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  1. tommijazz91

    SE/30 new ROM and other things

    Very nice setup @SE30_Neal! I wish I was lucky too with my se/30, but unfortunately when I bought mine it was only the machine itself. Last month I saw a network card go away for 45€ here in Italy, but I arrived too late . Buying one from eBay seems to be excessively expensive these days... Does anyone have any news on the custom se/30 card being built by @jamesmilne (if I recall correctly)?
  2. tommijazz91

    SE/30 new ROM and other things

    No hijack, this is getting quite interesting. Isn't is possible to somehow ask GGLABS wether they can flash something in particular on the ROM? From what I understand they don’t reply to messages, so this could be tricky.
  3. tommijazz91

    SE/30 new ROM and other things

    Interesting! I too am thinking of buying GGLABS ROM. Can they flash a minimal system folder on it? At first I considered the Rominator, but I disliked the custom boot chime, and the other mod. In the end it went out of stock anyway so problem solved. And I too would like a SE/30 as stock as possible
  4. tommijazz91

    SE/30 new ROM and other things

    Thanks everyone! SE/30 RAM has to be installed in groups of four, correct?
  5. tommijazz91

    SE/30 new ROM and other things

    Couldn't find any on the net, although I admit I did a very quick search . I found 4 X 8 mb simms for around 45€ on eBay, but I'm still waiting to buy some, in case something new comes up.
  6. tommijazz91

    SE/30 new ROM and other things

    Thanks, this helped me a lot! 32 or 64 megs would be fine for me I suppose. What about the IIfx ROM? Can I just replace the old one without doing anything?
  7. tommijazz91

    SE/30 new ROM and other things

    Thanks, I'm looking into it! In the meantime, I'm also looking for some RAM, but all I could find is 50€+ and seems a bit expensive! Maybe something will come up sooner or later
  8. tommijazz91

    SE/30 new ROM and other things

    Hello everyone! I have a Mac SE/30 with 8 mb if RAM and a standard ROM and I would like to make it 32-bit clean, but I can’t seem to find any! Rominator has been discontinued this february, gglabs ROM is sold out, and IIsi/IIfx ROM are very hard to find. Is there anyone there willing to send or sell me a ROM and some RAM, from 32 megs and up? Unfortunately I can’t pay a lot . I have installed 7.5.5 for now, and I would like to connect it to the internet (I am following the topic on the custom Ethernet card on that regard): is there anything else I can add to the Mac at a relatively low price to make it nicer and more funny to use? By the way, does anyone have a SE/30 with Mac OS 8.1? Is it worth it to have it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am writing from Italy. Thanks a lot!