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  1. dualdflipflop

    not a Mac (but not a PC either)

    You do need a Sun keyboard (I use a type 5). They are slightly different than what most people are use to, takes a while to fit in. I haven't seen any PS/2 adapters, but I'm sure there are some out there. But there should be a USB port on the back as well. I've never tried that (and don't think it would work, but worth a try). You shouldn't need a 13W3 adapter, mine came with a standart ATI Rage 128 PCI VGA card. I haven't tried using any other PCI video cards yet, but just about anything PCI should work. Solaris 10 does work, but 400MHz with >256MB RAM is not going to make it fun. I decked my Ultra5 out with a Debian SPARC install. BSD is also a decent choice. But it depends on what you want to do with it. I'd say find what makes you happy. Solaris 7 to 9 would be fine. As for those of you with Classic 32-bit SPARC machines, I would suggest either going with OpenBSD, or Solaris 2.4 - 2.6 Anyhow. I hope that helped.
  2. dualdflipflop


    Thank goodness for no images on signatures... That's the ridiculous stuff there. All those forums with two lines of text in a post, and half a screen for some repetitive image. Which always sucks. I voted none at all, but only because I like text only forums (call me old fashion). The only benefit to having avatars is recognizing a person by their "face" rather than name.
  3. dualdflipflop

    Wallstreet Modem

    That sounds good. I'll try that out.
  4. dualdflipflop

    taking charge!

    I just got WPTS FM (wpts.org) to pimp the retrochallenge site! Here is an MP3 of the shout out! And some more shameless MLA shout outs. "The Acronym" . Thanks guys! Some live music from that session for ya.
  5. dualdflipflop

    Wallstreet Modem

    I've just finished case modding my Wallstreet, got myself a new 15GB hard drive, upgraded the RAM, USB card, DVD and MPEG decoder, Wifi card, and all that jazz... I'm currently running OS 9.2.2 (for some reason) without any problems, except... the modem controller software is not working. I read about this somewhere being a problem with the latest version... But no mention how to fix it. I don't know how to downgrade the software manually, let alone know where to look. Any suggestions?
  6. dualdflipflop

    Complete Collection of Every Compact Mac?

    Here is a tricky question... To complete this collection. Where would you find a disk image of the 1984 investor meeting demo disk as seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJ12vNZ5yMY ? Or am I dreaming of a white Christmas?
  7. dualdflipflop


    Speaking of old books on computer design... I've got a copy of "Logical design of digital computers" by Montgomery Phister, Jr. circa 1958, sitting right next to me. You know it's got to be legit if the word "digital", and "computer" are strung in the title. Personally, I like the Noam Nisan and Shimon Schocken book "The Elements of Computing Systems" Published by MIT Press (so you know it's good stuff!) that I won at Toor Con on the panel with Captain Crunch. Good times. Anyhow. I'd say, got to go with the 4-Bit system that is shown in the Radio Shack "Digital Electronics" book!
  8. dualdflipflop

    taking charge!

    We need a telnet, nay, dial up BBS!!!
  9. dualdflipflop

    swapping CPU's - good ways to pull a CPU

    I don't know, I found it to be a slight benefit having the FPU, and there was just enough room for mounting the heatsink that came off the 040 that I pulled from the Quadra 650 that I got it out of. Besides, the 650 was pretty much hosed except for the CPU... hardware wise. It was trashed when I found it (in other words... so what's a fella to do? eh.) Hmm... Overclocking... nah, not for me.
  10. dualdflipflop

    performa 6200...

    I have one of these Road Macs... Since I run OS 7.6 on another Mac (Quadra 605), I decided that I should be more "well rounded" by running OS 8.1. You are right that it slows down a bit (especially with the 64MB RAM), but still, it does its job. One thing though... I have one of each, an LC NIC, and LC modem. LC being that it's a right angle Nubus card. My Quadra takes precedence in my mind, so it got the NIC, which leaves the modem card for the 6200. Good thing I've still got dial-up access too. This Mac isn't really all to famous with me, although it has a nice footprint, and does its job when playing some Appletalk networked games with friends. I also suggest iCab, although I don't use 3.0.3 (because it costs the monies), but if all you need is text based browsing, wannabe is much more stable and useful than Lynx or MacWeb. I do not suggest IE or Netscape (any version of either), they take too much resource, and those which don't have no good compatibility with the current state of the web. Good luck, and have fun!
  11. dualdflipflop


    I'm not too sure, I've got so many choices here... Is there any limit to how many retro machines that can be used over the span of the month?
  12. dualdflipflop


    I too also have had experience with A/UX. I have it on a Mac IIci at the moment, however, I've been too busy to break it out for a while now. Last I recall though, setting up the networking card wasn't too easy. Oh, and the compiler that comes with the base install is total crap. I hope there is a more advanced gcc out there for it. Whatever...
  13. dualdflipflop

    swapping CPU's - good ways to pull a CPU

    I have a Quadra 605 which stock has a 68LC040... Yeah, sucks. Dana will tell you all about that. I recently changed out the processor with the full 68040 which, let me tell you, made such a difference. I don't think I'm much help since I've never done that particular upgrade before, however I'll be here for moral support!