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  1. Juror22

    Compact Mac Test Stand

    This is a terrific project.I have a couple of cables to extend the power and HD, but I never thought of taking the concept this far - very cool!
  2. Juror22

    Macintosh LC 475 chimes, but no video

    It looks like you are missing C194, C100 and D1 from the picture that you posted - it still looks like there is a little more repair/cleaning needed, before I would start hooking it up and testing it. I'm sure that someone will post what D1 is (I'm pretty sure its not a resistor).
  3. Juror22

    Just picked up a 128k

    It sounds like it got to the right person, since you already fixed the main problem and have plans for the rest.
  4. Juror22

    Best Way to Combine a Powerbook 165 and 180

    I just dug up this 'golden oldie', because I was going through some of my non-working powerbooks that I had picked up a while back, and noticed a couple that seemed to be compatibly wrecked. One was a 160 and the other was a 180. The 160 had screen issues and the 180 had a battery leak that took out the motherboard and a few of the other components, so I was looking into combining the two and after checking a pdf of the service source, I was still concerned about how much was interchangeable, so I started checking the internet and found this...https://lowendmac.com/ed/lebron/09ll/powerbook-180-reincarnate.html, which, along with this thread, confirmed that it would all work together. I liked the idea of improving the screen (to active matrix), and getting a bigger hard drive and more memory (only an extra 4 for a total of 8MB). I would like to have gotten the daughter card from the PB180, with its 33MHz '030 and a coprocessor, but it looked like it was damaged in the battery mishap and I wasn't willing to chance injuring the working bits to try it out. One last note though, the inverter cable is specific, as well as the other parts that were mentioned in this thread. The picture is before I put on the last few plastic trim pieces to finish up.
  5. Juror22

    La Porta's Finds

    I agree that a LB recapping is needed, and with just a few exceptions (like about 5% of the compact Macs I've had), I have had the same experience with AB's.
  6. Juror22

    eMac G4 A1002--Should i grab it?

    It is a great deal, I found a few more near me...they are going for $50 from this guy. I don't know how many he has, but I'm gonna find out! https://nashville.craigslist.org/sys/d/apple-emac-desktop/7063793092.html
  7. Juror22

    Questions to ask when buying a compact Mac on eBay?

    Even with the fan running, it could still have a MAXplosion inside (someone correct me if I'm wrong about that). Or it could be as simple as disconnected cables inside. I personally would be a little leary of this particular one because of the massive difference in yellowing between the front and back bucket. I like Mighty Jabba's take on this - as long as you are technically capable, it might be worth the risk.
  8. Juror22

    17″ Apple Studio Display to match up with my MDD

    The seller was happy that it was going to someone that could use it. I still need to clean up a couple of small areas of adhesive residue on the frame, but the display is perfect.
  9. Today I picked up a 17″ Apple Studio Display (M7649) today that was on CL, for $15. It allows me to use one of my dual 867MHz, G4 MDD's with a period monitor, keyboard and mouse. Its in perfect functional condition and the matching mirrored apple logo looks great with the MDD.
  10. Juror22

    Magnetic port door upgrade

    That's bloody brilliant!
  11. Juror22

    Re-cap gone wrong.

    The LC form factor power supplies nearly all need recapping, so that may be your next project, in order to restore proper voltage to the HD. For the lifted pad issue, you might get lucky and be able to easily trace the via to a spot that would allow you to solder on a jumper wire. If not, repairs can sometimes be accomplished, but they are not easy. Congrats on getting your machine. Hope the repairs go well.
  12. I never did either, my brother was the one in our family that did electronics work (built circuits, soldered things up, etc.) Rather late in life, I started my soldering experience with a cheap soldering iron. I began joining wires together and with practice got used to how it heated up, how the solder reacted and how the different types and thicknesses of wires would react. Later on I needed to do more and started practicing desoldering and soldering on old circuit boards (they are literally everywhere). When I felt ready, I recapped an SE/30 that was dead, but revived by washing the motherboard. I brought it back to life and after that I was hooked. Not that all my attempts worked, which is why I will never be one of those folks that works on other peoples boards. There were a few boards where I totally failed and fortunately I was able to send one off to be fixed (I had both someone to send it to and the funds to have it done at that time) and another one, a classic, I pulled too many pads during desoldering and had to buy another board. But you have to try, its SO rewarding when you hear that startup bong on one that you brought back to life. Its not going to happen overnight, but you can make it happen, even if you don't have the talent that some of these folks do.
  13. Juror22

    Studio Display m7613

    All that I found was this... https://archive.org/details/apple-manual-studio-15-dvi It doesn't have a part number for the LCD, but it does list the specifications. If you are taking it apart anyway, it may have a part number on the panel, or you could use the specs and internal connector information to find something compatible?
  14. If these were transported at all (shipped, packaged, carried) you might want to check the video connector (and other connectors) to make sure it is plugged in before you declare no-joy on the video. I have gotten a few compact macs that were disconnected at the CRT and simply making sure it was properly plugged in 'restored' the video. Obviously it won't fix the one with the checkerboard pattern.
  15. Juror22

    Another way to transfer programs to a classic Mac

    I'm sure that I see one of these in my future!