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  1. Apple used Maxell from the factory, and they leak acid in an explosive fashion. Fresh PRAM is a very good idea to preserve the system regardless of battery make.
  2. !!! Is that PRAM battery a Maxell? If so remove it ASAP. The red color drew my attention. Those leak and destroy the logic board. congrats on getting the SCSI2SD going
  3. IIfx

    Recap Uh-Oh

    I had the same thing happen recapping my 6100, just a single dry joint with minimal solder not actually making a solid connection. always feels good when something broken comes back to life!
  4. IIfx

    Scored a IIfx lot with extras

    The Apple custom ASIC to the left of the Zilog serial controller might be a goner, but fingers crossed you can save this system!
  5. I would think the slightly higher voltage would be OK if you load the system up with expansion cards. The IIfx PSU barely cuts it when you have tons of high power cards installed. .10 over is within tolerances, although kind of on the hot side. Monitor ASIC temps and make sure no chips are burning hot.
  6. IIfx

    Diagnosing the 9600 From Hell(tm)

    Did you try cleaning the contacts on the board? I would get a can of electric contact cleaner from an auto parts store and clean every slot on the board. I've had weird issues like yours go away from that treatment.
  7. Just sharing a neat thing I ran into today working on my 6100. PCI slot blower fans fit perfectly under the HDD cage without any Velcro. It's a snug fit so the fan will not move. This drastically improves airflow in the system, blowing cool air over the 601, Cache, and PDS expansion card. I think this would be a valuable way of extending the service life of these machines. These 601 chips get hot. If you throw in a Houdini 486 card the system becomes an absolute inferno. More cool air should stop the chips from cooking themselves to death.
  8. Idea: Contact Cleaner. CRC QD from an auto parts store works wonders. I have had that stuff fix inexplicable problems. Spray down the RAM SIMM slots, ROM slot, and cache slot. Heck, just bathe the whole board in the stuff, it evaporates.
  9. NoofleBot, I have a spare IIfx logic board, I keep it in case my IIfx has a catastrophic failure. I highly doubt it will die out of the blue though, as I recapped my main IIfx logic board last year and now it is rock solid reliable. I'd be willing to sell the board to you, if your a collector and not a re-seller. The IIfx is my favorite Macintosh and I'd like to see the spare board go to someone who truly enjoys this system as well. It's better the spare logic board restore a dead system than sit in my office closet for eternity. I am about to recap that spare logic board, so if you do choose to take me up on my offer you will receive a board ready to take on the coming years. I won't sell it without the recap as it will just fail in the next 2 years without it. Since your existing board has a good ROM SIMM and RAM you can re-use those. To fix the rust on the RF Shielding you can use rust converting paint, or remove that section of RF shielding entirely. Even if your IIfx board is a total loss, there are valuable components on the board that can be salvaged and used to restore other dead systems. As is the dead board has little value. The 40mhz 68030 and FPU are worth pulling from that board, as are the custom Apple ASIC's. If I sell my spare logic board to NoofleBot, you can buy the spare RAM set from me. I am not sure as to the size.
  10. I just did further testing. Pulled out the 7100/80 I will refurb for sale and thought to give it a try. The G4 card fired up in the 7100/80! I need to pick up a can of CRC QD contact cleaner and blast the PDS slot of the 7100/66. Next to test is the dead G3 one. All three of my NewerTech G3 cards work in my 7100/66. Went ahead and applied fresh thermal paste to all of these.
  11. Ran into some interesting problems testing the cards in my collection. My plan was to sell the excess and hold onto 1 or 2 of the cards max. Sadly, the card I wanted to keep isn't working, it's a G4 equipped one. Unlike the usual L2 fault situation where the OS hangs when the Sonnet extension loads, the Sonnet extension fails to recognize the accelerator and presents an X over the extension. I tried cleaning the PDS contacts to no avail. The other card has the usual L2 Cache failure symptom with the hang at extension load time. The one with the failed L2 symptoms has no stickers on the back PCB, while the G4 has stickers. My test platform is a Power Macintosh 7100/66, Mac OS 8.1, 24mb RAM. I'd test in my Radius 81/110 but I'd rather not drag that beast out for this.
  12. My 1995 7100/80 has started to have its caps leak after being in storage for years in a semi parts state. Oddly my older 1994 7100/66 hasn’t leaked yet, nor have my collection of HPV and AV cards. These early PPCs are a pain to recap. So many SMT electrolytics were used by Apple to cut costs instead of the Tantalums commonly used on the Q800/650 and Q950. Usually the higher end machines got tantalums but right around the Q840 launch that changed.
  13. IIfx

    IIsi Complete System & Extras

    Ah the Iisi! I’ve always liked those. Had one for a while with Nubus adapter but ended up selling it to fund other Mac projects. Architecture wise it’s an interesting combination of a cut down IIci with a SE/30 compatible PDS plus some chips from the LC like the Combo SCC/SCSI controller. This System looks really clean.
  14. I realize that the tunnel vision issue is a fundamental problem with the sealing of the active matrix greyscale LCD panels. Is there any known workaround for the more mild cases of the problem? For example, my PowerBook 180 only gets 2 dark screen corners on the left hand side, they do not grow very much and do not interfere in the usage of the system. It takes about 3 hours of use for the dark corners to manifest. Both of my PowerBook 170's are not impacted by this problem yet, so I assume that their panels were correctly sealed from the factory. Could modding some desiccant into the LCD housing resolve my small symptom of the tunnel vision problem?
  15. IIfx

    IIfx power switch

    When I get a chance I will write down the part number for you off my spare IIfx logic board.