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  1. tokyoracer

    which macs need recap

    Some are more prone than others. You might want to consider the more advanced high-end 68k machines first. That said there are so many factors that come into cap leakage from what caps they used from the factory at the time it was assembled, to the ammount it has been used (and possibly even the condition of the power supply). Rule of thumb, if you want to keep things simple, oldest to newest is a good plan. But IMHO, I think it would pay to take some time and research the machines most prone. Look at the condition of your machine's boards, look for tell-tale signs when powering on and running (from audio issues to non-booting garbage on the screen) and decide then what to recap. One thing you should do, if you only have limited time and/or funds, wash the problematic and iffy looking boards to avoid any further corrosion while they are queued up for recapoing in the future.
  2. tokyoracer

    Power Mac 6100 sound

    The caps look visually okay and the 6100 is less prone to cap leakage than most, but that doesn't mean they're still not bad. Since your audio does still work, the fact it's low even at max, I can almost certainly say it's cap related. I can't think what else could cause that issue, other than damaged audio traces (let's hope it isn't that). Even if it was fine, all the beige machines that exist that haven't been recapped in the past 15+ years will be certainly due for one.
  3. tokyoracer

    Nabbed a 6500/300 with a few differences

    I was bidding on that, decided to opt out, had no idea this was something special. Good score.
  4. tokyoracer

    Advice for new 840AV owner

    I have one of them in my 840. Definitely worth it since all you need is a HD sled and another drive. I picked up a 2.1GB 68-Pin SCSI drive for the second bay. Only trouble I had is the cable I used made it hard to plug into the card. Far from ideal as any more welly and I could have broke the header! After that, it was just a case of cable-tieing the cable around the case so nothing fouls.
  5. tokyoracer

    6100 Sonnet sticker location.

    Getting very lucky on eBay is probably your best bet. That's how I got mine, with help from a kind Aussie user here.
  6. tokyoracer

    6100 Sonnet sticker location.

    With much deliberation, I decided to go with none of the choices (technically) and take jessenator's suggestion by lining it up with the CD-ROM drive, to the left. Thanks for the thought's.
  7. tokyoracer

    Any Apple IIc Users, Old and New?

    Well that being the case. I have wanted an Apple II for some years and one day the time finally came. I found my //c about 4 years ago or so on eBay. Wasn't the most well presented listing and was sold as non-working (because the seller didn't test it or power it up prior to listing). After a message from me, he did let me know he tried powering the unit and monitor up and got "Apple ][" on the screen and key presses were responding but he never mentioned or revised the listing. In the end after some bidding, I won it for under £60 GBP. A great deal even for the time since it wasn't just the machine I got. It had the monitor, literature and a few other random bits. It arrived pretty clean and complete. It turned out to be a relatively early model too. Not ideal in some respects as I can't really upgrade the RAM but beggars can't be choosers! I bought a NOS copy of ChessMaster 2000 as well to test out the disk drive and after a quick clean with IPA and a disk cleaner, it boots straight away. I even messaged the seller with pictures, as he was interested. So after that I had a hankering for more Apple II software. At the time the FloppyEmu was out of my reach financially, but I did have a PC which happened to have a parallel port. This meant that ADT Pro was a viable option. I got someone to make me up a cable and very kindly charged me for materials and postage only. Plugged it in and with little hassle, the //c was communicating with the PC and writing on some blank disks I had laying around. Quite amazing to think given how much of an age gap there is between these two machines (6502 Vs i5)! After playing some games I 'made', I was a little curious how this would look on a colour monitor. This wouldn't be so easy. Finding a colour Apple monitor in the UK is alot like trying to find a needle in a haystack, with no needle in it. Doing some looking around, a colour monitor was (as I suspected) out of the question, even before factoring in US postage. The composite adapter was also expensive and not that sharp. The only alternative was a //c to VGA solution which thanks to A2heaven, was a possibility. This was not cheap but still cheaper than the composite adapter and A-LOT cheaper than a colour monitor. It's a wonderful box of tricks too with the ability to cycle through various forms of video modes on the fly! After that, I could have sold off my original //c monitor since it is technically redudent, however it suits it perfectly. Well it would, if it had its original stand. Thus my final wishlist for the machine was established. But like.the colour monitor, the chances of finding one on it's own is rare enough, leave alone one in the UK. After a good 3 years of searching and missing out on a few, I finally got one a few months back. It was missing one locking cap, all it's rubber feet and still cost me a good £40 factoring in customs charges but I was till mostly happy. Since it was missing some bits, it wouldn't lock into a position but when the monitor is sat on the stand, it was already at a good angle. So a strip of strong velcro on the monitor and stand and some rubber feet later, my setup is now finally complete! The machine is pretty clean, original and fully working and even when you factor in the costs involved in getting it to this stage, it still worked out far cheaper than a working one on it's own today. Thanks for the strong community, I was able to get the Apple II machine I always wanted without breaking the bank (too much). I've since acquired a FloppyEmu too, though I haven't got round to trying to switch compatibility to the Apple II mode. But yeah that's my story. Not terrifically exciting, and I haven't done much with the machine lately but it's definitely a keeper!
  8. tokyoracer

    Advice for new 840AV owner

    This is basically what mine needs. I washed the board but I don't have the soldering skills/equipment yet to do the job properly, so I'm just making sure cap goo is kept to a minimum. It's a real power house of a machine though, nice to see another 840 user. Mine has a FWB Jackhammer (with a SCSI II HD) and a Radius LeMans GT installed. Very handy having a case that can hold two 3.5" HD's.
  9. tokyoracer

    Any Apple IIc Users, Old and New?

    I'm fairly new to the Apple II club, with a //c. Pretty uncommon in this part of the world. I haven't done too much with it yet but if you want a few words from me I'm happy to lend a paragraph or two.
  10. tokyoracer

    6100 Sonnet sticker location.

    Keep it for now, though of I ever get more Sonnet hardware, I might come knocking. Thanks to all for the thought's. Will let the poll run a little longer just in case.
  11. I'm undecided where to place the newly arrived case sticker to reflect the G3 card that's installed! What do you guys think? 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6:
  12. Neat, I totally forgot about the Pico solution! Wouldn't be too difficult to hook it up to the standard 3-pin 'kettle' socket either if short enough.
  13. That's looking seriously good! I will buy atleast one (for my IIsi), if not 3 or 4 depending on price. However I think I will wait until there's some kind of 'list' of PSU's that would make good replacements for each model it's compatible with. Hopefully someone here can create some kind of chart or small database. Of course I suppose the ways you can implement a PSU to fit is only limited to the area the old one occupies. What would be cool is if there was an easy and cheap source of PSU that can not only be wired up easily, but also fit into the original housing of the old supply with a minimal effort as possible for ultimate stealth look. That said, even if you have to mount it somewhere on the internal chassis and dangle a power cord out. It is certainly better than a dead machine!
  14. tokyoracer

    A Pile of Stuff from Sweden!

    Very nice lot, definitely worth keeping the Zip SCSI stuff. I have amassed about 6 drives and only one is the 'thought after' SCSI type. Very useful for data transfer. Nice to find an early external Apple CD drive too, pretty unusual to see someone replaced the drive though. If you can put it back to original, I would definitely recommend it. If not for looks, the OS will probably have an easier time detecting it without messing with extensions. The keyboard, well what's not already been said about them? Better when it's in your native layout. Good result.
  15. tokyoracer

    Steel ball bearing as Duo 250 trackball

    Failing that, there's a fairly reasonably priced complete NOS trackball assembly. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F142744323329