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  1. IIfx

    Mac System 7 ... on an iPad.

    I got all exited thinking this would be on the App Store, but I brought myself back to reality. No emulators allowed on the App Store. It would be fun just to see peoples reaction if you showed them the iPad running System 7. Try and pass it off as the newest iOS.
  2. PCB looks good to me. My IIcx had the same caps. The values are printed on a yellow band around the side of the cap.
  3. Perhaps not relevant to this discussion, but it would be cool to see a new 10/100 Nubus card enter production. The Asante card is rare and fairly expensive. Since Nubus is standardized and used on tons of Macs it may be worth the effort?
  4. IIfx

    Macintosh color classic won't power on

    You will need to replace the capacitors on the logic board. If cleaning the whole board with alcohol is required the caps have leaked. They will soon, if not already, be out of specification. The Color Classic is very easy to recap.
  5. I order my parts from Digikey. This is the series of caps I was speaking of: https://www.digikey.com/en/product-highlight/n/nichicon/aluminum-conductive-polymer-capacitors
  6. IIfx

    IIci with a Radius bonus!

    IIci is a rather popular machine so it may be worth recapping if the system is complete. It's not a hard board to recap.
  7. IIfx

    Color Classic Can't Boot From Hard Drive Anymore?

    Has the motherboard been recaped? A problem I ran into on my CC is the little metal shielding feet on the underside of the logic board getting dislodged and causing a short. I had one of those feet cause SCSI to not work until I placed it in the right position. Check the position of the metal feet.
  8. IIfx

    Quadra 950 - Power Tower

    So I haven't got a chance to benchmark the SCSI2SD 5.1/Q950 SCSI Bus yet in anything aside from Norton Utilities. It scored in the high 80's if I remember right, above most lower end 030 Macs but well below the Quadras, so the SCSI2SD is holding it back. Possibly due to crippled random write speeds. OWC RAM order still hasn't shipped because PRAM batteries are on back order. Don't know how long I need to wait until they ship the RAM at least. The 3D printed CD-ROM Bezel I ordered from Shapeways should be here soon, thank you 360alaska for designing the bezels! A tip is heading your way once I get my next paycheck.
  9. IIfx

    PowerBook 550c

    When recapping I only use high quality Japanese or American caps, no substitute. Nichicon Polymers are nice matches for the OEM SMD electrolytic caps. Looks OEM, but won't leak. Costs a bit more, but your Mac will be truly happy.
  10. IIfx

    PowerBook 550c

    If you lack the supplies to do the job, I have a Hakko soldering station. I could take on a recap job if your willing to "outsource" the work. Already recapped my Color Classic with good success: Note the CC/CCII aren't hard logic boards to work on. There is a lot of empty space on the PCB around the caps. A soldering novice can take on the job if the work is carried out slow. I would recommend buying components from Digikey or Mouser, not Radio Shack.
  11. IIfx

    PowerBook 550c

    Did you recap the logic board yet? My bet is the cleaning with water ruined what was left of the electrolyte in the caps. No functioning caps, no boot.
  12. IIfx

    Quadra 950 - Power Tower

    Today I worked quite a bit on the Q950. Found my spare tray load AppleCD 300, as well as a 4 pin square to 4 pin molex cable out of a long dead 7100 desktop. Reinstalled System 7.1.1 Pro and installed System 7.6 on a 2nd partition. It took a very long time to get my Stage II Rocket working in 7.1.1 Pro because of a corrupt default Rocket startup disk image. Once I made my own using the clean copy of 7.1.1 Pro the random Rocket crashing went away. Performance of a Rocket with the Q950 onboard video is ok. It isn't as fast as when paired with a higher end Radius display card, but it's acceptable. I am kind of surprised that the fast host CPU fed onboard frame buffer lags behind a Nubus card in RocketShare video performance. Performance of the onboard video with the host OS is snappy. Note that my comparison of Rocketshare performance is based on my experience with the IIfx and a Radius "red" 24 bit short display card with crippled Apple ROM. The V5.1 SCSI2SD is fast enough. It isn't blazing fast and falls short of saturating the bus of the Q950, but it is more responsive than a typical HDD in terms of seek times. If your going to do heavy read/write I would strongly recommend getting the v6 for an 040 Mac. The v5.1 should be enough to saturate the SCSI bus of even the fastest 030 Macs. Getting a v6 is on my wish list. Next I am thinking to install System 8.1 on a third partition. I have 9 partitions due to chopping up the 16gb SD card for HFS, so might as well do something with them. I was thinking 1 2gb partition for documents, applications, and games each, with the rest left as different versions of the system. Still waiting on the RAM and PRAM battery from OWC.
  13. IIfx

    Bodge Wires on LC III Motherboard?

    The issue probably was a PCB design error that made it to the final production run. Could have been something completely show stopping, i.e dead on arrival logic boards, or it could be a stability fix of some type that was incorporated in later revisions. Bodge wire jobs make a lot more sense than just throwing out fixable boards.
  14. IIfx

    Scutboy's Stuff

    And here I thought the 81mb of RAM in my IIfx was huge. 128mb! That must have cost an absolute fortune back in the day to obtain. Now you need some special Nubus boards to put in that IIfx. If I were you, I would take both Q700's if possible. Even a beat up one fetches a nice amount of cash if functional due to the Jurassic Park connection.
  15. IIfx

    Quadra 950 - Power Tower

    I have a VideoVision Studio board, but it's in my Radius 81/110. The card is better paired with a fast PowerPC chip, at least from my tests. I've been using the VideoVision Studio to archive family mini VHS tapes to digital. Only roadblock is the small 2gb HDD and slow 10baseT lan of the 81/110.