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  1. Usually, if one wants to leave the bootable hard drive in, one can just boot from the hard drive, insert the OS disk in the optical drive, go to "Startup Drive" and select the optical drive, and reboot. Should now boot from the optical drive.
  2. The SATA card would have to have Mac firmware as a first requirement. Otherwise nothing connected to the card can be seen until after the OS starts loading. To boot from an optical drive, the Mac firmware needs to have ATAPI support, I think. Open to correction on that point. I would be surprised to find that Sonnet's TSATA card and Acard's 6X90M series don't have ATAPI support.
  3. trag

    Cheap IDE on scsi bus solution?

    There should be a fair number of Acard 7720U SCSI/IDE adapters amongst list members. I sold something like 35 of them here several years ago. Of course, at the time, there was a guy on Ebay with apparently unlimited numbers selling them for about $30 + shipping.
  4. trag

    Multiprocessor SE/30!

    Massachusetts Computer sold a 68000 based mini-computer that ran some flavor of Unix back in the mid-80s. It was very graphically oriented and had a second 68000 running its graphics adapter, IIRC. The computer was called the Masscomp. I think there's a Wikipedia article about it. I used one at NASA JSC in 84 - 85.
  5. I think there is a very good chance that would work. There are always outliers, so it might not work, but I think the chances are better that it will work. Not exactly the same, but I put a no-name DVD-ROM drive on a PATA card in my X500 series machine and it has never given me a problem. It's outlasted a lot of other drives too. Kind of pricey when you add all the components, but I like this solution. This slot loading drive is PATA and is only $8 and it is a Toshiba which is a brand often used by Apple. This physical adapter from slimline to half-height 5.25" drive bounces in price from $17.50 up to its current price. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001B7XYZO https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007C1KPQY The final issue is you'll need a PATA/IDE to slimline (JAE 50) adapter, such as this: https://www.amazon.com/Small-PCB-Slimline-Slim-50-Pin-Adapter/dp/B003NVTDCO However, it is very hard to find one of those adapters which has jumpers for Master/Slave. If the optical drive will be the only drive on the PATA cable, then it doesn't matter. If I can find the link to the company that sells one with a Master/Slave setting I'll come back and post it. Ah, found it. The APA-CD1-JP (40 pin desktop), and the APA-CD2-JP (44 pin laptop, mini) from: http://www.ameri-rack.com http://www.ameri-rack.com/APA-CD1-JP.htm http://www.ameri-rack.com/APA-CD2.htm At the time (2017) they were $5.75 each with $10 shipping. I had to email them to get pricing and place na order.
  6. Anyone have any experience fixing these guys? Mine just died (no LEDs lighting) after I unplugged and plugged it a couple of times. Of course, it's been plugged in continuously for the last 20+ years, so i suppose it's entitiled. There are no SM electrolytic caps inside. One big ceramic and two radial electrolytic (470/10 + 2000/25?IIRC). Oh, and two diodes near the power circuitry (half wave rectifier?). I'll need to check those when I dig in. The AC adapter is reading 14.xx VAC. Supposedly it outputs 12V, so it might be an overvoltage situation. That would be easiest. I'm hoping that the total lack of LEDs is a good sign indicating a failure in the power circuitry and not something deeper in. I can probably find replacements for the power circuitry, but not for the custom Asante chip and what looks like a big processor of some kind. So agaain, anyone with experience, or just willing to kibbitz?
  7. trag

    Modern PSU for the SE/30

    BTW, the Seasonic power supply is back down to $41 at Newegg. It was up around $50 for quite a while. Still not down to ~$30 as it was a while. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817151211 SuperBiz has the 300 watt version for $48 and the 250 watt for $46. Their regular price is lower than what seems to be Newegg's regular price. https://www.superbiiz.com/detail.php?name=PS-S300SU2&similar=766
  8. trag

    Repair: AsanteTalk or MicroAsantePrint?

    I never followed up, but the hardware guy at my office told me that it was probably the voltage regulator in my MicroAsantePrint. I haven't done anything with it yet though, so I can neither confirm nor deny. He has like a thousand years of experience though, so I'd lay odds on his being correct (he's also a great Little League coach). I don't think that applies to your device, Superjet, because your symptoms are different. However, the AsanteTalk is a little different than the MicroAsantePrint, so you might want to check inside for caps to replace. Bad power will make most electronics not work properly.
  9. Second the battery advice. The 6100 is one of the few models that doesn't power on properly with a flat battery.
  10. Acard also made PATA and SATA PCI cards which worked in OS9 and OSX. AEC-6280M, AEC-6880M, AEC-6290M, AEC-6890M. However, some of their "SATA" cards appear to be the same as their PATA cards, but with a PATA-SATA bridge chip onboard.
  11. trag

    Sonnet Quaddoubler project

    Changing the clock speed of the 68040 while it is running might be tricky. It might also be as simple as changing the clock that's being input. But some chips want configuration gymnastics when changing speed.
  12. trag

