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  1. chickenplucker

    Powerbook XXXX

    @Trash80toHP_Mini I've seen other such tags on the internet on dev units with others names, so I didn't think it would be a concern. But in hindsight I suppose most people would rather not have their names scattered around the net more so then they already are. I've blocked out the name in original image, but looks like 68kMLA caches images ether locally or maybe a cdn. Can't seem to find the edit button ether. Harder to put a cat back in a bag. Anyway, thank you for the suggestions on hinge repair methods I think I may practice a bit on the case of some other old device I have kicking around before jumping into this straight away just to make sure its done right. First step though I think will still be to take it apart to see whats there to work with. Its crazy how they seemed to drag their feet on naming this series, or why the decision was made to use XXXX as the model in Mission Impossible and Independence Day instead of just say, labeling it just a Powerbook. It was great fun to re-watch Independence Day though, Jeff Goldblum drags that laptop all over that movie which is a bit funny cause its like carrying a cinder block around now. Will have to try that drive trick Franklinstein, I've always in the past just smacked them on my palm a few times, but that sounds a bit more delicate than just banging it around.
  2. chickenplucker

    Powerbook XXXX

    Finally had this show up the other day, and I'm quite excited to get to work on it. Figured I'd start a new thread in case anyone wanted to follow along. After it came out of its box and was set on the table plugging in the power adapter brought a happy bong sound, followed by some whirls and buzzes as it perked up. What I can only describe as a repeating "beee woooooo" sound must be its old Quantum drive protesting being woke up again. Eventually it gave up and went to the normal flashing ? disk icon. Hinges are shot, they still are there but I likely won't be opening or closing this thing more until I find the time to take it apart and see whats going on. If anyone has any hints on hinge repair would love to hear them. Was thinking JB Plastic Epoxy on broken bits, but since its an XXXX I'm a little afraid to go to far with those types of repairs. Case also has a bunch of what looks like whiteout splashed about it. But some scrubbing with WD40 should get that to lift off. Bottom had a neat sticker on it, sadly it doesn't appear to be anything special other than a low/mid spec QA unit unless its hiding some other secrets I've yet to find. Its side bay is filled with just a floppy module. Battery seems to be an off the shelf NiMH model and not a flammable lithium one I was hoping for. Hopefully the drive can be salvaged and maybe with some playing around its contents can be recovered *knock on wood*. Would love to see some odd version of OS 7 on there, but would not be surprised if it was a release copy due to the wear and tear on the machine. Looks like it was actually used. May try to give it a compact flash drive upgrade when time allows, that way can keep wear and tear off the original drive and set it aside for safe keepings. Should be fun, I've never had one of these odd balls before. Can't wait to see it patched up and running like its old self again.
  3. chickenplucker

    1920x1200 Capable Video Cards?

    Don't know if this applies or is of any help, but some interesting reading on a 8500's built in display resolution and forcing it to do 1920x1080. Might be able to use it on other models, or at least as a starting point. https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/42610-1920x1080-on-pm8500-built-in-twin-turbo-128/
  4. chickenplucker

    Powerforce G4 350 configuring

    Hope this is the right one, looks like the PDF's are still up: https://web.archive.org/web/20000615135128/http://www.powerlogix.com:80/support/manuals.html
  5. chickenplucker

    Quadra 700 with battery damaged logic board

    If you are worried about any potential remaining corrosion, a bit of baking soda in warm water with more scrubbing will help neutralize any acid that may be left on the board. Prolly won't help with the looks of the spill, but should keep any green fuzzy's at bay.
  6. chickenplucker

    Solution for 9500/8500 pci clips

    Was thinking about this just the other day. How cool would it be to have some 3d printed copies of the power buttons or PCI brackets for some of these older machines. My poor 8500 sounds like a maraca when you move it with all its busted bits that lay in the case bottom. Drill and tap does seem like a more permanent solution though.
  7. chickenplucker

    Revenge of the Clones

    Not sure if any are left or if this would be an easier route to take for new drives, but defor had some bootable SATA PCI cards for sale in the classifieds that may be worth a look.
  8. chickenplucker

    Any opinions on new Ebay RAM?

