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  1. IIfx

    IIfx and some issues

    Those caps are related to general functions of the soft power circuit. If power from the keyboard button is not possible you must replace those capacitors. If you upload a photo photo of that corner of the logic board we can say if it has leaked or not. Its the corner by the RAM and power button, where the batteries are. If you can’t do surface mount soldering, I have redone my IIfx with great success. It’s a easy board to work on, well laid out.
  2. IIfx

    IIfx and some issues

    There are two surface mount electrolytic caps over near the power button. Check that they didn’t leak and damage the traces to the button or the associated chips. Other than those two caps most IIfx are surface mount tantalum with a few axial electrolytic through hole caps.
  3. Ah that's a shame, the photo makes it look like the 2nd set is salvageable. Missed the part about rotted traces. This reminds me to recap my spare IIfx logic board. I did the main logic board already, that was a breeze compared to other Macs I have done.
  4. IIfx

    Quadra 700 gets stuck at happy mac

    With any system more complex than MS-DOS you should always run the proper shutdown command, otherwise corruption of the disk is a possibility. When you issue the shutdown command to the Mac OS it halts all disk activity, preventing random corruption from interrupting read/write. If you did that on lets say a Solaris UNIX system you would get a very nasty warning from the kernel upon bootup, where it would then begin the process of checking and repairing the file system.
  5. I would also try reinstalling the system software to eliminate that as a problem source. RasterOps Drivers: https://vintageapple.org/macdrivers/video/knighttech/DiskImages/RasterOps/RasterOpsGFXInstall3.3.smi.hqx
  6. FYI the IIfx has redundant set of pads for all capacitors in the system, the blank pads to the right would work. Apple made logic boards for the IIfx with both SMD electrolytic and Tantalum caps, depending on supply chain factors. My IIfx is about 80% Tantalum, with the last 20% being electrolytic. Even the large axial caps have pads underneath for a SMD cap!
  7. I can confirm the Mac Mini G4 is a very potent Mac OS 9 Mac, with some minor issues. Sound does work, but only out of the stereo out, and not in the sound control panel. I'm documenting the various little problems and will probably do a video on the tiny PPC powerhouse.
  8. IIfx

    Mac Mini G4 1.47ghz - Stock

    I was casually browsing eBay and I came across a cheap working G4 Mini for $25. It has the stock config of 256mb RAM and a 80gb HDD. Photos in the listing make it look Iike it’s in great shape. Seller is throwing in a 1gb sodimm upgrade for it, although I will have to install it. The purchase breaks my New Years goal of no new purchases and finishing projects. Oops. I’ll write this one off as a birthday present to myself as my birthday is coming at the end of the month. Right now it’s running 10.4. My plan is to try that modified Mac OS 9 image on it and see how it performs. I might make it into an OS X server for light internal use as a bridge between modern and old. Not sure yet. I could just virtualize everything but where is the fun in a pile of VM’s? $25 was too cheap to say no to. Will post pics when it comes in the mail.
  9. Honestly this sounds like a cap problem. My IIcx was flaky and continued to get worse up to non functional status until I replaced caps. First major circuit to go is sound usually. I know the IIcx can boot from SCSI ZIP ok without any key combo
  10. Best bet would be to use software to read out the DeclROM. DeclROM will ID the card.
  11. IIfx

    radius rocket info

    Officially the IIfx is not supported under RocketWare. Note I have not tried to force it to run RocketWare with my Rocket 33mhz. It's supposedly the same issue with the underlying system I/O bus architecture that blocks RocketWare from running on a Q900/950 and Q700. Both Quadras are a lot like an extended, modernized, and simplified IIfx. The I/O architecture is in common across the three machines per Apple's devnotes. One of us with a Rocket 33 should try and see what happens with RocketWare on a IIfx.
  12. IIfx

    Quadra 950 - Power Tower

    OWC finally shipped out the RAM. Turns out NewerTech no longer supplies them with 3.6v 1/2 AA PRAM batteries so they had to rebuild my order without the battery. I went ahead and ordered some PRAM batteries off of ebay, the blue PxCell ones. I've had good luck with these in the past. The Q950 was a bit grumpy installing the new RAM. Cleaning the SIMM slots with contact cleaner cleared the death chimes. Within a few paychecks I will be bumping the system to 256mb RAM. I have a feeling that OWC's supply of new 30 pin SIMM's will dry up.
  13. IIfx

    Mac System 7 ... on an iPad.

    I got all exited thinking this would be on the App Store, but I brought myself back to reality. No emulators allowed on the App Store. It would be fun just to see peoples reaction if you showed them the iPad running System 7. Try and pass it off as the newest iOS.
  14. PCB looks good to me. My IIcx had the same caps. The values are printed on a yellow band around the side of the cap.
  15. Perhaps not relevant to this discussion, but it would be cool to see a new 10/100 Nubus card enter production. The Asante card is rare and fairly expensive. Since Nubus is standardized and used on tons of Macs it may be worth the effort?