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  1. trag

    Connecting a ZIP drive to a Macintosh Plus

    The Mac Plus lacks internal SCSI termination. So, you either need a really short SCSI cable, so that both ends of the SCSI chain look like one end, electrically, or you need a pass-through 25 pin terminator between the Plus and cable. This may not be your only problem, but it can be a problem.
  2. It might look messy, but have you considered splicing new cable in at the two connector ends and replacing the middle segment?
  3. The C500 was based on the x400 architecture. I'm not sure if the 6360 is in the same family. Alchemy? Tanzania? Something like that. The 6360 was the first model in that whole larger line (5200/6200 - 5500/6500) that I liked.
  4. Someone may have posted it, but I have not seen it. I just checked the Hardware Developer Notes and on page 21 it states, "The Network Server 700 power interconnect system pinout is available from Developer Support. Meaning that back in the day, if you were a registered developer, you could contact Apple's Developer Support group and they might provide the information. http://www.erik.co.uk/ans/HardwareDevNotes.pdf Someone may have done so and posted it, somewhere.
  5. trag

    Bolles finds

    Cool stuff, Bolle. So do you pretty much have all the info you need to replicate the PAK upgrade, except, maybe, the schematic for the board? Also, I am curious where you found the GAL listings, etc.
  6. You might remove the heat sink and check the pins of the cache chips for stray heat sink grease. I had an X100 G3 upgrade once with similar problems. Enabling the cache crashed the computer. When I removed hte heat sink and took a look, I found that they had dribbled heat sink grease across the cache chip pins during manufacture.
  7. It seems to me that if one does a thorough Distilled Water rinse after a Dishwasher cleanse, that should take care of any dissolved minerals in the tap water used by the dishwasher. Everyone seems to have their favorite methods and some of them may not be ideal (perhaps none of them) but all the methods seem to work well for a bunch of people based on the reports we read. I'm made nervous by the twisting and cutting of caps. But then, I've never had any trouble with lifted pads when simply desoldering caps. That said, based on all the glowing reviews from folks who use twisiting or cutting, I must conclude that those methods work well too.
  8. trag

    Bolles finds

    Nice haul. Good luck with the GALs. Boy, that has a different meaning amongst non electrical types.
  9. trag

    Scored a IIfx lot with extras

    The 8530 and the Static RAM chips are available (or were). As long as you can save the IOP and are able to repair the traces, if should be fixable. Nice project.
  10. Is there room in the Mini for the PATA to SATA converter?
  11. You may wish to consider a PATA to MSATA adapter and an MSATA drive. Or, if they make such an adapter, a PATA to SATA M.2 adapter -- M.2 being on the rise and MSATA probably not as popular now. I don't know how rare and expensive 2.5" PATA drives are, but it could cost you the same or less to go the adapter to SSD route.
  12. I have seen reports of folks recapping automotive computer modules and resurrecting them. Can't remember where. Either in a car specific forum or on Bad Caps. Heck, I resurrected my 20 year old sprinkler system controller with caps replacement and my old VCR. Caps are used to smooth power. When they go bad, often microcontrollers are no longer getting reliable power and so they behave erratically.
  13. I was referring to the one that W’rkncacnter linked to above over on os9lives. Sorry for the confusion.
  14. I added a post to the 9600 guide. Slot order may matter, but it is not because of slots that don't support bus mastering. They all support bus mastering. But that canard was repeated many many times on websites and in fora back in the day. It will live on...