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  1. Yep, makeshift computing. When I first got my LC I immediately assumed buying such a custom battery would be impossible, so I set out to make one. Parts: 3xAAA Battery holder from LED flashlight. 3xAAA batteries. I used alkaline. Connector and Leads from the old battery Electrical tape And this is how it is now:
  2. Does anyone know of a website or in-print literature that provides a full glossary of all Hypercard script commands? I need to know how to get HyperCard to move a folder's contents and drop it on a printer.
  3. Is it possible to set the screen resolution of a 575 to something higher that 640x480?
  4. Recently got a 7200 from a friend at college that is missing most hardware, including a power supply. My 6400 is currently redundant (as I got a 6500), so I'm using part from that for the 7200. Will the 6400's PSU work/fit in the 7200?
  5. LC_575

    Used Newton for college notes!

    Today I'm proud to announce that I used my MP 2100 to take notes for an entire period of Chem 121! It worked out fine. I used HW recognition mode for outlining and ink text for examples/equations. It was useful and fun! (ANYTHING to make Chem 121 more interesting. Chem is my least favorite subject). I already use my Newton for my college schedule, reminders, and alarms. I hope to add email access at some point (my coll's .edu accts. don't use SSL, oddly). So, just wanted to share that little successful-live-retrocomputing story with you all.
  6. LC_575

    MacRefLib: Reboot

    For my winter break I'll be continuing my development of MacRefLib. Won't be submitting it as a Retrochallenge entry this time around, but will be hoping to reach the 1997 model year by Mid January when college starts again. Still in college right now though - last final is the 20th - so don't expect to see anything here until at least Christmas.
  7. It's been quite a while since getting a conquest this good, but here it is. Yesterday I was walking around the Chemical Engineering building on my college's campus, turned a corner, and saw a cart filled with a variety of obsolete equipment. A split second later, I recognized the back of a 6500 sticking out of the top of the cart. Went over, and yes it was! A 6500/225, and right beneath it, an Apple Multiple Scan 15" monitor with speakers! The 6500 boots, but unfortunately my ONE ADB mouse is BROKEN, but it looks like there's plenty of interesting software on there. The monitor works just fine. As an added bonus, in the same cart of things to be dumped, I found a a box of 20 or so Zip 100 disks.
  8. LC_575

    Logic board failure - what to replace?

    The 520 boards, if anything like the 575 boards, are not very complex (at least not as much as that of a IIci). Caps are the only SMT items that would cause a problem but I doubt one would have radically failed in as little time as a month. Check the loom/board connector. Make sure 520 board really is all the way in. Take a look at the ADB connector(s) too. It's a stretch but the connector might just be too loose to adequately contact the keyb pins.
  9. Found some drivers from Farallon and Proxim. Let's see if they work...
  10. The blasted floppy I kept my copy on decided to go corrupt itself on the way over to college. Mac Driver Museum's links are dead too. Anyone have a copy of this driver they could give me?
  11. On the back it says: 0000C5561965 and below a bar code: 8960851-00-02
  12. I noticed that the battery life on my MP2100 is really bad. I never get the 30 hour life touted by Newton fans - instead, I usually get 2 hrs. at best. The mystery is that the NiMH cells I use in the Newton - each with a capacity of 2500 mAh - are more powerful than the cells used in the Newton Rechargeable Battery Pack. I think something could be wrong hardware wise. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  13. I'm currently developing a MacTracker-esque Hypercard application called MacRefLib (thread here: http://68kmla.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=16375). Some (but not much!) development has already occurred on a Performa 6400 and a PB 1400c. However, I realize that's there's really nothing preventing me from moving over all development to my (68k based) LC 575! Netscape 2 AMAZINGLY accesses my main source for data (www.apple-history.com) without much trouble, and my 575 is a solid performer and can run HyperCard 2.4.1 just fine. So, in a nutshell, can I use my MacRefLib project as an entry for RetroChallenge despite some work occurring on marginally newer computers?
  14. LC_575

    Buying a Newton Question

    I was just wondering, what are the pros of buying a MessagePad 2000 series over the 100/200 series models? I don't mean in terms of performance - what features will I get? And can either sync with IMAP (Gmail) email systems?
  15. What size of battery is used in the MP2100 for clock and RAM backup?
  16. My PB 1400 was showing that characteristic cracking on the rear display case cover, on either side of the Apple logo. I attempted to repair this (by strengthening the area with glue) but managed to destroy the -very Spindlery- mount points for the left hinge. It's beyond repair - too much brittle plastic has cracked and fallen away. Wegener media sells rear display case covers for 19.50, but I'm wondering whether I should go with that or replace the entire display and then part out what's good from the old one. Advice?
  17. LC_575

    PB 1400 Case Hinge Failure

    Any other suggestions, anyone?
  18. As it is in fact 2011, whenever I Netscape Navigator 2 on my LC, I'm immediately told that the browser has "expired." A quick-and-dirty remedy is to set the system date to one in 1995 or early 1996, but I can't have it that way. is there some patch for Netscape 2 that will unlock it?
  19. LC_575

    PB 1400 Case Hinge Failure

    @Trash80toHP_Mini It's a 'c. Display is fine except one full-on blue subpixel. I hide it with the Stuffit Expander icon; it's not noticeable. Backlight does seem a bit dim outdoors though.
  20. I need to know the ratings of the 4 tantalum capacitors on the PDS card. Two on my card blew (still don't know why), and I'd like to resurrect it. Also, is that slot on the MacCon for a custom cache card, or it it a NuBus slot?
  21. I spent the last few days painting porches, cleaning, and taking a break from MacRefLib. Development will resume in a day or two. Bring on the PowerBooks!
  22. LC_575

    Who has an Asante MacCon?

    These are all wonderful revelations, but might someone give me those cap ratings?
  23. LC_575

    IIsi Chime? VGA?

    The IIsi, due to it's design where the speaker is directly below something THAT VIBRATES A LOT (*cough* hard drive), will commonly have a faulty speaker. Check the solder points at the speaker's voice coil wires, and check the condition of the contacts at the motherboard end (in the IIsi said contacts simply touch the MB). I have a Griffin Sync Adapter, which is supposed to separate the IIsi's Sync-on-Green video hardware, but all of my non-SoG monitors refuse to sync and display. Only my SoG display (an LG FlaTron W2043T) reliably syncs to the IIsi. I'd get a monitor that natively supports SoG-it seems that many Flatron's do, so I'd start there. You can probably get one on eBay for $25. Or just get an Apple HiRes RGB display.
  24. LC_575

    iPod mini!

    Silver. I'm planning on repainting it as a mod.