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  1. Apple IIc blinking power light

    Okay guys, sorry for the late response. I’ve been very busy for the last few months but finally got a my hands on a multimeter Well everything seems to be okay concerning the 15V power pins. I guess there must be something wrong with the internal power converter Interestingly enough it sometimes seems to be starting up, floppy drive led is solid red and I can hear the speaker cracking a little bit but nothing more.. Maybe dead condos ? Cheers
  2. Apple IIc blinking power light

    This is the one that I bought http://www.ebay.com/itm/221294478704 Maybe I'm not using the right cable for the other hand, I'll buy a new one and try again
  3. Hey guys, Had an Apple IIc for almost 3 years but it did not came with a power brick. So I decided to buy a Toshiba charger transformed into a IIc power brick off eBay, the problem is when I'm turning on the computer the green power light is blinking and I'm not getting any startup beep. The disk drive is not running as well. Any ideas ? Best regards
  4. White 16GB iPhone 3GS

    Successfully downgraded to 4.1
  5. White 16GB iPhone 3GS

    Hehe, It's actually iOS 6.1.6 with an iOS 3 theme that you can find on Cydia. I felt nostalgic so.. My first iDevice was an iPod Touch 2G with iPhone OS 2, which was amazing at the time. You lucky, would love to own an original iPhone !
  6. White 16GB iPhone 3GS

    Well, once you disable multitasking it is still a pretty decent phone and as CC said there are many tweaks still available for iOS 6 so yeah why not.I'm surprised of what it can do in 2016 ????
  7. White 16GB iPhone 3GS

    Well guys, I have some news for you. I changed the LCD and the battery and guess what, the device is working perfectly ! iOS 6.1.6, it is unlocked and now jailbroken
  8. White 16GB iPhone 3GS

    Sadly, tried that a few times and the screen won't turn on now. Might change the LCD if the dock connector happens to be working. Concerning my avatar, Thanks! I learned a lot about him and I'm interested in politics I have tried to reseat it many times and it doesn't want to turn on anymore. Maybe I was lucky last time. As for DFU, good to know, I'll try that as soon as I have the new battery but you seem to be right, I think it only powers on when I connect it to the AC adapter, no luck with my MBP. edit: the LCD connector seems to be damaged, maybe I did but as the screen was already solid white I guess it was toasted anyway.
  9. White 16GB iPhone 3GS

    Well I opened it and it sure seems that this iPhone has been taken apart at some point. However everything seems to be alright, just missing a screw here and there. Every part is working, although screen won't turn on now (was solid white before). It is weird as the USB cable seems to bring some power to the iPhone somehow but I'm unable to get a data connection between the iPhone and a computer. My guess is that there is not enough power going through the battery to make everything function correctly, stay tuned
  10. White 16GB iPhone 3GS

    You're probably right, just checked that. Gonna try to swap the battery to see if it works. Would be sad as everything else seems to be working just fine. Could a dead battery trigger all these symptoms like on old Macs ?
  11. White 16GB iPhone 3GS

    Hi guys, Just scored a 16 GB white iPhone 3GS which is in excellent condition. However, it was sold as being not functional, I decided to give it a shot anyway. Battery seems to be flat dead, it is not recognized by any computer I own even in DFU. This morning I decided to let it charge for a while, screen turned on white, that's it. I'm able to put the iPhone in vibrate mode using the silent switch and it does so, I'm also able to trigger Voice Control and talk to it without any problem. A new battery is supposed to arrive soon, What do you think guys ?
  12. I saved 100+ iBook G3 Clamshells

    I'd love to own a blue one
  13. PowerMac G4 MDD

    Always loved Tiger, so.. Classic is awesome
  14. PowerMac G4 MDD

    Thanks guys I'm going to repartition the drive using Disk Utility tonight and drop an OS 9.2.2 system folder for the MDD to test it on the machine.
  15. PowerMac G4 MDD

    It has minor scratches and wear marks here and there but yes it is overall in good condition The mirrored doors are bearly scratched which is nice. Plus as you said it's a steal for this price By the way I don't know if any of you have tried CHUD v3.5.2 on PowerPCs but wow I'm amazed. Just enabled "Nap" option in Hardware preference pane and my G4 went from 58C idle to 47 even 46C. I guess this is similar to Intel SpeedStep that throttles CPU frequency as load decrease or increase.