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  1. LaPorta

    C1 from "Classic Mac Repair Notes"

    That is exactly what I use. Works beautifully.
  2. LaPorta

    4400/200 - dirty to clean

    Nice to see this progress!
  3. LaPorta

    Mac SE FD/HD score, minor quirks

    Needs now AB/PSU caps for sure. Hanging at the startup screen there could be a number of things. Some photos of the AB and MB would be very helpful. Welcome back!
  4. LaPorta

    PowerTower Pro USB card - no go

    USB Card Support 1.4.1 Sorry, it was in my first post
  5. LaPorta

    PowerTower Pro USB card - no go

    I used the Apple Pro Mouse and that also wouldn't work. I think I will try and install 9 on a separate partition and see if that fixes things. Thanks for the suggestions.
  6. LaPorta

    Portable and 12 volts !!!

    I'd also check hybrid board/associated power line resistors. The wattage rating on them may have been surpassed and they may be open/shorted depending.
  7. LaPorta

    PowerTower Pro USB card - no go

    Nothing, I did try a CF reader. Perhaps I am just missing something crucial that I am unaware of.
  8. LaPorta

    PowerTower Pro USB card - no go

    I'll see if that might help. I don't have an 8.6 installer unfortunately, just 8.5 with 8.6 updaters. I can try and see if that helps. Of course, that USB Card Support installer is stand-alone, and is supposed to have everything.
  9. Hey everyone, Been trying to get a USB card to work on my PT Pro. The card is a StarTech 4 port one. It is supposed to work with only the built on 8.6 drivers. I installed the USB Card Support 1.4.1 drivers. So far, the card works in that a USB system shows up in the system profiler, but nothing connected to it works. Here is what it says when an Apple Pro Keyboard is connected (photo). So it appears that SOMETHING is being read, but I can’t get anything functioning. Any suggestions?
  10. LaPorta

    MDD G4: $70 a good price?

    You are right. I personally think SE/30s are ugly, and nowhere as becoming as, say, a Plus. But, it's whatever you like.
  11. LaPorta

    Portable and 12 volts !!!

    I’ll admit I cannot be sure if it stops with the lightning bolt or not. I’d have to whip out my Portable and see. So I don’t need the portable set up all the time, I use a battery maintainer with my battery on a shelf to keep it charged.
  12. LaPorta

    Portable and 12 volts !!!

    Maybe the lesson here is to just use original power supplies?
  13. LaPorta

    Portable and 12 volts !!!

    Probably blown resistors too. Hybrid board could be bad now too.
  14. LaPorta

    Mac SE: Post-Maxell repair Attempts

    One thing that I really would love for you guys to try is EvapoRust: for the chassis, submerging it into that would get rid of the rust overnight, no scrubbing involved. It's great stuff,
  15. LaPorta

    Mac SE: Post-Maxell repair Attempts

    Where did you find the filter? Is it the full 20 pin, or the 16? I could only find 16s, but my understanding was they will still work.