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    Network laser printer for old / modern Macs?

    I'm in a similar printer space. I got a Kyocera Ecopro C170N back around 2007 or 2008. It is still working well, though toner is now discontinued. The print engine is the same as some of Kyocera's office machines for which toner is still available. I've done a comparison and the cartridges look identical, but I have not actually installed one yet, because my printer still hasn't run out of any toners. I just don't do that much printing, which is another reason inkjet is not a good choice for me. Actually, inkjet is never a good choice. If you print a lot, consumable quickly eat up any cost saving at purchase time, over a laser. If you don't print often, the ink dries out and clogs the heads. However, I think the best inkjet quality is still better than the best laser. As Cory wrote, my printer is probably relic at this point. I do sometimes wonder if I couldn't have better image quality with something newer. Byte Knight's link is wonderful news. I've been concerned that if I ever need a new printer that my choices would be nothing, or hunt the used market. Nice to read about the LPR work around. I do wonder if any printers still have Appletalk support included but not specified, just because it hasn't been worth the effort to pull it out of the firmware.
  2. That's probably your best plan. If that is the component I think it is, (adjustable ferite core in center) then we looked at fabricating replacements for the Plus and earlier and the SE family and while it's probably doable it would be a bear. And I'm not sure we could match the impedance just right. For a start, it seems to be impossible to find ferrite cores of same diameter and length any more. Add to that that ferrite apparently comes in different grades adn we don't know what Apple used, and it just gets to be a nightmare. The wire in the coil isn't simple insulated wire. It's (IIRC) Misch wire, which is several individually insulated strands bundled into each apparent strand. What guage and strand number they used for that is another resolvable, but challenging issue. Reproducing it would be a lot of effort for something that just doesn't need replacement very often.
  3. trag

    FPGA Mac

    Was looking at Pano Logics on Ebay again this week. Seem to be in the mood to spend money on things I won't get around to using, ever. One seller has lots of ten of the Rev. C G2, the Spartan 6 LX100 for $89 with free shipping. It's on sale for another day or to from the regular price of $180. https://www.ebay.com/itm/184116926527 Another seller has lots of ten of the Rev. B G2, the Spartan 6 LX150 (more logic) for $180 with free shipping. https://www.ebay.com/itm/223963831002 While the LX100 and LX150 each have four DDR2 controllers on board, according to Xilinx's documentation, the 484 pin package used on these only connects two of the DDR2 controllers to pins. In other words, there are four controllers on the silicon wafer, but the little bumps on the wafer fro two of the controllers don't go out to balls on the BGA package. Disclaimer: I'm basing my identification on information/photos from the internet and such. I could be wrong about which specific models they're selling. Pretty sure I'm right, at least if their product matches their photos, but no way to be certain.
  4. trag

    Umax J700 PSU?

    Tablet typing. Sorry. Replace with any ATX supply. I like Corsair. Need to make adapter or rewire supply. Google SuperMac Insider by Kennedy Brandt. Support. Technical issues. Instructions there. Ignore bit about minifit BMI, red herring. Perhaps easiest to start with ATX extender cable. Oh, and I did find the bare AT style connectors somewhere. So they're available. Where, though. I'll check to see if I made a note somewhere.
  5. trag

    Power connector size

    Really not a silly question. Keeping track of all those jack sizes can be important, especially as the power brick usually fails before the device. Unfortunately I don't know the answer. Recently I bought this adapter that comes with many jinterchangeablevtips. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B015PXUHYA
  6. trag

    Apple ][ Plus Soldering

    My one big recommendation is to get a bottle of liquid solder flux, such as this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004RIF3BM/?coliid=ILLIJY0JW504Q Many difficulties during soldering and especially desoldering can be laid at a need for more flux. Flux forms a conductive layer that helps conduct heat from the soldering pencil to the work. As well as preferentially combining with oxygen and thus preventing oxidation of the work.
  7. trag

    AdobePS & PostScript Printers

    Yes, that's the gotcha. The older Xerox Phaser printers' data/spec sheet had a field for "network protocols" or some such. That's where tcp/ip, spx/ix (?) and Appletalk would be listed. They don't specify those things any more. It can be very difficult to determine what network protocols are supported. They have dumbed it down to just telling you want OS's they think they support. I suspect Appletalk has disappeared from most new printers, but I keep hoping that the companies which used to support it, would just leave it in through inertia.
  8. trag

    Fizzbinn’s Finds

    Interesting. Thank you for sharing your results.
  9. trag

    SE/30 PDS Adapter Epic Blunder

    Fantastic. And especially wonderful that the chips are authentic. Who knew they were just laying around waiting to be picked up by the resourceful joethezombie.
  10. trag

