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  1. jwmcfarlin

    Macintosh carry bag (1985)

    Fond memories of toting home a Mac SE/30 from my high school for weekend use as a trusted GT student back in the 80s in just such a bag. Nice find and looks great.
  2. I am looking to get my second ci up and running. What sorts of cool things open themselves up because of having two cis? Best, John
  3. jwmcfarlin

    Higher ed veteran PowerBook 180: kickin' it old school

    For anyone interested, there's a clean-looking 180 up for auction right now on eBay. Best, John
  4. jwmcfarlin

    Higher ed veteran PowerBook 180: kickin' it old school

    PB180s are great--congrats! They are built like tanks and definitely are mannish in their lines. I sent one to an old friend of mine who absolutely couldn't afford one at the time they were on the market and he was speechless. He reported himself strangely drawn to it, and this is a guy who does high end interface design so I guess there's something to it. The only downfall that I can ascertain is that eventually, the hard drive will take a dump and the fix it is either a moderately pricey set of adapters or a replacement vintage drive. Best, John
  5. jwmcfarlin

    PowerBook 1400 wont charge

    Beachycove that's brilliant. Thanks, I have a set of 1400 batteries that I am looking at setting up that way, though the BTI-branded packs are made of a brittle sort of plastic that doesn't react well to trying to open them. Best, John
  6. jwmcfarlin

    PowerBook 1400 wont charge

    It could be that the batteries do have a full charge but they are so depleted that a full charge is so little that it's not enough to keep the machine going. What do you know about the batteries? I'm in the same boat, btw. Best, John
  7. jwmcfarlin

    Apple Notebook Disks

    I'd be down for a box too! That sounds pretty fun. Best, John
  8. jwmcfarlin

    Solar Bookcover for PB 1400

    Jealous! I don't know how it slipped by me as I have been solid cruising eBay for exactly that sort of PB1400c, but congrats! Best, John
  9. jwmcfarlin

    Connect Macs via SCSI

    Heh. But you CAN boot a PowerBook 1400c in 8.6 from a PCMCIA card and it won't affect the IIci from seeing the drives later on when you connect via SCSI. I'm learning something every day, it looks like. Best, John
  10. jwmcfarlin

    PCMCIA Ethernet Dongles

    I learned today that PCMCIA ethernet dongles are not all interchangeable. Only a couple of dollars for that lesson, but worth putting down here to save someone else if they do a search. Best, John
  11. jwmcfarlin

    Connect Macs via SCSI

    I seem to be screwing it up by the numbers here... I had installed OS 8.5 on my PB1400c, and afterwards powered down and set up the SCSI direct mode hookup. Bam. Both drives were visible on my IIci when connected via SCSI in disk mode. "All's well, so okay time to go ahead and put the 8.6 upgrade on" I think and so I do it and power down and hook it up and fire up the Macs as they're supposed to be fired up. The drives did not appear on the desktop of the IIci when connected via SCSI. So, perhaps 8.6 caused a problem of some sort...I don't particularly mind if I have to run 7.6.1 or 8.5 as the PB1400c that's sitting on top of my IIci is just an external hard drive and a way (with some fiddling with it) to get larger files from the wider world to it... Best, John Posted from a PB1400c/G3 250 wirelessly
  12. jwmcfarlin

    Connect Macs via SCSI

    Gah. Something else. Don't let the IIci see your SCSI Disk Mode laptop with a PCMCIA card inserted with a CF card that counts as a large volume (2GB and up). It will render your Powerbook's drives unreadable to the IIci and force a reinitialization and OS install (actually--you don't have to have an OS on a drive for it to be seen by a desktop Mac). Not a huge task if you have the tools, but a hassle. Upside is that I learned something and from now on will be careful about what's in the PCMCIA slots when I connect in SCSI disk mode. Best, John
  13. jwmcfarlin

    Good Replacement Battery for 1xx Series?

    Yeah, that's terrible. Sorry you took one for the team there. Best, John
  14. jwmcfarlin

    Connect Macs via SCSI

    HFS. The drive was formatted from the 7.6.1 install disk. I figured out what it was. The deal is this: You actually can't mount a 2GB drive on a Mac IIci. I don't know whether it's a IIci/68030-specific limitation or whether HFS just peters out just shy of 2GB due to address limits (I am guessing the former). I resorted to splitting the 2GB drive into two 1GB partitions and they mounted just fine. It's not precisely what I wanted, but it gets the job done. Best, John P.S.: For search engine tag purposes: Direct Drive Mac IIci Powerbook 1400
  15. jwmcfarlin

    Connect Macs via SCSI

    I came across this thread and thought I'd post my question here. I have an (extra) PB1400c with a 2GB hard drive that I have connected to my IIci for the purposes of establishing a direct mode connection and availing myself of the 2GB volume on the PB1400c. Given that the volume is (only) 2GB, and formatted as MAC OS Standard, I see no reason that a IICi running 7.6.1 would tell me that it cannot access it because it is a large partition or not mount it. I have correctly set the SCSI address as 2, which is unused by the IIci, and password protection is off. Has anyone else used a 1400 in disk mode and come across difficulties? Best, John