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  1. Deos anyone know of a good source of replacement cartridges for Stylewriter printers? I need them for the Stylewriter l, and ll, as well as models 2400 and 2500!
  2. sacmac

    Anyone had success opening Portable battery?

    Some years ago I rebuilt several batteries for the Mac Portable, and I found that by using a hack saw at the seam it was fairly easy to cut off the top and remove and replace the guts! First find a battery of same specs that will fit inside the case and then solder the connections, and replace the cover with a very neat glue appliction!
  3. sacmac

    Emac and handycam! HELP!

    No, Ken, this camera has a built in hard drive (80 Gig). The software from Sony doesn't support Mac. I can get to the photo's with Iphoto but can't seem to get to the vid clips and they are important to me! Thanks for the response though!
  4. I recently acquired a Sony Handycam mod DCR-SR68. It seems to be a nice little handycam....but when i went to import my vid clips to my Emac I found that it would not transfer the vid clips, only the snapshots. The clips were of my moms 90th birthday and it would mean a lot to me to be able to work with them, perhaps burn a dvd of the clips. I am running an Emac which is 700mghz and 1000mgs of ram, with Os 10.3.9! I am not sure if this is the proper forum to ask this, but I have to try somethiong, you guys are always great, so i am hoping someone might have had a similar prob and solved it! I will appreciate any help that can be given. Bob (Sacmac)
  5. I hope someone can help me! I have a powerbook 1400 which I use daily, however a short time ago it began having two bars on the right side of the display. These are most noticable when it is booting up, but are there in the background all the time. The book is a great machine which I love, it is a 1400c model and has a Sonnet g3 accelerator. Can someone please give me some advice as to how best to repair this problem, I will greatly appreciate it! Thanks, Sacmac
  6. sacmac

    Another PB 145b

    Hi all, I am having fun right now with my latest comquest. Picked up another Powerbook 145b for $5 and with the exception that it is missing the port cover in the rear of the book it is in pristine condition! It wouldn't boot when I first got it (looked like the HD had been wiped) so I installed O/S 7.1 and it booted just find. I am now installing Write Now, ClarisWorks, Disinfectant, and Hypercard, and I think I will have a good little writing machine! The only downside to this is that my wife reminded me that I promised to do some clearing out of my old macs and I did promise would....lol...she has been very understanding...( but I don't dare tell her that as of my last inventory I now have 47 Macs), so look for a post in the near future of my housecleaning! Sacmac
  7. sacmac

    PM 9600

    Congratulations!....I have a 9600 which I love, its been in use for a couple of years for me. I added a Sonnet 400 mghz accelerator and a gig of ram.... ]'> ....as i said....I love it!
  8. sacmac

    $10 FOR 5 LAPTOPS

    I walked into a pc shop the other day, the owner knows I am into old Macs and he hates Macs...(that has been good for me several times), his shop is a surplus shop and he comes across Macs from time to time. As i walked in he smiles and says..."I have something for you and the price is right... ]'> "! He reached under the counter and pulls out a box of laptops. There was a powerbook 520c (works perfectly), a Duo 270c (again...works perfectly), a 190cs (not only works perfect, but seems to be in like new condition), and a 145b and a 180 which I have to check out yet! I was a very happy camper... ]'> ...the whole box cost me a whopping $10, I feel like I scored well...lol! Sacmac
  9. I am not very checked out on laptops so any help would be appreciated! I was given a Pismo which has no harddrive,but my first problem is that when I turn on the laptop the screen is covered with about 50 horizontal lines about a 1/4" wide. When i first got the laptop it would start up with a clear screen showing the ? mark folder (no hard drive), but after I openned it up to check the boot problem, it began having the lines on it. I sincerely would appreciate any help given!
  10. sacmac

    Upgrading RAM in SE

    LOL....the definition of "feek" is the need to proofread before posting! Should have been "feel"!
  11. sacmac

    Upgrading RAM in SE

    Macman is totally right! I is not hard to add ram to an SE or other compact mac as long as proper precautions are taked,,,,i have done so many times! When I do it I also leave to machine of for at least 24 hours, then carefully remove the back cover by backing out the 4 screws holding it in place. Once that is done, carefully unhook the necessary cables, and slide out the motherboard, (and as already mentioned be careful not to break the neck of the crt...it is fragile)! when you get ready to do it...if you feek you need any advice feel free to touchbase with me and i will try to help in any way i can! Sacmac