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    The picture used for my avatar comes from a book called "Computers: Those Amazing Machines", by Catherine O'Neill (1985).
  1. jonathan

    Mac Plus questions

    caps? hmmm, if they look ok ... then they're probably ok. clicky-floppy? that sounds bad, especially if its a continuous clicky ... the drive must think there is something in there to read. The heads might be dirty. I'd blast some compressed air in there, use a FloppiClene, or just replace it with a new, old one (I had to do the same thing with my Plus -- tons of gunked up dust in there!). power supply stability on the plus'? from personal experience, I've had mine on continuously for about 6-days with no power or overheating issues. sad mac/happy mac, and flashing ... i have no idea.
  2. jonathan

    FTP server on a Macintosh 512Ke

    screenshots for telnet? its pretty simple, just launch the application, go to edit>preferences>FTP server, select "on, username & password required," (i think you set these in file sharing in the control panel). that's about it. What client app. are you running?
  3. jonathan

    128k/512k repair questions

    I have a 661-0345 Disk Drive 800K -Red Serial # (MFD-51W-03) from a plus that may be in working condition. If you want it, I'll test it and see if it works ...
  4. jonathan

    FTP server on a Macintosh 512Ke

    Telnet is a great FTP server! I've had it happily serving up files from my Plus' 40 MB external SCSI hard drive. As far as FTP clients, I've had Terminal v1.5 on OS X 10.4 work with Telnet 2.6. What I'm having trouble with is finding a suitable client on my iPhone to work with my telnet server. Anybody have any luck with this? So far I've been experimenting with the apps GoodReader and FTP Client Pro.
  5. jonathan

    New Retro Computing Magazine!!

    Index of /zines/300_baud: http://filedump.glitchwrks.com/zines/300_baud/
  6. jonathan

    design ideas for a SD-card floppy emulator

    Keep up the good work! This is a very exciting project that I'm sure is being closely watched by a lot of hobbyists that lurk here on this forum. I really want to build one of these sometime in the near future!
  7. jonathan

    CTRL key on the M0110A keyboard

    Is there a way to input the CTRL key on an M0110/M0110A keyboard? More specifically, is there a way to input the CONTROL command on a classic Macintosh?
  8. jonathan

    Siri to Mac 512K

    You've done it again -- another totally awesome hack for connecting 21st century technology to the venerable 512K! Now I wonder what would happen if you used MacTalker and had the Mac talk to Siri ...
  9. Seeing this old Apple ad made me laugh because the advertising direction that Apple used to have is totally opposite to what they have pushed for in the last decade. As in the infamous "Hello, I'm a mac ... and I'm a pc" TV ad series. At the time of this ad you had the Commodore PET, TANDY TRS-80, or the Apple ][. The IBM PC didn't even exist -- at least for another full year when it was formally introduced in late 1981.
  10. jonathan

    Mac Plus to PC serial connection

    Looks like there is (was) something out there called "PC to Mac and Back":
  11. jonathan

    Mac 512K to Nintendo 3DS

    Would you be interested in sharing that script? The one thing I really like about EasyShare is that it shares external floppy drives, as opposed to file sharing in System 7, which does not. Its just so much cooler to get a floppy drive fired up remotely from your iPhone!
  12. jonathan

    Mac 512K to Nintendo 3DS

    The 10-minute timeout with EasyShare Demo is a HUGE bummer! I saw some talk in another thread about this 36khz watch crystal inside the Classic Mac. Without it, the machine should still start up, it just will not keep time. But hey, isn't not keeping time is a good thing when EasyShare Demo times out every 10-minutes? So, would this relatively easy hardware mod solve the timeout issue and turn the 512K into a perpetual server?!!
  13. jonathan

    Mac Plus to PC serial connection

    The cabling from the Plus' serial port: DIN-8>DB-25<>DB-25>USB to the PC's USB port sounds dicey. I would think that there would have to be some sort of drivers + adapters in between to get a connection through with that setup. You may want to go in the direction of doing a LocalTalk-to-Ethernet bridge and connect to your PC on the same local home network. The Farallon and Asante devices for the bridge seem not that hard to find.
  14. jonathan

    Classic Battery explosion [pics!]

    Is that the PRAM battery that fell to the bottom of the Classic's case (and subsequently went thermonuclear)?!! Its a blessing that no one was hurt.
  15. jonathan

    Mac Plus SCSI enclosure

    These external SCSI enclosures and drives seem to work fine with my Plus: >POWERUSER with an Apple logo'd 40MB Quantum ProDrive LPS 3.5" hdd, EPROM ©1990. >MACBOTTOM SCSI by Personal Computer Peripherals Corp. with an Apple logo'd 40MB Quantum ProDrive LPS 3.5" hdd, EPROM ©1990. >generic enclosure with a Maxtor 7290SR 3.5" hdd, unclear about the size (in "get info" the Size reads 58.7 MB on disk (61,581,312 bytes used). >generic enclosure with a Seagate ST-296N 5.25" 85MB hdd (this thing is loud and old, I think its circa 1988). You could always setup a Zip 100 MB drive to act as a hdd for your plus! As a side note, I am attempting to fix an Apple Hard Disk 40SC with a 5.25" Quantum Q250 40MB -- see the video here of the horrible sound it makes when powered up: http://youtu.be/TfZLLiu38rs The power supply seems to be ok, it measures a steady +11.75v/+5.11v with the drive connected. Ideally I would like to replace it with a newer Quantum ProDrive ELS Internal 3.5 Inch HDD 160MB SCSI (Firmware ©1993), but I am having trouble getting my Plus to boot up and recognize it. I also tried all versions of Apple's Drive Setup 1.0.5-1.7.3 on a PowerMac 6100, but it says there is "no disk" at the SCSI address of the drive.