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  1. LaPorta

    LC 575 pulled pad

    I have yet to try pad repair. There are legit methods/parts to do it, but I haven’t gotten that far. From the look of it, that pad simply connects to a trace running to that nearby chip. In the short term, you could just solder a small wire from that pin to the terminal of the new cap. If you are using radial electrolytics with long legs instead of original surface mount types, it will be even easier.
  2. LaPorta

    Rusty Macintosh SE/30

    No need for wire brush. Look at an auto parts store or Amazon for Evaporust. That stuff is awesome (not that cheap, though). It can be reused as well. You either wrap parts in soaked towels, or if you buy enough, immerse the entire frame in a bucket of it. Give it 24 hr and all rust will disappear. If there are still unsightly areas, you could use some fine steel wool. why will you be unable to get the SuperDrive in there again?
  3. I am pretty sure I have one of these (or similar) in my Power Tower Pro. Indeed, it is a Rage video card. They are awesome, as well.
  4. LaPorta

    $25 PowerBook 190CS with 32MB RAM expansion

    You should see pinball machines. I got mine for $500 from a local guy and restored it. EBay sellers try and sell the same machine for $2k in worse shape than I originally got mine.
  5. LaPorta

    My Portable is up next...

    Hey everyone, After completing my Mac II, now I am turning my efforts to my Mac Portable. Over the years it slowly stopped working (bad caps, no doubt), and I am setting out to get it going again. First, I am looking to make a stealth battery...namely, a new lead acid cell in the original's shell. I am sure someone has done it before...if anyone has info, let me know, otherwise I am going to start this from scratch.
  6. LaPorta

    Boxed iMac G4 + PowerBook 1400CS

    Love having my original iMac, iMac DV, and iMac G4’s boxes. It’s all I have as far as original boxes. ...unless you count my Dad’s TAM with every accessory it came with. Just waiting for him to give that one up.
  7. As an aside, these things are the same as car batteries. If you are not using them for a long time, get a $20 battery maintainer and hook it up to that. It will keep them good until needed again.
  8. LaPorta

    How to make disks for a IIGS?

    I must say, im not familiar with .2mg. What format is that?
  9. LaPorta

    Macintosh II - Revival and overhaul

    So I found only one actual broken trace out of the lot thankfully. I repaired that with a single wire “stealth” run on the underside of the board. Made all the repairs, popped in new batteries, replaced the caps...and she works! Power via ADB and back switch, no problem. Now I need to tune up the floppy drives. Anyone ever replaced the caps on the floppy drives?
  10. LaPorta

    Macintosh Plus Internal SCSI MOD

    What sort of files are those?
  11. LaPorta

    Recapped Macintosh II will not boot

    I’ll let you know how mine goes. How did you go about repairing your traces?
  12. LaPorta

    Recapped Macintosh II will not boot

    In your first picture, there is a trace that is entirely gone above C7. As the others said, there are others as well. I am in the process of doing the exact same thing as you with my Macintosh II. There are several traces that are gone. I am looking for schematics to make it easier, but I don't think that is happening. I am going to follow them instead and just run thin wire instead of the traces.
  13. LaPorta

    Macintosh II - Revival and overhaul

    Anyone hame Mac II Schematics?
  14. LaPorta

    Macintosh II - Revival and overhaul

    So it at least looks like the caps ate the crap out of a few traces. I tested the one by C19 with pins under the sound chip and I don’t find any continuity...but then again I have no idea where the things run without a full schematic. I don’t want to run new leads and misconnecr things. Anyone have suggestions?
  15. LaPorta

    Macintosh II - Revival and overhaul

    Ordered the caps from mouser, should be here Thursday. The original SM caps I replaced with electrolytic polymer ones that are the same can style (I like things looking original). Reading up on it, it appears that they work the same way, but the electrolyte is a solid in the can instead of a liquid...so in theory the part should just fail someday, not leak all over the board. I’m not sure if they last as long, but this thing is a showpiece, not a work machine.