    Help resurrecting a 7500/100

    Not Mac ready, but inexpensive SIL3112 cards. I have not verified that these are genuine/functional, etc. https://www.ebay.com/itm/PCI-SATA-2Ports-SIL3112/233388086306
  11. trag

    Newer Optical Drive Compatibility

    That's good news. I'm glad it worked. There's a way of "embedding" the driver in the CDROM boot blocks or some such, so perhaps that's how they did it on the installation disk. My memory of all that is very hazy. Maybe someone else will happen by to point at a guide to making bootable CDs for older Macs. I remember that there were details. Alas, I do not remember what any of hte details were...
  12. trag

    Help resurrecting a 7500/100

    That generation of Mac does not have any drivers for IDE chipsets built into the ROMs. So any usable card must have Macintosh firmware installed on the card. That means it was either made to be used with a Mac, or someone took an equivalent PC card and changed the ROM/firmware on the card from PC to Mac. The SIL3112 SATA cards can be hacked. Some of the Promise cards were used for Mac versions, but I"m not sure about hacking them, except the ATA-66, but that's old and feeble. I'm pretty sure all of the Acard PCI cards had Mac versions. There's probably some exception to that last.
  13. trag

    Newer Optical Drive Compatibility

    You can probably find the System Folder on the installation CD and get the CDROM/DVD extension out of the extensions folder, then drag it to your hard drrive based system folder.
  14. trag

    Newer Optical Drive Compatibility

    The CD-ROM for the OS installer has an optical drive driver built-in which supports your BluRay drive. The CD-ROM/DVD extension in your hard drive based OS does not support your particular optical drive. Try using the relevant extension from System 7.6. Apple goofed and shipped one version that doesn't check the model of the optical drive and just works. They "fixed" this in 7.6.1, IIRC, and all the 7.5.x versions have the same restriction. I think the 7.6 version was the "open" version. I'm a little surprised that CDROM tool Kit doesn't do the trick, but I think ver. 2.3 is fairly early. A later version or Speed Tools CDROM driver might do the trick. I seem to have a copy of SpeedyCD up here: https://www.prismnet.com/~trag/SPEEDYCD.SEA.hqx you could try that.
  15. Nice bit of serendipity...
  16. trag

    Lucky IIx acquisition

    Nice. That's the early IIx upgrade, before the PowerCache card with adapters became standard for Daystar. With the giant cache card on top. Very cool and at least a little rare.
  17. There are something like three jumpers (it's been years since I looked) near the front middle of the logic board. I've never been able to figure out what they're for. Perhaps they're misconfigured? Unfortunately, I also don't remember what the correct configuration is (all unoccupied?). But someone with IIfx handy should be able to look.
  18. trag

    SE/30 DiiMO accelerator cloning

    Atmel and Altera, I think, still have 5V CPLDs in production. I'm certain Atmel does. Not sure if there are any actual FPGAs out there, although the lines between them blur.
  19. trag

    SE/30 DiiMO accelerator cloning

    I think he's looking at the GAL based Daystar Turbo040 card for that possibility. Although, since a limited supply of the large ASIC used on the later Turbo040 was found, it might just go in that direction, at least while the supply of ASICs holds out.
  20. Nice work. Please continue sharing. It is fun to follow along. Thank you.
  21. trag

    Classic AB Rev.1 vs. Rev.2 Cap differences?

    Doh, I forgot to include the link. "this post" was supposed to be followed by a link. Sorry about that. Looks like the info came through from Superjet2000 anyway. Ah, here's the link I meant to include: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/55194-6100-7100-8100-9150-pds-connector/&do=findComment&comment=604079
  22. trag

    SE/30 DiiMO accelerator cloning

    Very nice. Looking forward to following this.
  23. trag

    Fizzbinn’s Finds

    Yep, the ones on the bottom. On the 6400 the analogous pads provide 8 of on-board memory. 8 MB is not a substantial increase, but if populating those pads works, then one could also try adding larger amounts of memory through that bank's signal lines. Perhaps, install a 128MB DIMM (2 banks of 64MB) in one of the DIMM slots and then run (a) wire(s) from the RAS line(s) for the pads, to the unused bank on the DIMM. Note this would also require making sure the two banks' RAS lines on the DIMM are isolated from each other and only one bank's RAS lines are connected to RAS signals provided by the DIMM slot.
  24. trag

    Fizzbinn’s Finds

    I keep wanting to populate the RAM pads on the 6500 board and see if the memory can be boosted above 128... It uses a weird package for the RAM chips, though.
  25. trag

    Classic AB Rev.1 vs. Rev.2 Cap differences?

    I think the information you want may be in this post, although I did not check in detail. Also, once you find one connector on Digi-Key's website, if you look lower on the table they provide, there's a link for compatible or mating connectors. It leads to a list of connectors that mate with the one you're currently viewing.