trying to recap the board if I've killed my ADB anyway.
  6. I thought I'd touch up the metal portion of the case on one of my 840av's (it's pretty scratched up), and was curious if anyone knew of a spray paint that matches the original color closely? All the spray paint I've been able to find seems to be a much darker shade of gray. Thanks!
  7. bigD

    Some questions..

    I was just going off the fact that he put a '?' after the graphics card comment.
  8. bigD

    Some questions..

    Dunno what that thing is, but if the seller doesn't exactly know either, how can he be sure it's a working pull?
  9. bigD

    Trenton School Conquest Part II

    I'll buy your 165! Lemme know what you want for it!
  10. bigD

    II SI?

    I like my IIsi - loved the styling and it can run System 6!
  11. bigD

    Digidesign Session 8 setup

    Sweet score!
  12. bigD

    Mac SE on eBay

    Just the software is at fault. The SE itself is most likely fine.
  13. How concentrated is your bleach solution? I'm thinking of trying this myself.
  14. bigD

    Best System 6 'book?

    I just tried the 6.0.8J from that link you listed, Mac128, and it failed on my PB170. I get the happy Mac, then a message in English that 6.0.8 isn't supported on my model of Mac. It's the exact same message I get if I try and boot a standard version of 6.0.8. I can boot this version just fine in Mini vMac, which is emulating a Plus. Too bad the links for 6.0.7J aren't working - I'd love to run 6.x on my 170!
  15. This thread highlights exactly why I love this forum.