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  1. jsarchibald

    Ideas for Use of Mac mini G4?

    I tried to use one about 5 years ago as a media server, but it was just too slow and laggy. Tried the same about 3 years ago with an Intel Mac Mini, and no such issues...
  2. jsarchibald

    jsarchibald's Conquests

    So, I've decided to move on some of my goodies as I'm back into Nintendo 64 stuff. I didn't realise just how much PAL N64 stuff had increased in value since I was last involved 5 or 6 years ago, so now is the time to secure what I really want before the prices increase to stupid levels and stock comes harder to find. So now I have about 20 boxed games and another 35 loose, and all the accessories in boxes too, which makes for a fun and compact collection. We are looking to have another child, so my Mac room disappears and I need to find space elsewhere in the house, and moving on the bulky items I never use seems like a good idea. However... Just picked up an SE/30 for a steal, and it turns out it has a Daynaport E/30 card in it. I'm a little excited as it has the current ethernet port, so plug and play baby! Needs a lot of cleaning and a de-yellow, haven't yet done my routine of disassembly, cleaning and testing, but it was shown as working when bought so that should be a non-issue.
  3. jsarchibald

    my first Lisa

    I've had one of those Rayovac 4.5V batteries leak onto a 5500 board, it was toast. The same battery is found in the TAM, so if you have one installed, remove it ASAP!
  4. jsarchibald

    Upgraded 512k Motherboard stuck!

    Do a search for Quesse on this site, there are a number of discussions on them over the years. I have one for an SE.
  5. jsarchibald

    SE SuperDrive and Plus

    Those Vartas, have never seen one leak or damage a board, although I've heard the odd snippet. Correct on the caps, they tend to not be an issue with these older Macs, but I have seen the odd one go on the analog board. Replace as they fail (ie. magic smoke) and you are good to go.
  6. jsarchibald

    What's on that old hard drive?

    My TAM was the Dean's work computer from a prominent PA college. Nothing on there that was sensitive, you could tell that those items had been removed, but it still had the old email client set up with a few nothing emails, and it was an interesting look at computing in the late 90s. The hard drive corrupted itself at one point, so it's all lost to history.
  7. I bought an inexpensive adapter (like 71 cents), and a Kingston 32GB card. Think it's a 266X card. That, paired with the Sonnet, makes this a very quick and easy to use computer. I have the card partitioned multiple ways, running 7.6.1, 8.1, 8.6, and 9.1, as well as a couple of drives in different formats for storage. If I had to keep only one system, it would be the TAM by a country mile. It has USB, CD, great sound, can connect external drives, even has the floppy, so it's a great all-rounder for me. I know many people would disagree, but it's tops for me!
  8. jsarchibald

    Radius.sea.hqx - the Holy Grail of drivers . . .

    My holy grail of drivers is for the Prodigy SE by Levco, no one seems to have a copy. I contacted one of the founders of Levco, and he still has an SE with this upgrade, but being a busy man, I don't see him being able to find the time to boot this one up (if it even still works).
  9. Sort of off-topic, but I use a CF card in my TAM with a 400MHz Sonnet card in it, and access and write times are pretty speedy. A good, cheap way to have bulk storage, and easy to add software from a modern system as well.
  10. Must be like the one I used back in the day that allowed you to change the Welcome to Macintosh message when booting.
  11. Would ResEdit be what you are looking for?
  12. jsarchibald

    jsarchibald's Conquests

    Exactly, but it all fits neatly in one bedroom, plus there is other stuff in there too, so it's perfectly managed. And if anything goes south, I have a little treasure trove I can liquidate.
  13. jsarchibald

    Say Hello to my Lisas

    That's why you put a space where the @ symbol normally goes That said, I got the email last month because some guy just had to get that Snow Leopard disk I had on eBay at 830pm on a Tuesday night, and paid cash...
  14. jsarchibald

    jsarchibald's Conquests

    Hi all, I probably should have done this thread years ago, there are so many great things I've scored over time. I started with a Mac 512K upgraded to a Plus for $25, a great little system, back in 2010. Shortly thereafter came 5 SE's from a hoarder (his property looked like something from Fallout), where I found my Levco Prodigy SE upgrade (love me a Mac with fangs!). I then hit the motherlode: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/15304-possibly-the-biggest-conquest-any-of-us-have-ever-made/ That one put me on the map, and pushed my count to well over 100 machines. That was in 2011, and I am still selling off the excess to fund new and exciting machines. Every once in a while, something exciting happens, like having a Mac Portable from that haul restored, now running like a champ and tucked away safely in it's carry case. I've gone on to import a TAM and a Drexel 128K Mac from the US, found a TAM locally for $200, a Macintosh TV locally for $275, as well as my lucky score of a boxed G4 Cube with monitor for $50, and found new and innovative ways to upgrade my collection, making certain boxed items complete whilst making more money to fund the hobby. I have a real knack for buying well but selling even better, and guaranteed, every item I get is always dusty and leaves my house clean as a whistle. A little elbow grease is the key to selling well, and I now have a smaller collection that I am very proud of. A few of my faves are in my boxed collection, most being complete, as in my signature. As for recent Mac things: PowerBook Duo Looked great, and supposedly ran but was missing the power supply. Adding power to this unit produced a sweet fishy smell, so check caps on that one. I was actually given a full refund on that one, including the postage, so a free Duo it is! Was happy to work out something but they wouldn't hear it. G3 Lombard Snagged it for $20, the screen is cracked but it runs perfectly apart from that. It complements the other Lombard I got for $40 in beautiful condition a few months earlier. SE/30 Bought with no video for $40, turns out the cable was loose and it powered right up! Mini Bulk Lot I bought a boxed LCII, which came with two HD20SC's, a PM6100, an LCIII, and sold everything but the LCII. I netted the LCII AND ended up in front, mind you a lot of work went into cleaning the dust out of everything. Oh, and I got a sweet little 12" Color Mac monitor too. Color Classic Grabbed one in box for $315, which seems a little expensive, but pretty good when I sold one by itself for about $250 the year before. PowerBook 3400c This one was complete in box, and had barely been used. Was an ex-display for an Apple Rep when these first hit the market 20 years ago, so it has a bit of history to it. Not bad for $50. Drexel 128K This was a USD$199 buy it now steal, but after sourcing the mouse separately (with many many thanks to Unity for helping me out), shipping, etc, it set me back over AUD$500 landed. Still money well spent I think. Newton Messagepad 100 Sold as Brand New, never used in the box, and for $120, I couldn't resist. Turns out it was well used, but being an honest mistake by the seller, they let me have it for $50, which I thought was very generous. TL;DR - I might try to keep this thread updated as I score the good stuff, to save the essay! Picked this up the other day, think I did well: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-Product-Professional-Pins-/112382080025?hash=item1a2a7e7419:g:p6AAAOSwzqFY~XF0
  15. jsarchibald

    400 k drive missing felt

    It's not the felt that I am having trouble with, it's the small plastic part that attaches to the felt pad, that then is located in the spring-loaded arm. There has to be a fix that will be permanent, has happened on 3 of my 400K drives.