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  1. Thanks! However I was hoping to find an adapter to take care of this and that was what has been harder than I thought. I already have a IIgs cable and quite honestly making one and dealing with solder pins is not fun for me (psoriatic arthritis). That is good info though and I will cross that bridge if I must.
  2. Hi there. I am looking to get my newly acquired IIgs up and running (here is my crappy blog that I just started about the adventure) but I lack an Apple analog RGB monitor. I have a commodore 1084s that will do the trick but need an adapter to get this going. Does anyone have a source for me to convert an Apple II dsub15 male to a dsub9 ? It's been harder than I thought it would be. Thanks
  3. debaser

    Powermac G5 Purchase got me back in

    Yeah I agree. I have decided quite easily to make this now my main desktop machine and as you can see, cleared the desk for it. I am quite impressed just how easy it is to make this my "modern" dailydriver.
  4. debaser

    Powermac G5 Purchase got me back in

    Yes - I did find that out last night as well. My G5 came with 10.5.8 installed.
  5. Hello everyone. I really love this site and often lurk on here kinda living vicariously through all of you my love for retromac computing. I still have my Lombard, MDD, and a few other items but really had to let my gear go years ago when we had our first kid. At any rate I think I am coming back and it has been way too long. I recently got this fine Powermac G5 DC 2.0Ghz/4GB machine kitted out with dual LCDs for $100. I may have been able to find a better deal, maybe I got screwed... but I tell ya I am loving this new setup. Its not very "classic" at all but I am back!
  6. debaser

    Hello - Introduction

    Thanks! Quick question - I assume that the 610 has a high density disk drive/not a DD - correct??? The machine is currently in the attic and LEM didnt specify... Just so I know before I create disk images. Moderators: Sorry - I guess I should move further questions to the prop. sub-forum.
  7. Hello Folks! I just registered (had lurked for a bit awhile back) Anyhow - I really want to get a Centris 610 up and running. Given to me from a friend that got them from a school. Anyhow its PW protected and need system disks for a fresh install. Any help would be a ton of help. It has 140mb HD, and 48mb of Ram. I also have an LCIII in the same boat. I'm located in Upstate NY (Syracuse). I currently own a Lombard PB, G4 Mac Mini, and really miss my Mac Plus. Thanks! Debaser