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  1. nglevin

    haplain's never-ending quest

    If you are in the Bay Area, and it looks like you might be based on your website, I would contact the Internet Archive during their normal business hours. They should be able to get you in touch with the right people to preserve that software. I consider this important enough that it should be on their radar.
  2. nglevin

    Mac System 7 ... on an iPad.

    Just add At Ease and you might as well have the "new iOS".
  3. nglevin

    Macintosh Classic II Rescued!

    Since you've shown an interest in classic Macs and music, Laurie Spiegel made her music and MIDI tools for the Mac (mostly) freeware. Music Mouse is a very capable demo that needs some unlocking, but it's worth it. I actually bought a boxed copy of Music Mouse from her, license and all, and she was quite blown away that no I was not one of those ignorant Intel OS X users trying to jam classic Mac software onto it and I have the Nubus monstrosity to prove it! Very cool person! Just saying.
  4. The last time the legendary black terminator came up, it was thought to be unnecessary. Are you having problems with a normal SCSI terminator?
  5. nglevin

    How to make disks for a IIGS?

    Yeah, ProDOS file system is the format you're looking for, and the IIgs can definitely boot off of a high density floppy disk. ProDOS only accepts a max size of 32 MB IIRC, but that should be fine unless you're really thinking of pushing the limits of your IIgs. IIgs System 6 and I believe 5 also have an HFS translator, though it has been known to have a data loss bug. This was allegedly fixed in one of the unofficial, fan driven System 6 updates (6.0.3? 6.0.4?) but I remember that being an issue with owning a IIgs for a long, long time.
  6. nglevin

    My quest is at an end

    I uh, kind of really like that Asphalt paint job on the SE/30. Now that you've got some decent greys, get Apple Platinum up and running with Appearance Manager 1.0.4!
  7. I did have some trouble with that ByteBoosters card, enough that I wrote to its maker back when I bought it. The GGLabs one is much better. Met its creator at a uh, Maker Faire in Oakland back when I was still in the Bay. He was showing off an SMB1 demo on his IIgs along with some work in progress peripherals, good stuff As for that memory card bit! https://gglabs.us/node/1935 explains what it is, I believe he's still selling stock on the eBays. Solid work, solid dude. I believe he still works at the big green company in his not-spare time? Just, gosh, wish I had his hardware know-how...
  8. Gorgeous. That's a real Hackintosh.
  9. nglevin

    My very first TAM

    Whoops, should have explained myself better on the FireWire point! FW400 opens up interoperability with tape-driven cameras, and close to USB 2.0 transfer speeds for external HD enclosures. Whereas with USB 1.1, you're looking at a max throughput of 12 Mbit/s, compared to 400 Mbit/s with FW400. I'm also running into a fun modern hardware problem of late, where most "USB 2.0" devices made today don't even allow themselves to be powered through USB 1.1. While the port is ubiquitous, you may find that USB 1.1 is just a worse dung heap for most things besides keyboard and mouse usage. EDIT: Though T80 made the point about using a USB 1.1 Wifi dongle, which isn't a bad idea mod the usual concerns about networking old operating systems! I guess I'm too used to wired networkings and on paper security. EDIT THE SECOND: You might need some flavor of OS X for USB Wifi though, Tiger is most strongly recommended for Wifi, which I don't even think you can hack a TAM to run. Things may have changed since then. Which brings me to using ADB to USB adapters. Since most of what you'd be doing with ADB anyway on a Mac is... using keyboards an mice. Why not turn that into a USB 1.1 port without taking up any extra slots? Up to you to make those final calls, of course.
  10. nglevin

    My very first TAM

    For Mac OS 9, your I/O options will be capped at USB 1.1 speeds and FireWire 400. If you really want to invest in more ports, I'd get FW400. There's some very solid hardware options to bridge USB 1.1 with ADB, and for all practical purposes that's about all that you're likely to do with USB 1.1 today.
  11. nglevin

    Mac Classic Video Issue

    I've had largely positive experiences with MacCaps when I used to send him random audio and computer junk to fix up about fourish years ago. Without adding fuel to the fire, there have been others on this forum who have mentioned that he has their stuff and hasn't been responding. This thread has some details. (Ugh, that thread.) I hope you can reclaim your merchandise soon, safe and sound, and that everything resolves itself.
  12. nglevin

    How to use Performa 630 TV tuner card?

    If you don't mind fleaBay, there's a number of copies of Leopard Server with unlimited seats for less than $20. Virtualization friendly!
  13. nglevin

    How to use Performa 630 TV tuner card?

    Leopard also supported AppleTalk file sharing that worked as far back as System 7. Maybe even further back? It's probably more secure than FTP but. Well. The OS is still old and full of other security holes as it is. That feature was quietly cut from Snow Leopard. AppleTalk is still possible but it won't work with Mac OS 9 or anything before that. Not sure if Snow Leopard even works with 10.2.
  14. It could be the Color Classic having a bit of an odd resolution for a Mac II-like computer. I'm pretty sure I've had Space Quest III running on my Quadra without any visible issues, and that was on Mac OS 8.1. Although come to think of it, that was running on SCI 1, not AGI.
  15. nglevin

    Millenium bug after 20 years?

    This has been brought up before elsewhere. Intentional behavior in the System 7 Date & Time control panel for compatibility with the System 6 "General" control panel. System 7 itself can handle dates past 2019 just fine. Or at least, as well as any 32 bit computer of the 80s and 90s can.