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    Fun with colour on my SE/30

    You pulling this off you pulling this off would be incredible. Please document how you do it. I need this for my arcade monitor someday!
  2. Well, it’s about time I get to this... My PT Pro isn’t getting any younger, and I use it a fair amount. It has the following installed: - 400 MHz G3 card (in place of original 604e) - FireWire PCI card - Four port serial card - Four port USB card - ATA card - ATI graphics card (have to see what spec) - 768 (or so) MB RAM Drives include: - x2 CD ROM drives (1 SCSI, 1 ATA) - Zip drive - Jaz drive - HD x 3 (1 ATA, 2 SCSI) It really is a cool machine, and is my “Swiss army knife” between other machines and media, with 7.5.5, 8.6, and 9.1 on the various drives. i want to disassemble it, take out the dust, re-cap the MB, power supply, and a few caps on the G3 card (plus heat sink compound). I also want to lay out the drives and cards in a more logical manner. First question: anyone happen to have a cap map for the PR Pro so I can order the caps prior to tearing it down? Second: since I disconnected an old SCSI CD burner and replaced it with the ATA drive, the time from the gray screen and mouse to the actual happy Mac appearing has lengthened tremendously, on the order of a minute or two. I’m not sure what may cause this. Third: Ill get a screen shot, but when starting in 8.6, once extensions start loading, about two icons load, then the system pauses for a good minute or two, then the graphics refresh, and the next to load is the ATI extension, and then everything proceeds normally. The same ATI extension loads under 9.1 without delay. I do not know if it is that, or an extension trying to load before it. I’ll get screen shots soon. All suggestions very welcome.
  3. LaPorta

    800k Floppy drive question

    This is a lot easier if you have another computer to test the drives with that you know works. Do you?
  4. LaPorta

    PowerTower Pro Overhaul

    Indeed, I have yet to even find a trace of capacitor goo or issue with the machine. I was more concerned with the power supply, potentially, but that is working well, too. I'll look into the ATA order. I'll admit I have zero experience, so expect questions here! Will also get pictures regarding the startup issue.
  5. Hi everyone, I have been having an issue with my PT Pro (I guess it was always an issue, I just never used the drives much). I am unable to use the internal CD reader and user-installed CD writer properly. With the Apple CD/DVD driver under OS 8.6, I cannot insert a CD and have it mount. If I start with the CD in the drive, the disc will appear, but then I cannot eject it. Upon attempting to eject, I get an error -50 and the disc will not eject. If I try to use instead FWB Toolkit, I get an error at startup that the FWB Toolkit cannot load because another driver is running the drives...but this is after I have disabled the Apple driver with the Extensions Manager. I am at a loss here as to why this is. I would normally say hardware error, but the same thing happens to both drives.
  6. LaPorta

    PowerTower Pro CD Drive Issues

    Must have been the drive, or something with the bus. It was SCSI. I replaced it with an ATA drive I got from $5 at Goodwill yesterday, which works perfectly...thanks!
  7. Re-check the batteries. Check the traces from any pins that seem to be corroded from any of those chips or component. Look for any traces that appear to be totally eaten away by the cap goo (pictures would be helpful here). I had a single, solitary trace that was no longer good on mine. Once I ran a bypass wire, it worked perfectly. As for the voltage, early models shipped with soldered, 3V batteries (mine had this). The later versions had battery holders and used 3.6V. Either works just fine; I put holders and 3.6V ones in mine.
  8. LaPorta

    Wifi Extension Development Thread

    This may be not what people are looking for, but my solution for all of my old Macs is simple: AirPort base stations set to extend my home network. Insert ethernet cable: bam. Instant internet access.
  9. LaPorta

    Portable & SCSI2SD Questions

    5.1 is compatible. That is what I have in my Portable. Turns the thing into a System 6 rocket.
  10. LaPorta

    Mac 128k Keyboard Recapping - 1uf 63V

    You are correct. On the machines I have re-capped for other people, I have always left a label that states that I did the job, and what date it was done.
  11. LaPorta

    Mac 128k Keyboard Recapping - 1uf 63V

    Indeed, I have made notes on when either myself or whoever later takes on my Macs (hopefully one of my kids) will need to replace the ones I have replaced.
  12. LaPorta

    Portable & SCSI2SD Questions

    You need the adapter as well.
  13. LaPorta

    Macintosh Portables Dead

    Two things: 1. Absolutely would love to see your progress! Please keep us updated. 2. I'd first work on one of the others. Why potentially bungle a prototype while learning?
  14. LaPorta

