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  1. Pardon me, the USA Copyright Office has an interesting concept of sessions and limited resources. If you're willing to brave their system, search for document number V3435D122, there are three entries with the title "Apache Strike". From the link in "Title appears in document #[...]", you'll see where the ownership was transferred to. Same entity that technically owns all remaining copyrights to the works of Infocom. It shouldn't be surprising, given that. The games look great, by the way! Running all four on virtualized Mojave.
  2. nglevin

    C++ namespaces

    Exactly right. CodeWarrior had two major releases a year, and the "Pro" suffix was a good way of avoiding the 20s. CodeWarrior Pro 4 is solid on a 68040, any later and they start gradually PPC only, Carbon only, Mac OS X only... I don't recall if CWP4 works on a 68030, but there were versions of CodeWarrior sold that ran acceptably on 68020s as late as 1997. There should be something.
  3. Maybe, but they're large enough that it's likely hard to get through to them. The best resource I can find from searching the U.S. Copyright Office involves a bulk reassignment to a very large video game company in 1999. They have titles on GOG but not this one, in any form.
  4. Though I was about to blame LEM.com (again), it turns out that dishwasher advice is as old as the pickle's Low-End Mac FAQ. Although that should have only applied to cases and not logic boards. I like that he's raising awareness of the Mac caps problem, perhaps my standards are low for YouTube exposure. I've had bigger problems with MetalJesusRocks and LinusTechTips in the recent past. There's quite a few people in his comments raising an issue or two about how he did the repair. Maybe that will inspire a follow up episode.
  5. nglevin

    Mac SE/30 network problems

    It does help to give the browsers more RAM (highlight the apps in Finder, select "Get info" from the "File" menu, adjust the memory allocation as desired) and to have the very helpful Netscape Defrost extension installed. The stability is a bit typical of iCab and Netscape. Though I find with the extension, more RAM allocation, disabling JavaScript, and configuring Netscape to not download images by default*, Netscape 2.02 works well enough. I believe Netscape 2 is also a version that requires you to explicitly save your preferences through one of the menus.
  6. nglevin

    Mac SE/30 network problems

    If you have OpenTransport you are probably slightly better off using DHCP rather than manually entering an IPv4 address, then restarting the Mac to save your networking settings and get a new DHCP lease. That lets your router handle automatically configuring the Mac on your local network. From that point, you can check your internet router (through its configuration settings? check the manual it shipped with) to see if the router can see the classic Mac. Anything from a Google Wifi to a Netlink router should have some control panel in the apps or software that it shipped with to see what devices are currently connected to it.
  7. nglevin

    Setting up email, ie4.01, msm, se/30

    FWIW, if you want an SMTP e-mail client that can handle plaintext e-mail well, the freeware Musashi works well on 68k Macs against System 7.5 and later. It's better than Eudora. No SSL support, but no software that's more than ten years old can handle today's SSL, for reasons already mentioned by Cory.
  8. nglevin

    Mac SE/30 network problems

    Just standard questions for diagnosing a problem. Both your earlier post and this one don't say much about the exact errors that you're seeing: What exactly is Netscape telling you when you try to connect to an http(not s) website? Don't expect much from trying to connect to any reasonably up to date website, https won't work with any old browser and even a standard website over http will likely be trying to send more data than you have the RAM allocated to Netscape to hold. Judging by the screenshot, I assume this is System 7.5? The Apple community support forums say that 7.5 and later had some support for this card without third party drivers. The switch in the back of the card (mentioned in the previous post) is probably for switching between the type of connection, usually something like industry standard Cat5 or coax.
  9. nglevin

    Help me get on the network

    Yes, Asante cards usually required drivers. Their website used to have a great driver and documentation archive but that's gone now. This driver from AppleFritter might help.
  10. nglevin

    Astec PSU Question

    The word was, specifically around the Macintosh SE/30, that the Astec PSUs were less reliable than the Sony PSUs. I can't really give you a good primary source around where that knowledge came from. Of the PSUs I've owned for modular compact Macs, the Astec ones ended up running into problems powering on within a few years of occasional use. The Delta Electronics one I got second hand that was originally for a Power Mac 7100 has managed to stay in good shape for over six years and counting, knock on wood. That could be luck, Astec being the more popular brand, and the nature of electronics decaying over time.
  11. Whether this is relevant for the Houdini, I recall for the SoundCanvases and their derivatives, the mini DIN pin outs for the PC and Mac cables were different between each other. As said above, Mac one is indeed a standard beige Mac-compatible serial cable. QuickTime 2(.1?) and OMS do a fantastic job of allowing for re-routing an active MIDI device to anything that talks QuickTime. It's up to the capabilities of the Houdini software if Apple allows for something like that, which might be a stretch.
  12. If you really want to get to this level of identifying a performance issue in Leopard with your software, try downloading Xcode 3.1.4 from the download archives at developer.apple.com and look at the OpenGL Profiler (official documentation) that's installed in one of the /Developer/ subdirectories. The getting started section and monitoring GPU use (to determine if an app is using a software fallback) chapters are the most relevant. Oh yes, top is a good choice for high level CPU latency. Just a simple "top -o cpu" in Terminal should help. I agree though that benchmark metrics are not as good as what you can confirm with your own eyeballs, it's a game of optimizing to make a graph go up and to the right removed from context of what that even means. There's always some significant CPU overhead in calling out to an OpenGL driver. Nothing to obsess over.
  13. That makes perfect sense. Thimbleweed Park also uses SDL 2 on Windows and Mac though apparently not for rendering. I don't know if it's defaulting to a software renderer, or using the OpenGL APIs in a dumb-as-bricks way (draw to texture, copy texture to framebuffer levels of basic) that's almost complimentary to falling back to software rendering. Both seem completely possible. I'd have to dig into the developer.apple.com graphics tools for OpenGL to see what's up, if they're still functional with the post Metal 2, modern macOSes. Sounds good. Tapping into Cocoa/AppKit event handling sounds like a solid plan, the documentation is from a time when the Apple docs were up to date, comprehensive and easy to read. Very nice. This is absolutely putting cart before horse, but do consider reaching out to the Engsts @ TidBITS since I'm sure they'd love to play with it and give it a little publicity. Particularly for HyperCarding.
  14. nglevin

    Mac Plus Floppy Drive - should I replace it?

    If you ever have a need to dump and preserve floppies as Disk Copy 4.2 images, you will absolutely want to have one. Generally I agree with the sentiment that floppies should be used sparingly. There's limited quantities of them out there, and they're all living on borrowed time.
  15. nglevin

    C++ namespaces

    I'm not sure anybody would want to compile a significant amount of C++ on a real 68k Mac, barring that C++ is more commonly taught than Pascal and C. The compile time overhead of the preprocessor and C++ templates will not make that a fun affair. CodeWarrior Pro 4 was released in the same year as ISO C++98 became the first common, C++ standard. Hoping for a period-accurate ISO C++ compiler that runs on a 68k Mac is a bit of a stretch when it took over a good decade after that spec's release for compilers to become something resembling fully C++ ISO standard compliance. Namespaces should be present in CodeWarrior, they have been a part of C++ since before the standard template library. Aliasing a namespace is maybe the one area where syntax might have changed, as it definitely did for C++17, but I didn't think that was a new feature.