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  1. Yes that was exactly what I said before, I’m glad you rules it out.
  2. If you get this going, I am certain it will be of great use to all of us. I don’t think there is any such guide floating around.
  3. Absolutely needs to be to access AFP shares. Not the internet.
  4. It has to be active for any of this to work, did it ask you if you wanted to make it active?
  5. Yep, you are right...and I’ll be sending the pair!
  6. How about what is selected in the AppleTalk control panel? The choices?
  7. I will send it, no problem. Send me a PM and we will work this out.
  8. Both AppleShare and AppleShare Prep need to be in the System Folder. You can see them on my SE here: If you don’t have the Prep file for some reason, I’m sure it is located on the disks you received. If not, we can get it to you.
  9. Did you fresh install this system, or it came from elsewhere? I’m doing errands, but promise I can help later on via my own 6.0.8 installation to get this going for you.
  10. Cheese straws is right. I’ll walk through the needed files with you a bit later on today.
  11. LaPorta

    Lucky IIx acquisition

    Very nice job! I only knew because I had to do a very similar bypass on my II. Very interesting battery mod: I haven’t seen them done as cleanly as that.
  12. The drive appears as a valid device in the Startup Disk control panel?
  13. LaPorta

    Baroni’s Collection

    Post them on vTools!
  14. Ah yes, as the PowerBook has the single port. That’s what you want. And the cable runs to the Mac Plus’ Printer port?