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  1. Tugboat

    This Does Not Compute SE/30

    Magnificent video! Thank you so very much for your very detailed account of your thinking process throughout. Great to see another one of these beasts up and running.
  2. Tugboat

    Macintosh Classic II Restoration

    Outstanding! Keep them coming.
  3. Tugboat

    Rescuing my dad's Classic II, last working in 1996

    What a great story!
  4. So, in an attempt to revive my 5300ce I picked up a solid 5300c which I have made lead candidate for restoration (holding onto the working 5300ce logic board in case I need it in the future - if anyone out there wants to buy it, please make me an offer). I have partitioned the SSD into three partitions, all formatted with HFS. On one I have Mac OS 7.5.2, and on another i have Mac OS 8.1. My question is as to the third partition, hopefully named "Mac OS 8.6." Is it possible to format this single partition as HFS extended so that I can install Mac OS 8.6? Your thoughts greatly appreciated.
  5. Tugboat

    Powerbook 5300cs with corrosion

    Well, phooey. Stripped my 5300ce down for the first time in 10 or 15 years to: 1) check out the stability of the power connector (good); 2) check the logic board - no signs of corrosion or bulging capacitors (but I am a neophyte); and whether reseating everything would give me more than the "bong and grey screen but no more" that John and I have both been getting. Much to my dismay I didn't even get the bong or the grey screen. All I got was the little light on the top right hand of the screen, which I had not gotten before. I had done some work on the display, swapping out an old bezel so I may not have reconnected things properly. Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
  6. Tugboat

    Powerbook 5300cs with corrosion

    John, It is the actual PB battery, but it is not cheap, i.e. $149. I ordered it from laptopbatteryexpress.com. The website explains that these are new, not used, batteries. Will write more when I receive it. Mike
  7. Tugboat

    Powerbook 5300cs with corrosion

    John, I neglected to mention, after seeing that this is your first post here, the folks here are grand and very generous with their advice. Mike
  8. Tugboat

    Powerbook 5300cs with corrosion

    John, Looking forward to the responses as I have a 5300ce with the exact same symptoms. I did order a new battery as I have read that it might make a difference. Will let you know if it does. Mike
  9. I am working on my old 5300ce which has the shaky old power supply problem that is endemic to the 190-5300 models. I vaguely remember that there was a PCMCIA card that one could use to power the computer instead. Does anyone remember this or is my memory playing me false? Thank you.
  10. Tugboat

    Currupt ram and rom

    Neal, I had a similar problem last month when I first installed Rominator 2 - grey corrupt screen and funny sound. I was appalled. So, I read the manual, which can be found on the bigmessowires homepage. Go to the troubleshooting section and you will see where these are common symptoms of the new ROM card not fully seating on the logic board. I monkeyed around with things, as instructed, and with the assistance of a paperclip, was able to get the new ROM card fully seated and things running. It took about 30 minutes. Good luck, Mike
  11. Tugboat


    Newton Stuff
  12. Tugboat

    Radius Color Pivot Question

    Update: It runs just fine on 7.6.1 and an NEC 18 inch multisync panel.. Now I will have to try it out on 8.1.
  13. Tugboat

    Radius Color Pivot Question

    A question: what Mac OS are you both running with this card? Thank you in advance.