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  1. LaPorta

    $30 LCII from eBay

    Just picked up a little project after recapping my Mac Plus. $30 on eBay. Stated working on the listing, but with the cap leakage, I didn’t want to press my luck until it was cleaned up. Once I have it up and running, I’ll need one of those monitors that goes so nicely with it.
  2. LaPorta

    J1 connector (Plus analog board)

    I'm pretty sure you can work anything that has equal male and female ends to replace it. Just depends if you care about originality.
  3. LaPorta

    800k drives...finicky!

  4. LaPorta

    Broken floppy drive?

    So here is a video: unrestored external drive that has just always worked great, then internal drive I just worked on. You can see inject works great on both, but eject noise is a bit different. The higher pitch of the external is what I remember form back when. what do you guys have? F48639D0-2EC0-4A19-B428-12646C184EAC.MOV
  5. LaPorta

    800k drives...finicky!

    I did order a replacement gear set for the one the usually cracks. The teeth of the others seem to be in good repair.
  6. LaPorta

    Broken floppy drive?

    I'm more wondering if there is significant inter-drive variability as to the motor strength. The other thing that is driving me nuts is the motor gear housing. Those plastic tabs are brittle: I've had two break on me recently! I guess we will be needing 3D printed versions of those someday, too...
  7. LaPorta

    Broken floppy drive?

    Perhaps you guys are right...it just seems different than when I was a kid. I do have an external drive that has been untouched that sounds "correct" to me. I'll make a short movie with the two drives working and post back here to compare...tomorrow night, that is ;).
  8. LaPorta

    Broken floppy drive?

    This guy's video is pretty flippin awesome: However, right at the end when the disk ejects, it sounds like mine does: weak. Do everyone's sound this way?
  9. LaPorta

    Broken floppy drive?

    I’ve removed the old and re-lubed with Molykote 33, thin stuff. As to disassembly, the most I’ve ever been able to do is get the bottom PCB off. I’ve never been able to get the whole mechanism off the metal base...is there more crud under there? Guides/pics would help.
  10. LaPorta

    Broken floppy drive?

    Has anyone noticed if the new gear makes things a tad bit slower or rougher? I am having this issue with my 800k drive where the auto inject is like lightning, I can manually eject no problem, but the auto eject sounds just ever so strained.
  11. LaPorta

    800k drives...finicky!

    So I took off the lithium grease and substituted Molykote 33 grease...inject works like a charm, eject still "sounds" weak...but it sounded like that before I started working on it. Is there any way these electric motors can get weak over time?
  12. LaPorta

    Legit "barn find" Apple IIe

    Store them with Bounce dryer sheets in them. Rodents can't stand to be near them. I use them in my Mustang's engine compartment over the winter in the garage...it works wonders.
  13. New world ROM just means software instead of hardware based. Not an issue for you.
  14. Throwing in my two cents, I use my iMac G4 running 10.4 to transfer files between that and my PowerTower Pro running 8.6 using AppleTalk. If I ever have any compatibility issues when the PT Pro is in 7.5.5, I just use the iMac with OS 9. It can be a pain, but restarting to change the OS isn't the biggest issue. I would say a 10.4/OS 9 compatible Mac is a good way to go. 10.5 with intel isn't bad, but there is no OS 9 option just in case.
  15. LaPorta

    Legit "barn find" Apple IIe

    If none of the above work, I’d try evaporust. Some of the coolest stuff I’ve seen for dissolving rust. I can’t say what it wi do to a PCB though, so try it on some scrap or something else you don’t really need. Just submerge the board for a day, then rinse/dishwasher.