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  1. kreats

    Adding Wi-Fi to my Mac SE/30

    any ability to disable the wifi card if you need to save power to debug or use the wired connection (if the jacks are installed)?
  2. kreats

    Asanté MacCon SE/30 clone

    this is incredible.. 2 for me also if possible!
  3. kreats

    Bolles finds

    if you are looking at open source 68000 to 030 accelerators, have you considered adapting the terriblefire TF536? It works in the Amiga 500, 2000 and Atari ST right now, and probably is a lot more well-tested than this one.
  4. I guess there is the turbo040 + powercard 601 Frankenstein to consider
  5. there is already the OSSC, which is open source.. I guess someone could adapt it so that it went on a nubus card
  6. kreats

    MacToTheFuture SE/30 10/100 Ethernet card

    Here's the link to the EEVBlog video about cheap PCBs JLCPCB Prototype Inspection I'm really not underestimating costs.. apart from the connectors, this is about as cheap a board as you could ever possibly hope to make. I have also ordered smaller boards on oshpark for literally a couple of dollars delivered. child abuse.. come on now that's just being silly. No more so than with everything else you own.. it's mostly automated anyway.
  7. kreats

    MacToTheFuture SE/30 10/100 Ethernet card

    I really disagree. There are many many examples of far more complicated boards for the hobbyist market being sold right now, presumably at a good profit. Check some of EEVblog's videos.. he got 4 layer boards the size of a motherboard made for $20 each - delivered in 5 days. Getting the board also assembled for cheap isn't out of the question. Anyway, if the PCBs are released we will see.. if they aren't it's just another nail in the macintosh coffin. I really don't know why you are fighting me on this. and the discussion is relevant to this thread also, cause a manifestation of the same problem - no updates in 4 months? It's dead, Jim
  8. kreats

    MacToTheFuture SE/30 10/100 Ethernet card

    There are practically 0 expensive parts other than the connectors on the adaptors. The PCB itself can be ordered for a couple of dollars each. This would be an extremely cheap and profitable board to sell - but nobody is doing it. After a year or so of no movement, I think it's time to make intentions clear. If the project is abandoned it would be nice to know. I'm happy to buy a few (at least 3), but they have to be made available. As it is, I don't see why would anyone invest the time designing a board when people will say it was stolen from community research, or with the threat of the original design undercutting them.
  9. kreats

    MacToTheFuture SE/30 10/100 Ethernet card

    Someone has the ability to push out PCBs and they don't do it - we've seen actual boards being distributed to a select few.. all that is required is to repeat the process. And if it's too hard/time consuming, give a license to someone else! And if they don't want to even do that - release the PCB files and give instructions on how to order them. I just don't get why people sit on these things. They may as well have never been done if nobody can actually get at them. And then we are back to $200 boards from Japan. Ask yourself - if it is so straightforward could you make a board using the info from that thread? PS: I already have a Twinspark, so this isn't self interest
  10. kreats

    MacToTheFuture SE/30 10/100 Ethernet card

    Yep I bought some of those from him! There are a few completed projects just crying out for release - and it's getting to the point where classic macs will die out as a hobby soon without some momentum. The twinspark repro board The greyscale board for the se/30 IIfx ram sims
  11. kreats

    MacToTheFuture SE/30 10/100 Ethernet card

    Something funny about mac projects where nothing ever ends up being released, even when they are completed. Gamba round 2 I guess. BMOW projects and SCSI2SD excepted
  12. kreats

    MacToTheFuture SE/30 10/100 Ethernet card

    This is fair enough. Could you upload the design to OSH park though, so anyone can easily order with a click?
  13. kreats

    Wifi Extension Development Thread

    Got one of the external versions in the mail also - hope there is a way of getting the extension working
  14. kreats

    SE/30 & Micron Xceed & clear plastic goodie

    You'll have to sign up with them yeah - could just use dummy info I suppose. It really is the best way of getting the design out there though - you can order pcb's shipped worldwide for a couple of bucks - which is way easier and cheaper than making them at home. From what I gather, it has to be submitted as either: an Eagle .brd board file a KiCAD .kicad_pcb board file a .zip file containing Gerber CAM files Plus there are some guidelines they like you to follow I've never uploaded a design before - but I've ordered a few PCBs of interesting products from people who have made their designs available (mainly for game consoles) with good results.
  15. kreats

    SE/30 & Micron Xceed & clear plastic goodie

    any chance you could make this available as a shared project on osh park?