    Macintosh Portables Dead

    Here are the Portable capacitors, per my hand-written notes at home: Portable Capacitors: C2 - 100µf, 25V - Radial C3 - 220µf, 25V - Radial C4 - 1µf, 50 V - Surface Mount C5 - 1µf, 50V - Surface Mount C6 - 100 µf, 25V - Radial C8 - 470µf, 25V - Axial C9 - 47µf, 16V - Surface Mount C10 - 47µf, 16V - Surface Mount C11 - 47µf, 16V - Surface Mount C14 - 10µf, 16V - Surface Mount C15 - 1µf, 50V - Surface Mount C16 - 470µf, 25V - Axial C17 - 47µf, 16V - Surface Mount C18 - 100µf, 25V - Radial C19 - 100µf, 25V - Radial C20 - 470µf, 25V - Axial C22 - 47µu, 16V - Surface Mount C24 - 1µf, 50V - Surface Mount C25 - 47µf, 16V - Surface Mount C26 - 47µf, 16V - Surface Mount C27 - 47µf, 16V - Surface Mount C28 - 47µf, 16V - Surface Mount C116 - 10µf, 16V - Surface Mount Capacitors behind the LCD: C11 - 220µf, 10V - Radial C23 - 10µf, 16V - Radial
  15. LaPorta

    Macintosh Portables Dead

    Oh I didn't mean yours: your battery was probably a great replacement, I meant the one that he initially had used at the start of the thread.
  16. LaPorta

    Macintosh Portables Dead

    Looked at the specs of your battery, it had the same issue the first I used did: fairly low initial max discharge current. The above battery MOS used, and the one that I used down here: https://www.batteriesplus.com/battery/sla-sealed-lead-acid/6/hawk0809=0012 Are better suited for the Portable. As for the capacitors, I made a list I can get to you from home when I get there.
  17. LaPorta

    Macintosh Portables Dead

    Paul, i am am not certain what you mean by “it even ran off the replacement battery” - All Portables MUST run off their battery. The power adapter is only used to charge it. Second, are you 100% sure it is a battery that is good for a Portable? The thing shutting down with HD spin up sounds like too much of a current draw on the battery. Certain batteries can only deliver so much current at a time, despite voltage rating (witness an “only” 12 volt car battery turn over that huge motor - much current is supplied instantly). I had a 6V for my Portable that didn’t work, and only once I got a proper replacement was it good. Third, did you re-cap the board? Photos would also be helpful.
  18. LaPorta

    800k Floppy drive question

    Still uncertain as to if that will work on the plus itself though. I’m not sure the IWM is the exact same physical chip a in the II and SE.
  19. Hi everyone, I've got my 8100/100 AV here that I just hauled out of the closet. I got it in 2001 from the school I was then attending (Loyola College). For some reason, they had it in their storage in the basement, and the thing looked absolutely brand new. Once I got it home during the summer of 2002, I found out why they had stopped using it: no matter what I started up from, CD-ROM, HD, anything, I would get random startup address errors, and if I made it to the desktop, it would freeze not long thereafter. Well, I changed colleges, went to med school, residency, got a job, family, kids etc...and now we are in 2019 and I hauled it out of the closet. With knowledge I have now that I didn't have then, I nailed it down to some bad 3rd party RAM. Removing one of the pairs of RAM stopped all the crashing. I was then able to install a new copy of 7.5 on it. In the process, I made the idiot mistake of breaking off the plastic tab from the PDS slot opening. I have since super glued it for what it's worth (see photo). Felt like a moron doing that even after following the service manual. I now know why everyone says this series is a pain to deal with, and the next gen (8500, etc) is far easier. Here are a few questions. I have a Newer Tech 400 MHz G3 upgrade coming, which I hope will make this somewhat speedy. It has a still working 1 GB HD inside of it. First, is there any way to increase it's video capabilities (i.e. supporting greater resolutions). Second, outside of playing some kick-ass Marathon games on it, what else would you use it for? This, where can I obtain another slot-blanking cover for the open NuBus clot? Fourth: that little trace bypass on the mother board photo: is that normal? Looks like a factory job. I appreciate all comments.
  20. Now I think is a good time to refurbish my 14" AudioVision to pair with this. The screen projects on about a 20 degree tilt, so I think the yoke needs to be rotated. The thing was a pain to get open years ago, and I don't think I ever did get it open. I suppose I need the service source document for it.
  21. LaPorta

    800k Floppy drive question

    As far as I know, IWM and SWIM are not pin compatible.
  22. LaPorta

    Dead Performa 475

    To expand on what Brett said, you can also scrape off more coating of the trace nearby, and solder a small piece of wire to the leg of the cap and the other end to the newly exposed trace.
  23. I wish the recyclers around here were like that. The one I inquired about being able to get stuff from them said "No, check eBay." Very helpful.
  24. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Indeed, I do not have much need of it as a power machine: my souped-up PowerTower Pro handles all of that. The system I installed (7.5) was from the 8100 CD, and, yes, the 100 and 110 need 7.5 at minimum according to documents. I'll think these over and see what I want to do. I'd still like to hear any other suggestions!
  25. LaPorta

    Mac Plus screen issue

    Could it be something as simple as a bad solder joint?