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  1. tokyoracer

    Bad caps leading to slow performance ?

    Dumb question here, what machine is it? I know my LC was woefully slow on System 7.1. Didn't take much use or software to drag it down more and more as I used it. I downgraded it to 6.0.8 and it was positively spritely in comparison. But yes if you see "visible damage", and if you got the means and/or skill to repair it, don't waste any time. Atleast wash the PCB thoroughly and carefully.
  2. tokyoracer

    Help identifying Lapis PDS card.

    I guess this card will remain a mystery. . . But if anyone does find out some info on this particular card please do let me know. In the mean time I suppose I will list it up for sale as it is. As said, it could always be used as an FPU card! Thanks for the help anyways especially omidemo, you are probably onto something there. Pity mine doesn't use a standard 15-pin output (it's a 9-pin D-sub, not 8 as I made a typo).
  3. tokyoracer

    Help identifying Lapis PDS card.

    10029-1F? No. All my LC's have network cards with FPU's so it isn't really any more useful to me. That said, it's possible that might be what it is. But would it be a colour card? It has an 8-pin D-sub on the rear, not the usual standard 15-pin D-sub so I assumed it was probably mono.
  4. As per title, does anyone have any information on this card? I was going to list it up for sale but I got no idea what it is exactly! I assume some kind of mono video card (duel or full page display?). Does anyone have info on this? Better yet are the drivers still available? Regardless, I'm fairly sure it isn't worth much but I'm trying to declutter so it needs to go...
  5. tokyoracer

    Newest conquest: Apple IIc

    Got mine a couple of years back for atleast twice that in 'untested' condition. I got lucky as it worked fine but I don't have that trademark monitor stand like yours has. IDK what happened but finding them things on their own are fetching silly money on eBay all of a sudden.
  6. tokyoracer

    Street value for Apple IIc in December 2018?

    There is a "Mockingboard 4c" for about £85 (~$125?) as well which is something you might like, it's certainly on my wishlist! I can vouch for the A2H VGA adapter. I can't stand just having a green phosphor display, no matter how 'A E S T H E T I C' it may be (though i'm glad I have it for the looks, just need a stand for it!).
  7. tokyoracer

    signs of dead flyback transformer? Mac Plus issues

    I had a very similar issue with my SE. I even have a video of it here: I never really looked into it but I think it is a logic board issue. Probably bad caps. I also remember the brightness being way too high.
  8. tokyoracer

    IIvx not powering on.

    Okay, so the saga continues it seems. . . For a while everything has been fine but now there's a couple of other issues that have cropped up. Now the mouse and keyboard isn't responding, however soft-power via keyboard is working and the wireless mouse I use is definitely responding to the receiver. Also the onboard audio doesn't chime but yet the speaker beeps when there's a pop-up (the one about shuting down the machine blah-blah). Could caps prevent both ADB ports to stop working (but for some reason, allow soft-powering), and not chime anymore but still play sounds once booted?
  9. tokyoracer

    Warning! Exploding Maxell PRAM Batteries

    This reminds me of the IIfx I received 8 years ago along with a II (that survived albeit with no signs of life). Sadly both batteries went on a killing spree.
  10. tokyoracer

    $25 PowerBook 190CS with 32MB RAM expansion

    Nice find, these things have absolutely rocketed in value lately. I almost had a heart attack seeing a PB 145 going for over £100 here in the UK, and mines in better shape and in an original bag! Is it just me or are pretty much every Macintosh system going up alot lately? I can't even see the crappy early PPC models for peanuts anymore. Atleast here in Europe.
  11. tokyoracer

    What's on that old hard drive?

