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  1. Does anyone have one of these? I am curious, I have never seen one.
  2. To add to dcr, I have an 8 GB flash drive stick that ive has since med school at least 12-13 years ago. It’s even been through my washing machine once by accident. Still works perfectly without issue.
  3. LaPorta

    Apple HD20 SC question

    I don't see why not. Every external SCSI HD I've ever seen has the capability to be 0.
  4. LaPorta

    SE FDHD Restoration

    So I made a 3D sled by brute force using Tinkercad. I think it came out rather well. I will need to see if it fits properly. Any of you are also welcome to use it too.
  5. I got the socket, crimp pins, and crimping tool from a local electronics store. I’m actually traveling but I can tell you what the pins are when I get home on Thursday. I’ll also get you photos of a good board I have.
  6. Wow, I was lucky...that thing was flat-out decimated by that battery. That looks like a huge project to make sure all of that is intact. Do you need pictures of a good board for comparison?
  7. Let me look this over later, and I’ll try to help. As for the corroded legs, the only solution I’ve found is to get some flat-edge cutters and snip off all the legs and remove the chip. A replacement is of course needed. Once you do that, I keep the iron hot (700 F), and make contact with the now-exposed pin, which should transmit heat inside and melt the solder from the inside out. Tricky and takes patience, but seems to work. Ill see if I can get the D3 rating for you.
  8. LaPorta

    About lubricating that floppy drive...

    Well it’s jammed again. Im going to get rid of all of this stuff and start over. Degrease it. It’s silicone-based, maybe it’s too thick. We will see. New white lithium on the way. do people only use tubs, or do some use spray cans?
  9. LaPorta

    Brittle plastic OMG!

    If MacEffects can make custom SE/30 cases, I have faith that someday plastics can be made for these as well!
  10. LaPorta

    About lubricating that floppy drive...

    No dust covers. I managed to angle the little rollers on the side and it seems to work again, though probably about 90% of what it should. That's good enough for me: if I keep fooling around, I'll surely only make it worse. They are so finicky...but then again, they are fairly complex pieces of machinery.
  11. LaPorta

    About lubricating that floppy drive...

    Now I’ve got an annoying issue: my 1.4 MB drive that I’ve been working on seizes midway through eject. I don’t know what I do to these things to mess things up so badly.
  12. LaPorta

    Booting Mac Plus with scsi2sd...

    You don't need the extension installed. In fact, I'm not even sure what the extension does. I had similar issues: I got around it by simply making one SCSI ID and partitioning the one large drive into two with Drive Setup.
  13. LaPorta

    About lubricating that floppy drive...

    For one reason or another, I have never come across a Sony auto-inject with the dust sleeve in place. One issue I am currently having is my SE's drive appears to be sitting too close to the case on one side, causing disk contact with that side slightly on eject, slowing it down. I am not sure how I managed to misalign it...
  14. LaPorta

    SCSI2SD Issues

    You can do that with I believe 7 and later...but under 6 (which most systems that have my SCSI2SDs run) you cannot. I am sure if I was ambitious, those icons are just resources I could swap out with ResEdit.
  15. LaPorta

    SCSI2SD Issues

    Only thing I don’t like about Lido is those awful HD icons it makes you choose from.