    I ended up getting a 128mb stick just to try, will report back (assuming the 8500 keeps booting). For 10 bucks figured why not. Im well aware 1gb is overkill but I mostly have laptops in my collection and a maxed out 68k tower would be a nice oppisite of that. @itsvince725 I was very suprised to find they had EDO as well! Never would have thought in 2018 you could get that stuff new. @Juror22 They should work, would be the same stuff as the 8500 takes. There are 3.3 volt and 5 volt 168pin DIMMs, I think most macs mainly need the 5v ones.
  9. The other day I got a new PSU in for my supposedly dead 8500 which had shown no prior signs of life, and to my shock and amazement it fired right up to a happy bong sound. This is a new to me Mac, and I don't know any of the history on it, but have been starting to make a list of goodies to max it out already. First on that list is RAM. After digging around on the ebay for a few hours not having any luck finding decently sized 5v 168pin DIMM's, I finally found a seller that is selling brand new 64mb and 128mb sticks for $5 and $10 respectively with free shipping. Price seems more than fair and already has my mind filled with thoughts of stuffing this poor old 8500 full of 1GB of EDO for no particular reason. Anyone try or use this stuff before, or have a better recommendation on where to get RAM for these older machines?
  10. chickenplucker

    PowerBook 3400

    I guess depending on how rough of shape the batteries are in, being corroded and flat dead could cause an issue. Mine when I got it had both a flat dead main battery and very corroded PRAM battery and it fired up with no complaints. I've since removed the PRAM battery to keep the logic board safe and tend to keep the main disconnected when running it to avoid the stress of trying to charge it. It runs without both with no complaints and happily bongs to life when asked. Now if that's good or not for it I'm not sure, but it doesn't seem to mind. Battery does seem to act like a NiCad pack but never had it apart to confirm that.
  11. chickenplucker

    Powerbook 160 mod

    Hi Bunsen! I may end up gettting another dead 100 series Book of from Ebay soon so I can rip the keyboard open, and in that case I could cut a strip of matching grey plastic to help fill that in, but I'm not sure about how the seems at the edges would end up looking. At anyrate it will be another bridge to cross when the time comes The USB conversion: Maybe. I thought about gutting a mouse a USB mouse and doing something similer, but it looked like a lot of work. With the imate adapter it will just plug in and work like a USB mouse. One issue though that may change this though is the fact that the motherboard needs to be able to squeeze under a part of the track ball. Its going to be a very tight fit and it looks like it may have to play with my dremel a bit for everything to fit. But if that fails then it will be back to the USB mouse/trackball conversion. My plan from the start was to just wire it straight into a PS/2 keyboard controller and then worry about remapping everything on the Os side. Which kind of works, but since the actual keyboard matrices are so diffrent, it left large dead spots on the powerbook keyboard. It may be possible to get around this once I have another Powerbook keyboard too look at, but at the moment its not looking to good. So I'm playing around with getting and Arduino to play as an HID USB device, then load a keyboard matrix library in it and have it prettend to be the controller. But then Arduinos are chunky things, and that might mean lossing the harddrive in order to gain more room, and replacing it with a large USB drive or SD card. Long ways to go, but I'm learning a bunch which is fun. Just going to keep pushing on and hope for the best .
  12. chickenplucker

    Powerbook 160 mod

    For some reason, I'm not sure why, I have decided to shove a Dell 1545 motherboard that I revived from our shops junk pile into a dead Powerbook 160 I had kicking around. I think it started when a couple of my friends started talking about how we used to play Lode Runner back in the day, and how neat it would be to take a chunky old powerbook into the student union or some coffee shop and play Minecraft on it or something. So after finding the 1545 board, running around the south bridge with a heat gun, and fitting a new DC jack, I got a posting board for the project with some decent power behind it. I got a nice little LED LCD thats for a Dell mini 10 and it seems to fit in the bezel pretty good, only issue is that some of the frame is visible, but I kind of like it the more I look at it. If need be I could throw a strip of black plastic over it. I want this to look as stock as possible when done, so that means keeping the keyboard and track ball. The track ball should not be an issue since it seems to just be ADB on a ribbon so all thats needed there is an iMate adapter gutted and wired in to get it to USB. The keyboard on the other hand is going to be the major hurtle in this thing. I've got the pinout from the daughter boards ribbon, and have it running into a ps2 controller just to make sure it would spit out something. But getting it wired up right is going to be tricky since theres no controller that matches that matrix on the keyboard, so I think its going to end up using an Arduino or a PIC. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas on getting that sorted it would be appreciated. Also if anyone has a picture of the matrix in that keyboard I'd love to see it since I really dont want to break those plastic rivets on the back