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    PB190, is it the worst? (Probably).

    Does anyone know if the 5300 parts are interchangeable with the 190? I.E. RAM and video output upgrades?
  2. tokyoracer

    PB190, is it the worst? (Probably).

    Just finally received a PowerBook 190 I won some time ago on eBay. Widely regarded as (one of) the WORST PowerBook's designed and made. I can kinda see why people have that opinion or it. Plastics are poor, can't use an external display (at least on mine), no mic input and because it's not the "c" model, it's only 16-colour grey scale. But you know what, I couldn't resist the price. Plus unlike.most, this was in such good shape and it's probably the only working example I've seen that is also cosmetically 100% clean and without any damage at all (other than some battery mess but that's all deposited on the inside of the case thankfully). Boots into 7.5.2 and I can clearly tell it hasn't seen much use in its life. Pictures to follow tomorrow...
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    Performa 630 DOS issues.

    Hi again chaps. I've drawn a blank on this one so I figured you guys are the best people to turn to. So I have a couple of issues with my 630 that have cropped up since I've upgraded the HD to an 8GB one (2x 4GB partitions). First one is that it crashes a few seconds after selecting "Shut Down". Not sure what might be causing this, it was shutting down perfectly fine before. Second is to do with mapping a hard drive to the DOS card. When selecting "New Drive File" and making a file for the DOS HD (doesn't seem to make a difference what size I make it) and selecting "Initialize Drive File" and saving it on my System 7 booting Partition then going to "Create", it goes to "Preparing drive file" progress window and hangs after about 5%. Sometimes it will just produce a blank white box after about 10-20 seconds, sometimes the "watch" mouse pointer disappears and sometimes it produces a pale yellow window with a 'picture frame' style outlines around the boarder. Very bizarre. Anyone have any thoughts to where I should look? I know the hardware is working fine, I can boot and enter the DOS mode fine, just can't seem to make a drive file.
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    Performa 630 DOS issues.

    Likewise, thanks for the heads-up.
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    My screen is blue (Radius Pivot SE/30)

    Nice one @Bolle! That's a really good looking cable! I can't believe I let this card to sit around. It's great to see someone really appreciate it and get it up and running! I suppose that's what this place is all about. Hopefully the display issues can be rectified with a bit of trial and error. It seems to me that Pivot displays are quite unique and replicating them could be tricky with modern monitors. Are the ZIP RAM chips standard? One would hope that they wouldn't be to dissimilar to some that you see for sale quite often these days. If so finger's-crossed that it would make the cards resolutions more flexible and might have the added bonus of more greys! Then once sorted, I suppose it's just a case of making an adapter plate. I suppose you could just 3D-print one (or get someone to make one), if you're not too rough with it.
  6. One thing that I'm a little surprised that wasn't noticed is that he left all the ROMs on the board when it went in the washer. When I (hand) washed my Classic II board, I made sure I removed anything removable so that it could try more efficiently. Including the ROMs. Not to mention I'm never a fan of doing this unless I feel I have to. Overall, not a huge deal but IMHO, the less I can submerge in water, the better. As for the twisting/rocking the caps, I watched it and immediately I was not a fan of this method either. I was surprised he even suggested this was (he thought was) the best. If they haven't leaked than maybe it wouldn't be so bad but since they had (badly too) and has started to corrode, it's a massive risk as it's already almost certainly compromised the pads. I've yet to get into recapping myself but I think of I did, I'd prefer to desolder them and use gravity to let the weight of the board drop (onto a soft surface) while the cap is still in the pliers. Still at least it still worked for David this time I suppose. However I don't think this is a "fool proof" method by any means. Frankly is there really is a defacto right way to do these jobs? At least on vintage hardware? I guess you got to do what works best for you, or at least what gets the best results with as few screwups possible.
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    Color Classic with weird behavior

    Seriously good advice Alex, I will bookmark this for when I attempt my first recap.
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    ROMBUS - 64 MB flash interface for Mac Plus

    I'd definitely be interested in this if you can post it to the UK. $40 seems very reasonable.
  9. tokyoracer

    Noisy Fan, flaky power switch in my LC III

    I replaced the switch in mine, it's a standard rocker switch that can be found all over eBay. I was tempted to fit a glowing one in there but stuck with a black one. Few wires? Should only be two (positive and negative / red and black).
  10. tokyoracer

    Boxed eMac acquisition!

    Box doesn't look that bad really. The polys atleast all good. I'd keep it if you have storage space.
  11. tokyoracer

    PB190, is it the worst? (Probably).

    Oh them? Yeah I have a few of those. But seriously, I read about that. Seems really bizarre that they didn't make it past the pre production stage being as the drives are so easily removable. I suppose my only upgrade options are the external display and memory. I should think finding either would be like finding a needle in a haystack, with no needle in it.
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    PB190, is it the worst? (Probably).

    As promised, albeit a few hours late (sorry it's a bit dark): Since taking the pictures I've gutted the battery pack, with great difficulty I might add (what a mess!). So now there's no more gaping holes. Does anyone know if there was a CD-ROM drive for these?
  13. tokyoracer

    PB190, is it the worst? (Probably).

