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  1. Juror22

    Help resurrecting a 7500/100

    So does any PCI-SATA, or PCI-ATA card work or does it need to be a Mac specific one? I'm looking at doing the same with a 7600 and 7300.
  2. Juror22

    LC and Classic II

    Sounds like a nice consolation prize. Good luck with the recap project.
  3. Juror22

    My powerbook 170

    I'm impressed with all the extras, and in such excellent condition! Very nice!
  4. Juror22

    Mac Plus M0100 mouse only moves horizontally

    I have this issue as well, but the vertical works and the horizontal does not. Like clpo13, the issue is seen on a Mac Plus that otherwise works normally. Since I have multiple machines and mice, I verified that two, separate, known working mice demonstrated this same behavior on the machine in question, so it is definitely a problem with the Mac and not the mouse. All I found in the dead Mac Scrolls were fixes for mice issues. Im looking through Inside Macintosh and it gives a place to start looking (hardware, III-29) but if anyone has encountered this problem already and has a fix, let us know.
  5. Juror22

    PB 165c Monitor Cables

    Display Compatibility Matrix FSTN PowerBook 165c 661-0752 Active Matrix PowerBook 180c 661-0686 Inverter 922-0374 922-0378 Display Cable 922-0373 922-0380 Inverter Cable 922-0566 922-0412 Important: The PowerBook 165c/180c family includes two displays—an active matrix and an FSTN display. Each of these displays requires a compatible inverter and display cable; the inverters, display cables, and displays are not interchangeable. Before ordering one of these parts, refer to the display matrix shown above. Based on this service source documentation, I think that the cables are unique to their model. I have the same issue with a 180c - I have been looking for a replacement cable for years and also entertained the idea of attempting to solder the ribbon cable and then re-inforce it with capton tape. There are a couple videos on YouTube if you search "solder repair ribbon cable". I keep my eyes open for an otherwise wrecked 180c to pick up at a (hopefully) cheap price. I will check around the place and see if I have a spare 165c cable.
  6. Juror22

    My Portable is up next...

    I'm glad someone is helping you with the video issue. I know this is a bit late to help you with your battery, but there are better ways to separate the battery halves than soaking it in nail polish remover (acetone). Using a tiny amount pipetted into the seam helped me to separate my portable batteries cleanly and quickly. I had also read about the soaking thing, but having worked with acetone before, I knew that was not the way to go. You can also thin it out with alcohol, so that it is weaker and works more slowly (read easier to control the effects).
  7. They need a live battery. I had a rebuilt SLA battery for one of mine that was working fine, then I didn't use it for about 9 months and when I tried to boot up, I had similar issues from the low power output of the battery. You need a new battery.
  8. Juror22

    SCSI zip drive

    Thanks for the advice - I've got a crazy mix of machines, so I'll keep that in mind.
  9. Juror22

    SCSI zip drive

    Not trying to one-up you, but today I scored a SCSI zip 100 with 17 'new' (still wrapped) disks on CL for free - it was listed at $1, but he gave me a discount. It came with the box, docs and install disks for PC and Mac and an extra, narrow SCSI cable. No carry case though...
  10. Juror22

    $5 Centris 610

    I've use hemostats to un-bend pins on bad CPU's and other chips and they work pretty well. I like the mech pencil idea, I will definitely give that a go. What chip was the bad one? Someone here might have a cheap spare laying about. That carpet mouse pad is the coolest!
  11. I lost most of my original cords in an ill-considered purge at least a dozen years ago. It's not like they were all Apple, there were Tandy, HP, Sun in there too. In addition, who needs 20 and 40 MB hard drives cluttering up the house, right? So sad. (at least I packed away the old keyboards, mice, software and adapters) A few years ago, when I got a large trove from someone here and found several older apple power cords mixed in with the AppleTalk cables, I was ecstatic. I really appreciate that some folks are trying to bring this information together in a researched and authoritative way, before it becomes unavailable. Thanks for putting this together.
  12. Juror22

    Mac IIsi SCSI CD boot issues

    I have no constructive advice, but I love your profile pic - "Let's go to my room pig!!!"
  13. Juror22

    Apple IIe without disk drive

    OMG - that is so awesome! These are magical times in which we live. I have to fire up the Apple][+ to try this out.
  14. Juror22

    Macintosh Portable battery replacement

    I cannot stress enough that this is a fact - DO NOT attempt to start the Macintosh portable with anything other than the correct charger and both fully functioning batteries. Oh, and test the Macintosh portable's correct charger to see if the output voltage is correct - some of them need to be recapped by now. The first one I bought died from this exact scenario, before we knew it was a thing. Its too bad that bad information on the internet can't be rescinded or at least annotated. New folks are going to keep finding this bad advice forever.
  15. Makes me kinda glad that I don't have a key to trip me up on my 900.