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  1. Dark Castle was written in straight 68000 assembly language, taking advantage of very low-level processor instructions. I could see it being very easy to make it fail if certain functions were changed/implemented differently via an accelerator.
  2. LaPorta

    Performa 631 Floppy Replacement

    I dont know 100%, but I would assume that the insertion slots would not line up properly.
  3. LaPorta

    Mac Plus Floppy Drive - should I replace it?

    You know, if you ever don't need those other 800ks...
  4. LaPorta

    Mac Plus (Probably) that Won't Boot

    Try a known good floppy drive in each machine and see. If that one works, I’d assume floppy drive issues. Could be dirt on heads, head misalignment, or even electronic failure (less likely). If no drive is good in a machine, could be logic board issues or cable issues.
  5. LaPorta

    Mac Plus with 4MB of RAM

    Another thing: most of the Pina references talk about repairing damage caused by overheating due to use when not in an air conditioned environment. Chances that you have that are far greater these days than when he wrote the books.
  6. LaPorta

    SE FDHD Restoration

    Small Update: Awaiting my new speaker connector and capacitors from Mouser, they should be here tomorrow. In the meantime, I took to removing the rust from the rear screw-in bar at the back of the logic board. If you look at some of the first pictures from my original conquest post (first photo here), you can see that the bar was literally coated with rust and corrosion. As I have attested to before, the product EvapoRust is incredible. I immersed the bar (after removal) in it for 12 hours, and literally all rust dissolves as can be seen in the first photo. This saves you from doing any manual labor removing the rust. In something this heavily rusted, it also leaves pits in the metal where rust literally ate into the bar, but that is unavoidable. The next step is gently scrubbing the surface with 0000 steel wool (second picture), and then buffing with Black coarse compound with a buffing wheel on a Dremel tool (subsequent pictures). I'm not making it a mirror finish (that's not how it was made), so doing this without sanding works fine. You can see that it looks far better than the originals.
  7. LaPorta

    Mac Plus Floppy Drive - should I replace it?

    Needed? No. Something I'd consider a crucial part of restoring it? Yes.
  8. LaPorta

    Mac Plus with 4MB of RAM

    I would actually like to run my Plus with 4MB. It has one right now, it’s totally stock. I’ve got a spare logic board that I’ll use to do that. Anyone know how to obtain 1 MB SIMMs now? Which are compatible? How can you tell 1 MB and 256k ones apart?
  9. LaPorta

    File/disk exchange Windows <-> Macintosh

    That Stuffit issue is annoying. I have gone back and re-compressed all of my archives with 1.5.1 to ensure compatibility with the older System 6 Stuffits.
  10. LaPorta

    4 iMacs & 1 eMac

    The iMac G4 and eMac I think are what would be worth the most out of that lot. The later iMacs not as much. The original iMac, it would be neat to see what revision that is...I am unsure as to if some are more valuable than others. Apparently good, working iMac G4s are somewhat hard to come by...screen issues someone told me.I had no idea since mine works fine...
  11. LaPorta

    Mac Plus and 2 MB floppy drive

    Unsure about #2, but as for #1, it should function as am 800k drive IF the cable works properly.
  12. Are there perhaps Farallon drivers?
  13. If it doesn't work, I have one extra perhaps. I'll see.
  14. My guess is that a necessary extension for the comm slot ethernet card is not there (or the card is bad). There should be an Ethernet option for certain. If it does not appear, then it is not an option. As a double-check, open your AppleTalk control panel and see if Ethernet is an option there. If it is not, im 99% certain that either the card is bad or is not recognized due to lack of an extension.
  15. LaPorta

    File/disk exchange Windows <-> Macintosh

    Ok, I can hook you up with some stuff that should get you off the ground. Send me a PM with your email address.