    Suprise found in a Quadra 700

    Thank you for listing those. I appreciate the refresh to my old memories. The Turbo601 I'm familiar with, as I had one way back when. It was a bit like a dancing bear. It wasn't that the bear danced so well, but that the bear danced at all. The info on Brinnoven's (now gone) Turbo601 Home Page was great. I think it's either archived or in the Way Back Machine. Anyway, I ultimately sold mine and used the money to buy a refurbished Power 120 from Power Computing. The Turbo601 gave the IIci good CPU speed, but the subsystems were still substantial bottlenecks, even with a JackHammer card and a Thunder IV GX. I actually wrote the article on Marc Schrier's site for upgrading the Turbo601/66 to around 90 - 96MHz. Basically, change the Turbo601/66 from clock doubling to clock tripling. Kind of useless for most people, I think. My Turbo601 would run at speeds over 90MHz. Most folks PPC601/66 chip probably wouldn't manage that. These days, I don't think there's anywhere to get the needed ICS9178 chip, unless one is willing to kill an 8100/100 or faster.
  13. trag

    Suprise found in a Quadra 700

    Nice. A PowerPro or whatever it was called. I get confused because I think there was one model with SIMM sockets on board and another model that is purely a CPU upgrade.
  14. trag

    Carrera040 Info / Hacking Thread

    Very cool of you to share this. You're on a path that I keep wishing I would make the time to pursue, but I don't. So it's wonderful to watch someone else do it.
  15. trag

    Sony CR44 power supply repair... or not?

    There's a thread around here somewhere about replacing the guts of the SE or SE/30 PS with the guts of a mini-ITX or 1U power supply. If you can't nail down your component failure you might look at that solution.
  16. Thank you for the explanation/clarification. That makes sense.
  17. trag

    Macintosh Portable Video Adapter

    I was looking through some old notes the other night and found excerpts from some email I was sent by a company called DynaMac. According to them they offered a larger, lower power hard drive for the Portable, and an external case into which one could install the original hard drive from the portable. They also had RAM upgrades in 1 MB increments up to the maximum for the backlit and non-backlit models. The most interesting part of the email, though, was that they claimed they were working on a CPU upgrade and a Video output system for the Portable. This would have been back around ~1995 - 1997.
  18. Do the original Blackbird CPU modules carry the PBX chip? I'm still a little hazy following the details here. I remember that Macmetex on Ebay had a bunch of Blackbird CPU modules at a very low price many years ago. The 68040s were soldered down and LC models, so the cards weren't very interesting as parts. But if they all also carried a PBX chip and the needed connectors, it might be worth messaging him.
  19. trag

    Demand for Performa 630CD?

    While the built-in IDE is not especially fast, the hard drives that Apple shipped in these machines was even slower. I remember, back in the 90s, I gave a friend a 340MB (or was it 500?) WD IDE drive to install in his Q630 and he said that it sped it up considerably. So the stock hard drives were the drive performance bottleneck, not the IDE interface. Of course, any semi-modern drive should easily max out the IDE interface now days. I mention all this because anyone who still has a stock hard drive installed could probably get a nice speed bump just by installing an IDE device that is 5 or more years newer. The really nice thing about these machines back in the day is that they were widely available for under $1000 (usually as a refurb), back when a sub-$1000 Mac was mostly a dream.
  20. trag

    Factory 32mb Video Card for G4 Cube

    These are standard slot loading IDE optical drives, so they'd need an adapter, but the price is very good (~$15 new): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001B7XYZO/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 There are also IDE to MSATA adapters available (see Sintech's website, e.g.) , but I always stumble on the issue of whether they have a setting for master/slave.
  21. I don't think there's any functional difference between the fx and the gx interfaces, but I'm not certain. Is the PBX that big ASIC on the upgrade or CPU cards?
  22. If you go to plan B, you might consider designing for a PPC750GX...
  23. trag

    Holy Moly SCSI->IDE 2.5 Adapter

    I wonder why they used the 53CF96 instead of the 53C96. The CF adds Fast SCSI (10 MB/s) as opposed to plain SCSI (5 MB/s), but as far as I know the PowerBooks never offered anythign faster than plain SCSI (5MB/s). Of course, it might be a parts availability/cost thing at the time. Perhaps the 53C96 was end of life and the 53CF96 was still available. I have a brick of 500+ 53C96 on hand.... The 53CF96 is difficult to find and usually expensive when found.
  24. Nice catch. Yes, on the X100 machines they used the same connector type for the cache and the ROM and it doesn't actually matter (much) which socket you install each into. But two of either, or none of the ROM are bad.
  25. trag

    Powerbook 540c Resurrection

    Interesting. The pin out is essentially equivalent to a single 72 pin SIMM, probably with support for two banks. Is the connector for the RAM card still available? Anyone have a part number for it? How tall can the memory chips be and there still be room for the card to fit in the laptop? In other words, must one find very low profile chips for this application?