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  1. LaPorta

    SE/30 Logic Board Resurrection

    So, as far as I can tell per schematic, I checked every...single...SCSI chip...trace, and all appear to be intact. I cannot find a breakage anywhere, so I am pretty much back at the start. I am including a photo of the area with the three caps near the molex connector.
  2. LaPorta

    SE/30 Logic Board Resurrection

    I’ll take some of those tomorrow night and go from there.
  3. LaPorta

    SE/30 Logic Board Resurrection

    Sound is perfectly clear, no static or otherwise. I will need to find those other pages and print them. I know the SCC is the serial controller, what is the ASC? It appears I will be hunting down a few hours worth of traces... Thanks for the tip on the SCSI/SWIM. Don't want to needlessly waste time.
  4. LaPorta

    SE/30 Logic Board Resurrection

    Damn, that means i would have to trace it all over creation!
  5. LaPorta

    SE/30 Logic Board Resurrection

    If anyone knows about the traces, I still need to know about that, too!
  6. LaPorta

    SE/30 Logic Board Resurrection

    That's not bad, especially if you say that it has worked for years. I just also want to make sure that it is compatible with the tips needed for the specific chips. Those damn nozzles seem to cost a fortune themselves.
  7. LaPorta

    SE/30 Logic Board Resurrection

    Believe it or not, that one does test good (I'll need to insulate it). I have taken to using the SWIM/SCSI schematic to test all traces: https://museo.freaknet.org/gallery/apple/stuff/mac/andreas.kann/schemat.html The question I have on those diagrams is this: Where do all of those traces on the leftmost diagram of this page go to/from?: That's all that I need to figure out the traces. I am currently working on those between the two chips and the jacks, but I know it won't be complete without those traces on the left.
  8. LaPorta

    File size EXPLOSION when one HDD icon dragged onto another!

    I will assume a few things: 1. you are running a pre- OS 8 System (probably the 7.1 on the HD itself), and/or both drives are formatted as HFS, not HFS+. 2. The CF card is a few GB in size (likely 2, since I believe that is the maximum that 7.1 could address - I think) or larger if you are starting up with 8.1 on the CF. In this scenario, the reason that your stuff ballooned is that the blocks of your much larger CF drive are much, much larger in size than on your HD. Put it this way: the stuff you copied is not actually now made up of more data, but the space that holds it is necessarily bigger. Imagine that you drove a Mini Cooper. The 160 MB drive has parking spaces the size of the Mini, allowing you and other drivers to park tightly together. However, since the CF card has parking spaces the size of a coach bus, AND you can only park one car per space, your Mini now takes up an entire parking spot with a lot of free space left. That free space cannot be used because it is within a physical block. Though long-winded, here is a good explanation from the Mac Secrets book, 5th edition: "Earlier in this chapter, we pointed out that files on your disk actually waste space if their sizes don’t exactly fill up the blocks on which they’re stored. Remember, under the Mac’s old Hierarchical File System, every drive, no matter what its size, is divided up into a maximum of 65,536 uniformly-sizedblocks — and therefore, on larger drives, the standard block sizes escalate. Therefore, the smallest any file can be on any disk is one block. A 9K SimpleText file on a four-gig drive takes up one block — 65K — and wastes 56K! When you multiply that space by the thousands of files on your drive, you can see that you wind up wasting a considerable chunk of disk space." If this is really bothersome, one way you can get around this is making a 160 MB disk image and dropping the stuff in there, then copy the image to your CF drive. Or, re-format the CF drive as HFS+. That will deal with your ballooning space issue, but the trade-off is the disk won't be able to be read by pre-Mac OS 8 systems.
  9. LaPorta

    Need a guide to transfer files to PB 540C

    I assume you have a modern Mac? I’d get one of those new v5.5 external SCSI2SDs, and a PowerBook SCSI adapter. This way you can get the SCSI2SD set, copy what you need on your modern Mac to the SD card using SheepShaver, Basilisk, or the like, and hook it to your PowerBook. Alternatively, you could possibly fit a SCSI2SD in the PB, but I don’t have experience there.
  10. LaPorta

    Driver needed for Panasonic KXL-810AN

    I usually find that the Apple CD/DVD driver of later flavors will drive almost anything really. Interesting that this is not the case here.
  11. LaPorta

    Soph's mac finds

    Oh sweet! You will need to show us how this all works out.
  12. I do know with 100% certainty that a number of years ago, Mark Stephen Pierce and SuperHappyFunFun purchased the rights to the Dark Castle series in order to release Return to Dark Castle. These were purchased from Delta Tao, who had acquired the rights in the 90s to make Color Dark Castle. Memory escapes me as to who they purchased them from originally, but it was whatever company had acquired Aldus (who, in turn, purchased Silicon Beach Software in the late 80s). So somewhere in that chain someone own the rights. It could be MSP himself, but at the least he would probably be the best person to ask for sure.
  13. I, too, use the polymer. I like the OEM look, and, as you stated, they will never leak!
  14. LaPorta

    M0100 Mouse: New internal plastic housing?

    Oh yes I’m doing so, thanks :). I was just wondering if anyone has the same issue and if there is a replacement for the whole thing.