    I did spot the PCMCIA slots on the side, that will be very useful! Also, it's a nice surprise to learn of the IDE hard drive, that definitely makes me feel a lot better about this purchase. It's a pity mine appears to be such a bare-bones system but the later PPC ones could be upgradable, do any of you guys know if they fit the 68K models? I'm assuming the connections will be different being very different architectures. Specifically I'd like to see if I could get an external display upgrade as well as RAM.
  14. tokyoracer

    (Failed) Conquest

    Glad to hear you got your package. It was good of them to look after it for you, though why they couldn't leave you a note to let you know is beyond me. Why do American services do this? Here in the UK they have to leave it in a secure place or a neighbour. Otherwise it gets taken back to a depot, post office or rescheduled for a different day. As for Clockometer. Il have to check that out myself and see what it says for my machines. Was always curious if they're running at correct speeds, thanks for the heads up! I remember having a couple of LC's with the 'wrong' MHz rated CPU, I always wondered what it was actually clocked at. I sold them before I could ever find out sadly.
  15. tokyoracer

    Scored a IIfx lot with extras

    Wow. The only IIfx I got was bundled with a II on eBay near 10 years ago. Batteries absolutely nuked the board so I have only a IIfx without a motherboard. Even got a bunch of 64-pin RAM for it still. They're scarce even in the US, just imagine how hard it is to get one here in Blighty! Not sure if I want to just sell what I have left of it or keep it in the hope something might happen.
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    PowerBook 170 hard drive won't spin up

    Might be sticking. I take it you're getting to the disk screen on the PB? Try powering it on and listen out for any drive activity. If you hear some noises coming from it, it might be worth (if there's enough room) seeing if it splins up after jolt from your wrist. It may actually be safer to open the drive up the lid and manually spin it (not touching the platters) to see if the motors pick it up. I've got a full size drive that does this. As I did, only do this when you've eliminated other possible issues first.
  17. tokyoracer

    Carrera040 in Macintosh IIsi

    Hi AP. Do you have another machine to test it on? I have this exact card (sadly without the cache) in my IIci and it works fine, albeit it it leans to one side, so I jammed a cardboard wedge in there. But I digress. Have you checked the 4 caps on the card? These often leak and suffer from poor solder joints too. I replaced mine with Panasonic ones.
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    Powerbook 145b

    Probably bad screen caps. Pretty much every PB from the 100 to most (if not all) the PPC ones have screen issues and every one in existence will be crying out for them to be replaced.
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    Macintosh Plus keeps tripping RCD

    Necro time. I'm having exactly the same problem. It tripped as I was trying to initialise an external SCSI drive for my Plus (thankfully I was only testing it at the time). But when rearming the RCD after the Mac Plus was switched off, it went off a couple of minutes later. Scared the shit out of me. Who would have imagined that something that is switched off would cause it to trip? Trouble is I really don't like working with high voltage stuff, so I'm going to have to find someone fairly local for help. Il get the components in the mean time I suppose. Fun times! Edit: Quick question; does it matter what material it is? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F253399756065 https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F273462730158 Are either of them suitable replacements? I would rather replace it with something as-good-as, if not better and by a trusted brand.
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    7.1 vs 7.5.3 on a Color Classic

    7.1 is definitely the way to go on these with the original 030 motherboard. I'm lucky that I have a "Mystic" one, that's on 7.5.5 and that's spritly to say the least! Personally I follow these rules from experience but there's no true right or wrong: 68k and 020: System 6.0.8 16MHz - 25MHz 030: System 7.1(.1) 32MHz - 40MHz 030: System 7.5.5 040: System 7.5.5, 7.6.1 or 8.1 (OS 8 for 33MHz and above) 601 PPC: 7.6.1 or 8.1 603 PPC: 8.6 to 9.2.2 G3: 9.2.2 to early OSX.
  21. tokyoracer

    Horizontal lines on PowerBook 180c

    Isn't this a passive matrix display? I'm pretty sure this is normal, albeit probably made worse by leaky caps. Replacing them will likely reduce it but it's not likely to eliminate it due to the nature of them kind of display's.
  22. Pretty sure I got a disk image of it on my Emu. Here: http://macintoshgarden.org/games/dark-castle-color I said "Colour Versions", this may be the only one on colour. I can't remember off the top of my head.
  23. tokyoracer

    Apple Set Top Box

    Nice I wondered who won that eBay auction. Keep us updated.
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    Best games/apps to showcase B&W mac?

    IIci is 25Mhz with cache (usually). Classic II is 16MHz and is crippled by other factors too. That said, being as it's only rendering white and black, it probably wouldn't be too bad on it.
  25. tokyoracer

    Best games/apps to showcase B&W mac?

    Civilization and Vette! They're the only two I can think of that nobody else mentioned. Though Civ may be slow on 68K. . . Every other suggestion is sound. Personally I find the "Quest" games very poorly optimized on the Mac, barely playable but give it a go none-the-less. Wasn't Syndicate B&W too? That would probably be a slideshow on 68K though (if it works at all).