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  1. It’s true. I’ve looked at Rev. A through C of the SE analog board, and some of the C caps are at least higher voltage rated (probably the lower voltages were found to fail commonly on the earlier revs). Still, you never know what may differ.
  2. Who is that guy? He is awesome!
  3. LaPorta

    TDK LC supply still clicking after recap

    I forget the proper name (brain fart), but the little cutoff switch that prevents over-voltage may be damaged and Cutting off the flow inappropriately.
  4. The head assembly could be out of alignment. Pina’s guides have a comprehensive section about how to diagnose and fix this.
  5. LaPorta

    Broken floppy drive?

    Broken gears, etc, will not stop it from being manually ejected. It may be so frozen that part of it is in a different stage than the other. At this point, removal is probably the only option. Honestly, even if they work, maintenance on these is very important and re-lubrication essential. Since I made this initial thread, I learned that the grease I was using was NOT a good choice, and regular white lithium is better. Most important though is that a VERY small amount of grease is needed. Very small.
  6. I'm glad to see that it worked! I really think a lot of the time the trick is to just make the master images on a Mac with Disk Utility and everything will be copied.
  7. Internal SCSI bus should power it on most machines. It uses 5V to run. What you DONT want is to accidentally use the 12v line to power it...that will break it.
  8. I could possibly just empty out my entire Dropbox (which I basically don’t use) and just send you a link.
  9. Alright so I’ll just make you the 10.4 image...then we need some way to get it to you.
  10. Ive got original install discs from 10.0 through 10.6, so whatever you need, I’ve got it.
  11. If you can use a straight, 10.4.0 retail installation, then I can image my originals for you. I waited outside the Apple Store in 2004 on line for it, so I know it’s legit.
  12. LaPorta

    SE/30 vertical stripes & death chimes

    Absolutely. The Quadra chord was my favorite. We had a 605 and 660AV as our main machines growing up for years.
  13. This would be very, very useful for networking with my other machines and moving things back and forth.
  14. LaPorta

    "Cheap Networking" for System 6 and 7 Macs

    Sounds like a bad DNS server address?
  15. LaPorta

    SE/30 vertical stripes & death chimes

    Just make sure that other SE/30 has a good copy of AfterDark! That's great that you got it working. I really like that you saved it from France and brought it over. As for the beep, I know what you mean. I have never been a fan of the MacII/SE/LC chime myself, but it's a great sound when it didn't work before. As an aside regarding beeps: I like the 128k-Plus beep best. What I mean by that is, I'm sure because of something circuitry based, the early Macs have a nearly instantaneous power on beep compared to the SE/Classic that take a second. The latter also have a "pop" before the sound and after the sound, with power to the speaker turning on and then cutting off. It is the smallest detail, but the prior are much cleaner and nicer.
  16. LaPorta

    Macintosh SE Not Working

    The flyback itself is likely toast then. There are a few people on the forum who could likely source one to you. Welcome!
  17. Are they mapped the same? I know some keyboards map left and right Shift as the same key, and some map them as individual keys. Just throwing it out there, I really don't know.
  18. There shouldn't be. However, could it be that the command (or Apple) keys are mapped differently? As in, on the rest of the Apple II line, there is an open Apple and closed Apple. IIe would restart with Control-Open Apple-Reset. Have you tried the command keys on both sides of the board?
  19. LaPorta

    SE/30 vertical stripes & death chimes

    Do you happen to have pics of the entire board?
  20. Here is what I use: https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/667-ECQ-E1395JFW The film caps are a good trade in. Also, higher voltage rating is never an issue; lower voltage than spec is.
  21. I just disassembled and cleaned the contacts on the original Apple ADB Mouse button switch. Man, that thing is a pain to take apart and then put back together. I'd never have known how to get it back together if there were no online resources. If your mouse doesn't click, it is possible to clean the switch!
  22. LaPorta

    Macintosh Portable Won't Start

    My Portable repair topic may help: The short of it is TechKnght suggested looking for other, partly bad or eaten traces that would be underneath where the caps (and rust, in your case) may have gotten eaten away. You may have to buzz them out one by one. The
  23. LaPorta

    Repaired Apple ADB Mouse switch

    Indeed...I just wanted to see if I could open the thing and get the contact clean...which is all what was wrong with it.
  24. LaPorta

    SE/30 only reads write protected floppies

    Another possibility: check the Bournes filters per Pina's guide and see if they all check out. Always possible that there is an issue there.