    A little late to reply, but this thread was too good to avoid and I'd like to share my experiences with this since I've collected (probably way too many) machines I my time. I don't like to make a habit of prying into other's personal affairs, and I don't judge anyone here at all. However the times curiosity have gotten the better of me, it has been mostly mundane stuff. About a year and a half ago, I bought an Amstrad PC1640 from an older gent locally, and he really treasured this machine. Nothing much in the way of personal data, but he had a journal in which he logged everything he did with that machine. Software and hardware wise. Also his PC magazine subscriptions. Really was quite something. And yes I definitely will keep that book with the machine. In different cases, there's been few times there were banking info and addresses, nothing really worth mentioning. Though, my most interesting data dive is from a Mac funny enough... A few years ago I received a Classic II that was not working (mess on the screen). I cleaned the main board with the usual soapy warm water trick, a total cheap-out fix and got it booting again to find it had been used as a family computer with records upto 2002. It wasn't exactly chock full of sensitive data but what I have determined is that the family that had it, the kids seemed to use it most to do drawing and typing in Claris Works. School stuff, love declorations (to various girls at their school lol), cartoonish faces, etc. Typical innocent kids stuff. The mother seemed to use it for logging her chiropractic work (presumably self-employed), writing invoices for people owing. She wasnt cheap either, upto £200 a session, in the early 2000's! There were a few miscellaneous letters, one about their divorce which was kinda personal obviously. I didn't read into that much. But I think the one that almost brought a tear to one's eye was a number of letters one of the kids wrote to their devorced dad. Reading it I was seeing how distant they were, not seeing eachother for nearly half a decade, talking about his schooling and football game results and mentioning that he wanted "to be a policeman just like him". Also wishing he could contact him more often. I do wonder if his mother took a dislike to her son making letters to her ex husband as he kept apologising for not responding more regularly. It was quite moving personally, dealing with a family breakup myself when I was about 7, I suppose I was lucky I got to see my dad fairly regularly as a kid. It really pained a picture of the machine's past. I even discovered a faint UV mark on the screen bezel, a completely different named individual. One assumes this was either sold on or given to this family (prior to being wiped presumably) in the late 90's as their earliest document date was around 1998. I'm not really proud of myself for looking, but it does really fascinate me about what computers I have and what story they have to tell of their past.
  12. tokyoracer

    IIvx not powering on.

    Okay, so since unplugging for a while, it does seem to me that it could be a capacitor issue. So you guys are probably on the money with the caps being at fault. I would imagine they are relied upon for the soft powering system. Since it only starts after being plugged in for 10 mins or so, my best guess it's capacitors are not taking a charge quickly anymore, hence the long wait for powering up and lack of response from pressing the power button. Thankfully there's no signs of leakage on the board but until I can get the skills/equipment to replace them, I will just keep check of it's condition from time to time. I did manage to update it's system OS in the mean time and found some higher capacity SIMMs to take it to 20MB. The caddy CD drive door needs a little attention at some point though.
  13. tokyoracer

    IIvx not powering on.

    Well this is a real change of events. I (unintentionally) left this thing plugged in (but not powered on obviously) and came home a couple of hours ago, just thought I'd try it to see if it's still broken and would you believe it, it's powered up! I've heard of this trick before on other electronics but honestly didn't think it would apply here but there we go. I'll update on the status over the next few days on this but so far. Soft powering is working once again. I haven't tried unplugging it, yet (*gulp*). You might want to try what I did. Let me know if you get anything after a few hours plugged into the mains.
  14. tokyoracer

    IIvx not powering on.

    I'm pretty sure they're probably original, atleast I haven't ever replaced them. Would they cause the machine to not even switch on though? The board itself is clean, I see no signs of leakage anywhere. Don't get me wrong, I certainly will get into cap replacement once I home my skills and get the right equipment for it. I got a while load of systems queuing up for it.
  15. tokyoracer

    IIvx not powering on.

    Hi guys, been a while. In my absence, I've actually been quite busy. I've been sorting out alot of my old Mac 68K (and a few PPC) machines and over the past few years, bringing them out of storage with mostly positive results. However this IIvx (I know, hardly one of the 'good' ones but I kinda like it in it's own way), doesn't want to power on, as in at all. This was working prior to storage too. So, the first port of call was to replace the PSU with a known working unit (from a Quadra 650). Still nothing, soft or hard power. I know there is power going to the PSU atleast as I hear a small snap of electricity as the 'kettle' style lead is inserted. It could be my imagination, but I'm sure I sometimes hear a micro relay switching too sometime when power is applied (or atleast attempted). I know the PSU is good, hell I think it's original one is working too. The 6 pin 'chocolate' block connector is definitely making contact with the female connector on the motherboard. This has completely stumped, anyone have any idea where I should look or if there's any tests I can make? O do have a multimeter on standby.