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  1. LaPorta

    Dead floppy auto-eject motor

    You mean the tiny brass gear on the motor itself won’t spin even when freed from the other gears?
  2. LaPorta

    SE/30 Logic Board Resurrection

    It now works! I removed the SCSI chip and cleaned up all the traces. Every last one tested good. I also ordered solder paste to use with the hot air station. After watching a video, it took me a good hour to get it in place and get rid of a number of solder bridges (the last tenacious one took half of that hour). Fired it up, and it immediately started from the internal HD. Seems my memory was correct: about 20 years ago I blew the SCSI chip by removing an external HD while the machine was on. Good thing I saved the board instead of tossing it then. I replaced it with one from eBay (which was probably all of $5-10 in 2000). This one sat on my shelf collecting dust as a display. Now one more SE/30 board out there is again working! Just needs a re-cap to be complete.
  3. LaPorta

    Major Score! 8600 with Sonnet CPU, 3DFX card, Etc

    I got a DVD/CD-RW IDE from Goodwill for $5 a few months back for my PowerTower Pro. It’s amazing what you can find. Anecdotally, if you want an internal CD-RW SCSI drive(Yamaha) for free I’ll send it along with the Mic. I just gotta get rid of this stuff...
  4. LaPorta

    Imagewriter II ribbon cartridge sources?

    I ordered a pack of blacks less than a year ago. They work pretty well, though I’ve had a slight issue with them being overloaded and leaving small smudges around the letters on the first few passes.
  5. LaPorta

    SE/30 Logic Board Resurrection

    Small update: located one pin (SCSI Chip 32) which was not connecting with the corresponding pin on the SCSI drive cable header pin. Patched and bypassed it, but still no go. On the hunt for further problems! I also tested and verified F2 and D3 as I noticed they play into supplying the 5V for the port. All test good.
  6. DVD, Summer 2000...should be about the same as your Snow White, they came out at the same time.
  7. LaPorta

    SE/30 Logic Board Resurrection

    To be more specific, Bolle, it originally had the gray raster and no question mark problem. Now that I replaced the SCSI chip, the question mark comes up normally, and I can boot with a floppy, no issue. So, in effect, the SCSI chip works now as the machine can communicate with it...but SCSI itself is not working properly.
  8. LaPorta

    Apple Internet Router 3.01

    Thanks very much. Ill have to look into this. I’ve got a Mac Mini server that would be perfect.
  9. LaPorta

    Apple Internet Router 3.01

    Thanks! What hardware does virtual box run on, and what sort of OS do you need on it?
  10. LaPorta

    Apple Internet Router 3.01

    I wish I knew more about this stuff. It says this needs Linux to run. Any chance Of it working on OS X?
  11. LaPorta

    Apple Internet Router 3.01

    I would like to look into this as well as a possible way of still playing Bolo over the Internet.
  12. When you order, give us a link to which belts to order. I have a DV SE that will need one eventually, no doubt.
  13. LaPorta

    SE/30 Logic Board Resurrection

    I tried this morning with a known-good SCSI HD, to no avail. Using Apple HD SC Setup from a floppy freezes the machine. There must be some other error somewhere (diode, resistor, etc) along the chain that is likely causing something, but I don't know where that might be. I'll look at the schematics and see if there is anything obvious. Suggestions always taken, as usual. Also, is it rather easy to get replacement 50-pin SCSI headers if you really mangle them with heat?
  14. LaPorta

    SE/30 Logic Board Resurrection

    Update: I got the 858 iron as well as nozzle for the chip. Nice little package. Worked well too. I’d say the replacement was not so bad as far as my first try with removal and then resolder with regular iron: I fries the SCSI connector plastic a bit: will learn next time to cover it with foil or something. The positive is this: the machine now starts from a floppy! The old chip must have indeed been fried from past carelessness. However, I can not locate the internal drive in the bus, and it worked the last time I had this thing fired up. There may yet be some kind of issue, I wonder where to look next...
  15. LaPorta

    Major Score! 8600 with Sonnet CPU, 3DFX card, Etc

    Send me a PM. We will work it out.