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  1. I should have the Farallon ethernet driver disk somewhere. I still have it to use with my Newtons.... If you need it, let me know, and I'll dig around in my disk collection...
  2. Blessed Cheesemaker

    Bought a near mint Pismo

    OWC discontinued their Pismo batteries? Well, that is too bad...but, I guess it saves me some $$$. Also, I did install and run 10.5 Leopard on my G4 Pismo a while back. It ran ok, but when you needed to do something that required the graphics card, that was where I ran into problems. For example, I could look at iPhoto thumbnails, but when I went to open the photo up in iPhoto to look at it larger, or start to adjust it, it would just come up with a blank screen. Text and other stuff was ok, it was probably a little slower than Tiger, but not by much. I eventually went back to 10.4 Tiger, as the Pismo was my main machine until early 2009, and I needed to get work done on it, and do my iPhoto-ing.
  3. Blessed Cheesemaker

    128 mb of 72pin Ram - Remember, Back in 1994, What it cost?

    I wouldn't think 128 mb of any kind of RAM (well, for home computers) existed back then. Maybe by 1996... I had dumped a bunch of my catalogs and magazines a while ago. I remember being really happy about getting two 8MB 72 pin simms for my Performa 6117 in 1997ish for about $45 each, and being happy. I also remember being really happy and jumping on a sale for 8MB of RAM for my Powerbook 5300 back in 1996 for "only" $200 (it was a sale!). Ahhh...another great trip down memory lane!
  4. Blessed Cheesemaker

    iBook G4 not-Auto Connecting to Preferred Networks

    Hey again, It is looking like my problem is more involved than just a simple corruption of preferences or anything software wise. I first posted my problem on the MacRumors site, and somebody posted a link to this: http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-13727_7-10332007-263.html I haven't opened it up yet to look inside, but I have made some reliable observations: After a cold start, or having had the Airport off overnight, I can get 30 minutes of use first time out, before it drops a connection. Then, after it drops a connection, if I turn it off for at least 10 minutes, I can then turn it back on and get 5-10 minutes of connectivity before it drops again. So, it looks like a mechanical fault caused by heating/cooling. Interestingly, according to the article, this was only reported in the 2005 iBooks, the 1.42GHz model (the last, and "top-of-the-line") so others may be unaffected. I am supposed to get another family members 1.33GHz 2004 model, so when I receive it, I'll be able to make some comparisons. So, right now, I'm doing fine with a USB wireless modem...better than nothing, I suppose. Ugly as sin, though!
  5. Blessed Cheesemaker

    iBook G4 not-Auto Connecting to Preferred Networks

    Thanks for this info. I've had the exact problem you describe, with an iBook G4 1.42 GHz I just "inherited" from a family member. I'll try it out when I get back home.
  6. Blessed Cheesemaker

    Reviving the Umax J710

    Wow, that was really interesting. I have two S900's I boot up from time to time...thanks to Trag (who posted previously), I replaced the power supply in one already; I've been meaning to do it to the other (newer power supply is *much* quieter, also have ATA drives in there which are much quieter than the original SCSI's). Interestingly, I think I could still do 90% of my computer needs on my S900...still lot's of life left in them.
  7. Blessed Cheesemaker

    Cache issue, /w G3 Bronze kbd ebay find

    Sorry to resurrect a dead topic, but I have some experience with Lombards and dead caches... Basically, the only real effect of the dead cache will be that message upon startup. Once you hit the "OK", it will boot up normally. You won't have any Level 2 cache then, so some programs will see a slight decrease in performance (roughly 20% max, if I remember the old MacBench benchmarks). In reality, you likely won't notice much of a difference, if at all, in your user experience. The good news is, it should run slightly cooler without the cache. This will also mean that you should get slightly longer battery life, but I'm guessing your battery is already likely dead, and spending $80-$100 for a replacement at OWC is too cost prohibitive. The other negative you should be aware of (I found this out the hard way)-->OS X will *not* install on a Lombard with dead cache (the Classic OS's will still install, however). The weird thing is, if you already have OS X installed on the Lombard, and reboot, it doesn't run the memory check like OS 8.6 and OS 9 did (well, it may run it, but it doesn't interrupt the booting process to say anything to you). In that case, if you want to install OS X, you will either have to get a different processor, or have another computer install it to an external 2.5 inch drive, and then place it internally. (How did I find this out? I bought a Lombard on ebay with 10.3 installed, made sure it ran ok, then decided to do a fresh install of Panther...after wiping the drive, and starting the install, I found out that I was screwed...installing Classic then told me that the cache was dead...).
  8. Blessed Cheesemaker

    Help diagnose an LC problem

    Ok, yep, took the ethernet card out, and by the capacitors, there is a gunky, filmy stuff all around that area of the board, and not anywhere else. So, I took the Apple IIe card out of the LCII, and same thing. Took the ethernet card out of the LCIII, and yep, again, same thing. Grumble, grumble, grumble...ok, I guess I have to re-cap the things. How hard is that? I have limited experience with a soldering iron...definitely *not* searching for another task to do right now, but oh well..
  9. Blessed Cheesemaker

    Help diagnose an LC problem

    Hi, I am having a problem with my fave, my original LC. When I start it up, it gives a sound like a radio tuning in, with the frequency going up and down a couple of times. Then it calms down, then it will start up again, but this is different: it starts with a really quiet, high pitched sound that progressively gets lower in frequency, almost like a bomb dropping. It is almost comical, I should record it... Does anybody have any idea? I would like to save my baby...I love being able to run System 6! And my Apple IIe card! Thanks!
  10. Blessed Cheesemaker

    Supergaming Power Mac G4 card ruined by OrangePC

    Dunno 'bout you, but using a Sonnet G4 1GHz CPU upgrade wouldn't let my SuperMac S900 boot into my BeOS partition. Why? Dunno...I just took the card out, and put the wimpy G3 400 back in. *Sigh* The 1GHz G4 was pretty fast...
  11. Blessed Cheesemaker

    The 520c: Opinions please!

