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    Mac lc 475 no sound

    Yes it is odd. I am suspecting something interrupting the output to the internal speaker. Alternatively, something could be shorting the external port, which makes the machine “think” there is something plugged in there all the time, cutting off the internal speaker. No matter how good caps look, they always need to be changed at this age if they are surface mount electrolytics.
  2. LaPorta

    Auto inject floppy lubrication

    Finally, after months of searching, I found that the Sony OEM lubrication used on the metal and plastic floppy drive surfaces is something called Molykote EM-10L. EM-10L is no longer manufactured, so I contacted DuPont directly for a replacement. They told me that their currently made EM-30L should be a suitable replacement. It is available in small jars on Amazon for about $15. I just ordered one myself.
  3. LaPorta

    512ke EMP blasting disks on cold boot?

    I am not sure what would be going on. There have been many, many experiments done with super strong magnets and disks, and they failed to corrupt the disks (outside of huge bulk tape erasers and things designed to specifically wipe magnetic media). Maybe something on the analog board is causing a strong magnetic field from a short or something? Do you have another disk drive to try in there?
  4. LaPorta

    512ke EMP blasting disks on cold boot?

    What happens when you start it, THEN insert the disk...does it work fine then?
  5. LaPorta

    Auto inject floppy lubrication

    How did it work out overall? I am making a video using it in the next few days.
  6. LaPorta

    Compact Mac Test Stand

    Not sure this is the proper forum, but I didn't know where else to put it. With my extra time amidst all of this pandemic stuff, I decided to build something that I have been thinking about for a while: a test stand that will let me test various components of compact Macs without tearing apart one of my machines every time to do it. The goal will allow me to have the analog board, logic board, floppy, and peripherals all easily accessible. It is small to be able to store it, and will allow the testing of compact CRTs as well. With the base CRT, I can test all but late-model Classic II analog boards. Currently, I am building the structure part, the photos are attached here. I will update you on how things are going. Most of the structure will be done by tomorrow. The last thing that I need is to know what the Mouser part numbers are for the yoke deflector connector, both male and female. I am making extensions for all of the cables to allow me to lay out the parts easily. I suppose I also need an extra long internal floppy connector. The first photo is the main structure: this is where the monitor will be mounted. You can see the mounting points (triangular pieces with holes in the corners). This is the small table that will hold the logic board: Lastly, this is the frame that will hold the analog board up. This will all make a lot more sense once it is all together in one photo.
  7. LaPorta

    Compact Mac Test Stand

    No, it does not swing flush. It only goes flush for storage. It’s purposely angled so that you don’t have to reach around to adjust the controls for width, cutoff, etc. if the anode wires were long enough I’d just have it 90 degrees from the rest of the unit (alas, they are the not), so somewhere around 60 degrees is the best I can get.
  8. LaPorta

    Mac lc 475 no sound

    Has this thing been re-capped? Although you do not see any obvious goo, small amounts of that electrolyte slowly leak under the chips where you cannot see. I’ve had this happen on more than one occasion.
  9. No trust me that will work no matter what. From a Mac 128k to a G3 desktop or tower with serial ports up to OS 9, you can network with AppleTalk and serial cables. You can do the Zip disk as well, but it sounds to me like the network might be a bit easier in this case.
  10. LaPorta

    Monitor Solution for Macintosh IIci?

    The NEC adapter mentioned by Kaa works really well. I have it connected to my custom-for-my-kids Quadra 630 to a Dell 19" LCD from the early 2000s. Can switch from 640x480 through 1024x768, no issue. No settings to fool with, just works.
  11. My point is, if your “modern” Mac is a G3 with SCSI, then it most certainly has serial ports with LocalTalk capability.
  12. LaPorta

    Compact Mac Test Stand

    That's sort of what I had been doing previously as well. I have a PoS speaker from an SE that I took out years and years ago, so I just hook that up when needed. Otherwise, the 128k-Plus with them built in makes that not an issue. I like what you did for the power extension. I tracked down the actual parts on Mouser and built one. I am doing the same soon for the 128k-Plus. Those breadboard wires are an incredible deal for that price! What is that small, electrical-taped wire in one of the photos? I am hoping that after I make my "how to service floppy drives" video, I will have a good companion wooden stand for those as well.
  13. Yes, I uploaded them to vTools: that’s where you’ll find them!
  14. LaPorta

    Compact Mac Test Stand

    Thanks everyone! pcamen, where did you mount your CRT? The floppy cable idea is genius! I have one of those as well, I guess I could use that. I was going to make my own. I am now waiting for my shipment of connectors, and I am going to make extension cables for everything else there is between the logic board, analog board, and CRT. These will include both 128k-Plus and SE series cables, so this can test any of them. The Classic will be a bit trickier but I think doable. From the spare boards I have, I’ll have a collection of spare but working boards so that I’ll have good ones to run whatever part I’m testing. As for cooling, I figured the analog board is in the open so it should cool just fine, but what exactly was the suggestion about the plexiglass? Any other comments or suggestions?
  15. Why not just use AppleTalk via LocalTalk connectirs?
  16. LaPorta

    Lucky IIx acquisition

    The difference is incredible! I, too, would like to know. I have a large tote and some beater cases I will be trying on when the weather gets warm.
  17. Could it possibly be a bad filter? If cap stuff got on the filter, it can possibly cause weird floppy issues. Happened to me on an SE once with battery explosion.
  18. LaPorta

    Compact Mac Test Stand

    It's really coming together now; I will probably be ready to test parts tomorrow.Here it is with screen installed, and logic board and analog board mocked up: Depending on just how long the anode cap is, the analog holder can swing in and out to be able to reach. The advantage of having it on the side is being able to adjust the trim pots without having to reach around the machine. It also folds in for storage.The logic board tray is also on hinges; it folds up and is secured to the main unit by a hook when not in use. I am going to make a separate floppy holder that I can hold a disk drive in so that I can test them after repair and lubrication. Next, you can see the side of the rear: Tonight, I also got as far as running the grounding braid. The mount points with wing nuts will also hold wire leads with alligator clips to attach to the ground points on the analog board and the logic board grounding strip, respectively. You can also see the hook that holds up the logic board tray, in the stored position seen here.
  19. LaPorta

    Floppy disks and disk drives strange behaviour

    If there is physical contamination of the disk surface with something abrasive, then yes, absolutely it is possible to destroy the heads.
  20. LaPorta

    Adding Wi-Fi to my Mac SE/30

    Exactly what I was hoping. I have the Maccon.
  21. LaPorta

    Adding Wi-Fi to my Mac SE/30

    Is this an all-in-one plug and play wireless solution if you already have the Asante card?
  22. LaPorta

    SE/30 Power Supply: Recap or ATX?

    Yeah, why not just get the Sony? I’ve got extra.
  23. LaPorta

    512K Education with SCSI card

    Nice job working that out! Always good to see another one working again.
  24. LaPorta

    DeeNams collection and finds

    That is excellent, I love the setup. I need a deep desk like that to be able to set up the larger machines. Revolution in the Valley is a really good book, very informational, I read it a number of years back and still have my copy. Welcome here! Looking forward to seeing posts on some of your machines.
  25. LaPorta

    LCII, Performa 456, and empty 800k Floppy Enclosure

    Nice job! I find that each motor differs no matter what: they may be that way from the factory, or have seen different service over their lives. Either way, I recommend removing all gear grease and using the tiniest smear of grease with cotton swab, so thin you can’t even see it. That has yielded my best results. Ill have a video hopefully not too far in the future!