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  1. kreats

    MacToTheFuture SE/30 10/100 Ethernet card

    This is fair enough. Could you upload the design to OSH park though, so anyone can easily order with a click?
  2. kreats

    Wifi Extension Development Thread

    Got one of the external versions in the mail also - hope there is a way of getting the extension working
  3. kreats

    SE/30 & Micron Xceed & clear plastic goodie

    You'll have to sign up with them yeah - could just use dummy info I suppose. It really is the best way of getting the design out there though - you can order pcb's shipped worldwide for a couple of bucks - which is way easier and cheaper than making them at home. From what I gather, it has to be submitted as either: an Eagle .brd board file a KiCAD .kicad_pcb board file a .zip file containing Gerber CAM files Plus there are some guidelines they like you to follow I've never uploaded a design before - but I've ordered a few PCBs of interesting products from people who have made their designs available (mainly for game consoles) with good results.
  4. kreats

    SE/30 & Micron Xceed & clear plastic goodie

    any chance you could make this available as a shared project on osh park?
  5. joethezombie: I like your general ideas, but selling simple memory chips on a SIMM socket should not be something anyone should be upset about or feel that they can protect. They are not selling the programmer. If you want to support dougg you know where to buy it (I did).. but if you want to buy something cheaper you have that choice too.
  6. I think it's totally up to joe what he does with his work. I've already got a Twinspark I paid heaps for anyway - it'd be nice if everyone had the same opportunity (daystar + ethernet will set you back $150 on their own these days).
  7. Not sure about the licensing bit.. you still want to ensure it is worthwhile making them for sale - or none will get made. Offering a PCB design on OSHpark would be a good start anyway. There is a project for the amiga/atari st called the terriblefire 530 that has the right approach to all this (note: worth testing in a mac)
  8. kreats

    IIsi PowerCache TwinSlot Adapter - Cloning Project

    looks like a IISI adapter card
  9. I think he's wrong. The IIGS isn't a better machine. The original 128k should have been 512k, and the mac 512k could even be used by people today for productivity (e.g. write a letter or a book). Not so the IIGS. e.g. Microsoft word 5.1 is pretty close to modern versions. Game music also isn't a big deal.. he shows lemmings but that sounds fine on mac. Booting up and using GSOS is a massive chore compared to MacOS if you've ever tried it - even with SCSI and ram expansions. At the time - the massive library of Apple II software would have made the IIGS a reasonable choice though.
  10. kreats

    Micron Xceed docs on ebay

    Thanks trag - don't suppose there is any chance of some scans of the remaining material?
  11. kreats

    Micron Xceed docs on ebay

    Well there is some source code included and the guy was the engineer responsible - so probably the last chance to ever get detailed info about the card. Having the source for the drivers might make a workalike possible at least. There is also a disk there that says "Bart code" - might even include the HDL code for the chips. PS: care to share the resources you have?
  12. kreats

    Macintosh SE/30 upgrades

    You can spend a lot of money if you want to. Off the top of my head: easier upgrades: scsi2sd or ide-scsi adapter, rominator, 128mb, floppyemu, ethernet (scsi-ethernet,localtalk-ethernet or internal card) harder upgrades: recap the logic board, multi-card upgrades (req. iisi adapter/twinspark) e.g. daystar powercache 030 + ethernet or micron xceed + greyscale + ethernet. These probably require upgraded power supply (artmix sells one for $$$) or recapped power supply and/or recapped analog board. Peripheral upgrades: apple branded external cdrom like 300e/600e, appledesign speakers, sc20c (apple branded). ADB/PS2 adapter so you can use an optical mouse - or a kensington trackball (original ball mouse is pretty much unusable).
  13. kreats

    Micron Xceed docs on ebay

    Tried to contact the seller twice but no joy. Even offered cash for some scans.
  14. kreats


    Well "historical" and "classic" are two different things. 128k is historical (but really is just a crippled 512k), se/30 is a classic. If I could only have one computer, I'd rather have the pimped out se/30. It's probably worth about $2000 atm wth all cards anyway (030/040,xceed greyscale,ethernet,iisi adaptor/twinspark,etc). Owning one actually shows you know a fair bit about macs too.
  15. Well I think they have considered working on those things (MMU and FPU). All of these issues would be present no matter how it was done - may as well leverage the work of others. Could have different "modes" of compatibility - you could even have a real 50mhz 030 onboard to switch between. A lot of older software doesn't run properly with 32bit addressing on anyway. I'd quite like a 12mb 68000 at 100Mhz. One some software was ported to it, it could be quite capable