    I see this thread is a little old, but what the heck? I just came into possession of a PB 520 (no "c"), and I love it. My first Powerbook was a 5300 (no "c"), and in many ways, I could see where the 520 was nicer than the 5300. It has built-in ethernet, as trag mentioned, and even had a built-in modem! Let me tell you in 1994-5, that was a big deal! As trag mentioned, an ethernet card would set you back $100+, and a modem card would be 100-. Also, having it built-in was nice, as then you could then use the printer/modem port for something else (like hooking your Newton up?). The only knock was that it didn't have the pc-card slot, but that was a wildly new innovation at the time, and you could always upgrade. The B&W screen is a turn off to some, but it has 8-bit video out...I'm awaiting my video cable to arrive via eBay (drat, I knew I should have hung onto it when I sold my 5300...). I remember seeing a blow-out sale of a 520c at Office Depot, I thing, in 1996 or so...for the mid-300's. I remember being really tempted, even though I didn't "need" one (I probably needed one back then *more* than I need one now!). Anyway...I wiped the hard drive clean (wow, 320 MB!), and installed both MS Office 4 and WordPerfect 3.1 (thankfully, it has an 8MB RAM card in it, for a total of 12 MB!). Wow...I remember buying an 8MB RAM card for my 5300 for $200, and being happy I got such a good deal (do you know, those b@st@rds at Apple, sold the 5300 with 8MB of RAM, and then turned the virtual memory on to 12MB? When I went to turn the VM off, I literally could not open *any* applications...talk about underpowered!). Anyway, I'm looking at using this as just a wordprocessing machine. When I can dig up my AAUI-adaptor, I'll hook it up to my network, and to an external display (I like the B&W for text, but the video is wavy...I'm guessing the video cable is feeling it's age. At least the hinges look strong, although there is more play in them than I would want). If anybody reads this, please let me know what options there are for replacing the ancient hard drive...
  12. Blessed Cheesemaker

    G-4 for my Pismo . . .

    I have an old Daystar G4 in my Pismo, at 550MHz, and I have 1GB of memory. It definitely can handle things better than a G3 Pismo can, and is suitable for surfing, iTunes (although it still encodes somewhat slow), etc. Realistically, however, you'd be better off putting your money into something else, unless you have a pot of money just sitting around. The biggest issue I have with my Pismo is the 120GB limit for the hard drive. I was thinking of using the Intech Hi-Capacity driver, and actually shelled money out for it, but it wasn't really worth it because you have to have 2 partitions; the first partition has to be 127 GB, and then you can use the >128 GB Partition on the rest of the drive...well, since the biggest ATA laptop drive is 320GB, which after you format it is about 299GB, that really only gave you a full 170-something to play around with. I did manage to install Leopard on it, and it ran...ok...but there were issues in some programs, due to (I believe) the lack of a real video driver in OS X for the Rage chip in the Pismo. (The biggest issue was, I could look at my iPhoto thumbnails, but when I went to go into the big picture view to edit, nothing would ever show up). When I went to install the larger drive, I couldn't get Leopard to re-install, so I gave up and went back to Tiger, which is what I use on all my PowerPC's. (I suppose I could have kept trying, but installing Leopard on the Pismo was much more difficult than installing Tiger on my Lombards...which was really easy. Oh well, I'm running out of time to play with *all* my toys!). Hope this helps!
  13. Blessed Cheesemaker

    G-4 for my Pismo . . .

    For your next trick, can somebody find where the old online versions of the Inside Macintosh technical books are?
  14. Blessed Cheesemaker

    Power Computing PPC and BeOS 5

    I've never seen anything about USB on PowerPC BeOS. I was able to install USB on my x86 BeOS Release 5. I had to install extra stuff I found on BeBits; I think they said it was originally for BONE or Dano or some such other dodgy thing, but it did work on my PeeCee. The only reason why I wanted USB really was to read flash drives. I bought a network storage doo-hickey thing that purports to allow me to hook it up to my computer via ethernet, that would then allow me to access USB drives, but the doo-hickey is still in it's plastic wrap.
  15. Blessed Cheesemaker

    G3 400 vs G4 450 -- Which one did he take home?

    I would have taken the G3 for all the above reasons (RAM, HD, etc.) plus the fact that the G3 will also run OS 8.x. All the G4's I've picked up (all 2 of them) have had the firmware upgraded, so that you can't run anything under 9.1 on them. I would give a little bit to find a G4 Sawtooth that I could load OS 8.6 on, but sadly, these machines are a rarity. They seem to all suffer from "premature firmware upgradation." I guess I'll just have to suffer with my 2 UMax S900's, which can also run OS 7.5.5!