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  1. LaPorta

    New (to me) IIci

    Good luck! Looks like a nice little project there that I hope is not too involved.
  2. LaPorta

    Demand for Performa 630CD?

    This is exactly why I am making a Quadra 630 into a self-contained custom machine. Not sure about space savings (if I had placed the power supply on it's side, I could have made it a lot slimmer), but I did remove the HD and CD-ROM drive and replaced it with a SCSI2SD. Planning on having it upright, mounted behind a cheap LCD I got at Goodwill. It will be a really nice non-internet-connected game machine for my young girls. They already have had a blast with the partially assembled machine using Kaboom! to record themselves :).
  3. LaPorta

    Ethertalk crossover cable

    The crossover cables do indeed work, but, yes, configuration is necessary. It WILL work once you get things configured. Any issues setting AppleTalk to Ethernet or anything like that?
  4. Got over those issues, and made a new one...more pictures soon...it's coming out well!
  5. LaPorta

    Demand for Performa 630CD?

    How does one perform this 33 to 40 overclocking on the full 040?
  6. LaPorta

    Almost Disappointed They're not G5's

    Didn’t know there were so many of us around CTZM.
  7. I have multiple copies of original DOS Compatibility disks around from the two 6100 DOS Compatible models I have. I would be more than happy to make images of them for you this weekend.
  8. LaPorta

    Almost Disappointed They're not G5's

    My conundrum as well.
  9. LaPorta

    Almost Disappointed They're not G5's

    Whoa...can you send me a link to that? I live in CT...
  10. LaPorta

    Almost Disappointed They're not G5's

    I've got a G5...nothing to do with it now, though!
  11. Nothing soldered onto the underside except grounding foot pads.
  12. LaPorta

    Reviving Quadra 630

  13. Thank you, that was what I was figuring from the traces on the board as well One would assume then 512k each. Now, finding possible replacements...
  14. Here are those photos, as requested. I wish I had your guy's knowledge of electronics!